An Open Letter on International Women’s Day

An open letter on IWD

“Los hombres creen que feminista es una palabra solo para mujeres, pero lo que realmente significa es pedir igualdad. Si tu estás a favor de la igualdad, entonces lamento decirte que eres un feminista” – Emma Watson

Today is International Women’s Day and you should care. Feminism isn’t the fight for superiority. It’s the fight for equality. It’s not a word for women. It’s a word for good humans.

It’s 2018, in case you’ve been living under a rock or have just time travelled here, and the fight for equality is nowhere near finished. There are women still living in fear. Women who don’t have a voice. Women who deserve more. More respect. More appreciation.

In the UK alone, 1,533 women reported that they were a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace (Channel 4). We need to do better. A workplace should be a safe place. Safe from harm. Safe from our colleagues and safe from our bosses.

Here’s a tip: next time a woman starts at your workplace. Treat her with respect. Treat her with dignity. Treat her the way you’d treat your daughter. We are not something to look at like a piece of meat or discuss your desires over the lunch break. We are strong women. But we still feel vulnerability. We still feel fear. You’re not superior.

Look at the figures. They’re right there. It’s happening. We can’t ignore it. It’s not good enough. 

Would you want your daughter to feel fear walking into work? Would you want your daughter to be paid less for doing the same job? Would you want your daughter to have fewer opportunities just because she’s female? Then, why is it happening?


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#PressForProgress is the official hashtag this International Women’s Day. I urge you to click the link and declare how you will #PressForProgress.

This International Women’s Day, I will be wearing purple. Recognising the suffragettes who fought for our right to vote. Those brave women who stepped forward and wanted change. Now, it’s our time to take it further. We can do better. This is not about wanting superiority, it’s about equality.

As a teacher, I see these young girls walk in to my classroom every day, strong, brave and intelligent girls. Girls that have access to education. Not all girls are that fortunate. Girls that can go on and make a difference in this world. We’ve just got to let them have the opportunity to do so. I believe in them. You should too.

I am so lucky that I have a male network that supports me. Enriches me. Empowers me. But, we’re not all that lucky. We need to be the voice for those who are not heard. Listen to them. Fight for them. Women should have the opportunity to be empowered, free and true to who they are.

So today, thank your mother. Thank your grandmothers. Thank your best friend. Thank the women in your life. They deserve it.

May we be strong women and may we raise strong women.

Hasta luego,


You can read more shocking figures over at

The International Women’s Day photos in this post are not mine. I urge you to read The Official International Women’s Day page for further details.



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8 thoughts on “An Open Letter on International Women’s Day

  1. This post made me feel so, so proud. You have such a strong voice! I’ve endured sexual harassment at my current job, and took a stand for myself and the other women this person has affected a few months ago. It’s an unfortunate struggle of power and fear, one that we shouldn’t be subject to. Movements like Me Too and Time’s Up have really given me the confidence to put my foot down and stand up for myself, no matter the risks or fear. I hope our generation will educate the ones after us on true respect and empathy. Hope your International Women’s Day is going spectacularly, dear!

    Amber ||

    1. thank you so much – i’m glad you found your voice and took a stand! It’s great to hear a success story of me too however ​I’m horrified that you had to go through such an experience. Well done you for stepping up xxx

  2. Amazing post! Women really should care about women’s day, in so proud to be part of an empowering community of boss blogger babes! Women’s day made me realise that we are all there to support each other. Great post x

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