LEARN SPANISH: A FREE BLOG SERIES #13 20 Essential Spanish -er and -ir Verbs


Learn Spanish:
A Free Blog Series
20 Essential Spanish
-ER and -IR Verbs

Hola a todos,

Verbs are important. There’s nothing more to it. You walk. You run. You talk. You teach. They dictate most of a conversation.

So, the best way to improve your language learning is to learn and memorise those pesky little words.

Just like most languages, the verb will alter depending on who you’re talking about. I walk, she walks. That kind of thing.

Luckily with Spanish, if you studied the -ar post, you’ll nearly already know how to do the conjugations for the -er and -ir words. Don’t we just love a shortcut!

If the verb ends in er or -ir, the following endings will be added to what remains of the verb.

– Er or -Ir Conjugations (Regular)

yo ____o

tú ____es

usted / él / ella ____e
(You polite, He, She)

nosotros / nosotras ____emos/imos

vosotros / vosotras ____éis/ís (You plural)

ustedes / ellos / ellas ____en (You polite plural, They)

-er ir conjugation.png
feel free to save this photo for later!

Let’s start with an example of escribir! Escribir means ‘to write’.

Yo escribo
Tú escribes
Usted escribe
Nosotros escribimos
Vosotros escribís
Ellos escriben

Now, let’s add some essential -ir and -er words to your vocab list!

2. Leer (to read)

3. Comer (to eat)

4. Corresponder (to correspond)

5. Beber (to drink)

6. Vivir (to live)

7. Recibir (to receive)

8. Partir (to share)

9. Deber (MUST, to owe)

10. Decidir (to decide)

11. Comprender (to understand)

12. Correr (to run)

13. Aprender (to learn)

14. Responder (to respond)

15. Vender (to sell)

16. Pretender (to pretend)

17. Proteger (to protect)

18. Subir (to go up)

19. Insistir (to insist)

20. Admitir (to admit)

So, in two short weeks, you’ve added 40 new base words to your vocabulary, once you’ve mastered the conjugation, that’s 240 new words added to your vocabulary bank! Language learning can be quick when it’s done efficiently!

Next week, we will focus on some Spanish irregular verbs and their conjugations!

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Hasta luego,

This guide is a free blog series. This information has been picked up by practising speaking with locals in the Comunidad Valenciana area. Any resemblance to any book, guide or learning Spanish resources, is purely coincidental. This guide is not intended as a substitute for other resources or teaching. This guide does not guarantee fluency in Spanish.







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