The Truth about the Beach Cocktails in Benidorm


“El cóctel es una bebida que
añade ese toque glamuroso en su copa”

Nothing says summer like sipping a cocktail in the sun, kicking back. Relaxation mode on.

If you do it right like my photo enjoying a beautiful San Francisco in Fuxion Gastro Bar.

Do it wrong, you could end up spending the rest of your holiday with your head down the toilet, or hospitalised. Not quite summer goals or summer vibes.

Don’t put your life at risk for an ‘instagrammable’ beach photo this year. It’s not worth it.

The cocktails sold on the highly popular Levante beach front, and recently even as far as Poniente, are made in the most gut-wrenching of ways.

Would you eat at a restaurant that was given a 1 star from the Food Standards Agency? I’m guessing no.

What if I told you, that these cocktails wouldn’t even reach one star?

These street vendors create the cocktails in the most awful of ways.

They have been known to wash fruit where you wash your feet on the beach, yes really. Using toilet water as a substitute for water. They’ve even been known to chop up the ingredients on cardboard boxes, once lived in by stray cats. Yum.

They fill their cocktails with fruit that has gone mouldy out in the sun. Use old, dirty cutlery. Plus, you guessed it, they don’t wash their hands.

These drinks are then sold off to naive tourists for around €5. No cheaper than a decent cocktail in a real bar.

The street vendor may try to convince you that they are working alongside a local beachfront bar. This is incorrect.

Police are actively patrolling the beachfront in an effort to crack down on this illegal business.

The Mayor of Benidorm, Toni Perez, reported that he was considering allowing beachfront bars to sell on the beach in an effort to crack down on the current issues. However, there hasn’t been any news of this being passed yet!

So, if you’re wanting a decent cocktail, go to a beachfront bar. Sit out and enjoy the view and then head back to the beach.

The cocktail featured was at Fuxion Gastro Bar, which is located just off Poniente beach. If you’re looking for cocktails, most bars will offer them. Usually, in a bar, you’ll be offered some free tapas too. At Fuxion, we were given home-made crisps!


Plus, an escape from the sun is definitely recommended!

Some places may even offer cocktails “para llevar”. If they advertise this, then you’re sure you can have a takeaway cocktail! If not, you could always ask and see if they do it!

Stay safe this summer.
Don’t compromise your health for a photo on social media.

Hasta luego,



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Hola! I'm Lauren ("Loh - run") — A twenty-something, engaged, English girl living on the Costa Blanca, obsessed with travel, love and elephants.

6 thoughts on “The Truth about the Beach Cocktails in Benidorm

  1. Well done Lauren.Every year tourists are hospitalised after drinking these poisons bought from a ¨very nice man on the beach¨ .I hope Alcade Toni Perez gets this directive passed before the summer season really kicks in and stops these illegals selling this poison

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  2. Wow, this is really eye opening! It disgusting that people actually think it’s ok to even sell drinks like that! Great post to raise awareness on this issue!
    Sophie x

    Liked by 1 person

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