Learn Spanish: A Free Blog Series #3


Learn Spanish: A Free Blog Series #3 Hello, Hola y Buenos Dias

Hola a todos,

You’re here again, which must mean I’m doing something right! I hope you’re enjoying this Free Blog Series to help you understand and speak basic Spanish.

This week is going to be all about greetings and introducing yourself.


last week practice.png
Last Tuesday, we practised el alfabeto. How did you find it? Let’s put it back into practice and spell out your name!


In Spain, women usually greet one another with two kisses. Whereas, the men usually shake hands. Men sometimes kiss younger male relatives and very close friends, however, it seems to be fading out more and between males, a handshake suffices. In a formal situation, a handshake is always advised. My general rule is to wait for the other person if they go in for a handshake, so do I, if they lean in for the double kiss, be prepared!

Usually, you will lean to the left first, brushing the right cheek and then switch. The idea is to do an air kiss, lightly brushing the cheeks.

Spanish also address people with Señor (Sir), Señora (Madam, this is for older women), Señorita (Miss). You can also use Don or Doña with first names, for example, Don Paco and Doña Isabel.

Phrases to Learn

What’s your name? (informal)
¿Cómo te llamas?
COH-moh TAY YAH-mass

How are you? (informal)
¿Cómo estás?
COH-mo est-ASS

Thank you.


See you soon.
hasta pronto.
ASS-tah PRON-toh

See you tomorrow. 
hasta mañana.
ASS-tah man-YAN-ah

Conversation Example

“Buenos días, me llamo Río.” 
BWE-nos DEE-yas, may YA-moh REE-oh
– Good day, my name is Rio.

“Buenos días. Soy Juan.”
BWE-nos DEE-yas, SOy HU-wan
– Good day, I’m Juan.

¿Cómo estás?”
COH-mo est-ASS
– How are you?

“Estoy bien, ¿y tú?”
ESS-toy BEE-en, e tOO
– I’m well, and you?

“Bien, también. Entonces, hasta mañana?
bee-en tam-bee-EN. enTONthes, ASS-tah man-YAN-ah
– Good, too. So, see you tomorrow?

Sí, adiós!”
see, addy-OSS
– Yes, goodbye! 

“Adios, hasta pronto.”
addy-OSS, ASS-tah PRON-toh
– Goodbye, see you soon.”

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Hasta luego,


This guide is a free blog series. This information has been picked up by practising speaking with locals in the Comunidad Valenciana area. Any resemblance to any book, guide or learning Spanish resources, is purely coincidental. This guide is not intended as a substitute for other resources or teaching. This guide does not guarantee fluency in Spanish.


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