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Hola a todos,

Holiday time is around and you’re ready to check in your hotel, but this year, you’ve been following along with my Learn Spanish FREE blog post series, so you’re wanting to prove just how well your Spanish has come along. Except, we didn’t learn how to check in at the hotel…

Well, have no fear, because esta semana, we’re going to get your vocabulary perfecto for checking in to el hotel and what you might want to say to show your new Spanish skills.

I’m going to give you some phrases in case you haven’t yet booked the hotel either, though I hope you would have!

Useful Phrases in a Hotel

¿Puede recomendarme un hotel? – Can you recommend me a hotel?

¿Cuánto cuesta por noche? What’s the cost per night?

Quisiera un cuarto sencillo.I’d like a single room.

Quisiera un cuarto doble – I’d like a double room.

¿Aceptan las mascotas? – Do you accept pets?

Tengo una reservaI have a reservation.

¿A qué hora tengo que dejar la habitación?  – What time do I have to leave the room.

¿Tienen servicio a la habitaciones? – Do you have room service?

¿Tiene habitaciones con vistas al mar? – Do you have rooms with sea view?

¿Tiene habitaciones con vistas a la piscina? – Do you have rooms with pool view?

No hay agua caliente.  There isn’t any hot water.

No hay luz.There isn’t any light.

No me gusta esta habitación – I don’t like this room.

¿Están las comidas incluidas?Are meals included?

El ascensor está roto. – The lift is broken.

La ducha no funciona. – The shower doesn’t work

Me gustaría hacer el check-out. – I’d like to check-out.

Vocabulary in a Hotel

La habitación – The room

La ducha – The shower

El cuarto de baño – The bathroom

El desayuno – Breakfast

La llave – The key

El balcón – The balcony

La piscina – The pool

El mar – The sea

El aire acondicionado – The air-conditioning

El ascensor – The lift

Toallas – Towels

La cama – The bed

Hopefully, these words and phrases will get you speaking Spanish at the hotel!

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Next week – 21st August 2018 – Vocabulary at the campsite! 

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Hasta luego,

This guide is a free blog series. This information has been picked up by practising speaking with locals in the Comunidad Valenciana area. Any resemblance to any book, guide or learning Spanish resources, is purely coincidental. This guide is not intended as a substitute for other resources or teaching. This guide does not guarantee fluency in Spanish.


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Hola! I'm Lauren ("Loh - run") — A twenty-something, engaged, English girl living on the Costa Blanca, obsessed with travel, love and elephants.


    1. Please refer to the bottom of the blog post where it states it is to be used as an addition and not a replacement learning tool. I am not a business nor a language app. I purely give information that people can access to practice where they are already have a base knowledge. Something they can show or look up if they forget the vocabulary. This guide is aimed at ex-pats living in Spain which makes up 80% of my audience. I would also like to remind you that it’s a FREE language page, more in detail than a large portion of websites offer with no tie in cost. Thanks.


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