What is London Luton Airport like?

How to

“Hasta el aeropuerto y más allá”

I’ve always found it bizarre that people wouldn’t want to spend time in an airport. It’s the beginning of your holiday. It’s the start of your travel adventure. It’s the place where you tag yourself in to make your Facebook friends jealous, the place where you relax. It’s where the journey begins. I mean, look, why wouldn’t you want to spend time here?

It’s where the fun starts.

London Luton Airport is one that is no exception. When you step out of customs and into the departures lounge, there are so many fab shops. The first that you’re met with is Victoria’s Secret. First impressions are everything and Luton, you’re doing well! If you’re anything like me – I cannot resist a last-minute lingerie purchase. Hey, we need to feel fabulous whilst travelling!

Shop until you drop

You do have that extra bag now!

Victoria’s Secret is the first shop you’ll find, but the fun doesn’t stop there. With shops ranging from holiday essentials to gifts and even technology. You really are spoiled for choice. Dixons is located just past security and has been a godsend for us on various occasions. From picking up that last minute travel adapter to switching on the camera to find our memory card is already filled – Dixons to the rescue!

Now, my travel essential is definitely Lonely Planet reading material. Nothing screams wanderlust more than flipping through the pages wondering where you’re going to go next. I was delighted to see that London Luton Airport has a WHSmiths after customs. There is also a new book store opening soon. Book lovers let’s rejoice together! Grabbing the latest copy of the Lonely Planet magazine or a new Lonely Planet book equates to one happy traveller!

Top Tip: Most airlines, including Ryanair, allow you to take an extra shopping bag on board. This gives you extra bagging space so no need to worry about stuffing those purchases into your already stuffed case!

Relax and grab some lunch

Let’s talk about plane food. It doesn’t satisfy me. I don’t sit at home and think about that microwaved cheese panini. But, if there’s something I do think about. It’s a good Bella Italia. There is a delicious wide selection of food all served in record time! We have had morning flights and started our journey off with a delicious breakfast and had evening flights and tucked into a delicious pasta, because, well CARBS.

If a big meal doesn’t take your fancy, there is a Boots on site. Now, excuse me whilst I act incredibly British here, but knowing a Boots is available just makes me feel better. Why pay £10 for a meal deal on the plane, when Boots have a trusty meal deal for less than a fiver?

Top Tip: leave your liquids at home and stock up on toiletries at the airport. That way you can pick up full-size versions of favourite brands.

Catch up on emails and social media

If there’s the perfect time to get your emails and your social media back on point it’s by using your time at the airport. London Luton boasts an impressive four hours of free WiFi. Don’t worry about it draining your battery life either, there are plenty of charging points so you’re not going to be regretting it once you step on the plane. Some of my best inspirations have come whilst sitting at an airport, it gives you that time to reflect. Or, if you’re me, use this time to collect your rewards on Candy Crush and try to beat that level.

A good pre-flight Starbucks and a quick game of Candy Crush

What about that book you forgot to download? Spotify playlist didn’t have time to finish streaming? What about that series on Netflix you’ve been putting off watching? Here’s your time. Use it wisely, it may be your last bit of WiFi until your final destination! 

Top Tip: pack a charger sharing outlet. That way you can use one plug and you and your party can all charge their phones!

Relax like a pro

Now, if you’re a business-savvy traveller or value your space and comfort then there’s one place that you need to be heading. Right now. That’s the Aspire Executive Lounge. If there’s anywhere to make you feel more prepared for your trip, it’s starting the journey the right way. With a wide range of food and drink, speedy WiFi and actual snooze pods (yes please!) there really is no better way to spend your time before the calling for your flight lights up and you set off on your adventure, once again.

Napping, snacking and relaxing, all in one place. Now, I don’t know about you – but they’re three things that I value. Time spent napping, snacking and relaxing is definitely not time wasted in my books.

Top Tip: Book ahead and start your trip the right way with a spa treatment

With low-cost direct flights to Europe, a wide range of amenities, friendly and helpful staff. London Luton Airport really is a perfect gateway to your next perfect trip. Why not search on Skyscanner and see where London Luton can take you.

Here’s just a handful of the places that London Luton has taken us.

What do you like to do at the airport? Are you the ultimate shopper? Do you like to put on your headphones and escape the world? Perhaps you like to hit the wine bar? Leave me a comment and let me know!

hasta luego,

Disclaimer: these views are all my own and are not endorsed or promoted by London Luton Airport or any of the brands aforementioned.

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Hola! I'm Lauren ("Loh - run") — A twenty-something, engaged, English girl living on the Costa Blanca, obsessed with travel, love and elephants.

9 thoughts on “What is London Luton Airport like?

  1. Ah! I love airports! As you said, it’s a start of an adventure, a journey. Usually, I read books in the airports. Also, i observe people. I also love how we are disconnected from the outside world for some time when we are up in the air. Gives ample time to meditate, introspect. I get amazing blog post ideas which I write them to blog later 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the airport and always try to get checked in (if needed) so that I can spend longer perusing the shops.
    I always buy my perfume from duty-free too…it doesn’t feel like I am going on holiday if I don’t!
    Love the little tips in this post, I will deffo be looking into the charger one!

    Aimsy xoxo


  3. I love the airport, I like to relax and browse round duty-free to see what makeup products I can pick up and then have a meal before boarding (I cannot stand inflight meals!) Last time we went away it took us that long to check-in that we didn’t have time to have a meal like we usually do, we usually have an early flight so go to Giraffe/Wetherspoons for breakfast but we had to put up with a panini from Costa as our flight was being called as soon as we were through customs, so annoying! I also love bookstores in the airport, I always pack them anyway as I’m such a bookworm but checking out the latest books and usually purchasing an extra one is a given when I’m flying anywhere!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not really an airport lover. I’m too nervous about my flight to relax! I’m flying to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks so maybe I’ll try browsing the airport shops and restaurants to take my mind off things.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love killing time at the airport. I like to grab an appetizer/meal and a drink. Other travelers are always interested in where you’re going and where you’re from. I’ve had some fun conversations when traveling!

    Liked by 1 person

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