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Anyway, back to Spanish!

There are plenty of campsites scattered around Benidorm, like Villasol, camping Almafra and camping Benisol.

Lots of people choose to live on these campsites in static caravans. Lots of people choose to live in caravanas as opposed to casas or pisos purely for the social aspect of campsites. Living in an apartment block can be very lonely, however on the campsite, you know everybody!

This week, I thought it would be fun to introduce some of the words on the campsite, you could use them when booking a camping holiday or to just label some of the campsite phrases and impress your friends!

Useful Spanish Phrases at a Campsite

Nosotros hemos ido de camping muchos años, pero este mes nos iremos a un hotelWe have gone camping for many years, but this month we will go to a hotel.
¿Dónde está el camping más próximo? – Where is the nearest camping site?
¿Hay algún camping por aquí? –  Is there a camping site close by?
Me encantan los lugares de camping. – I love camping sites.
Fuimos de campamento. – We went camping.
¿Dónde está mi caravana? – Where is my caravan?
Mi vecino se llama Luis. – My neighbour is called Luis. 
Me gusta hacer camping. – I like to go camping. 
Hay que comprar provisiones para llevar a acampar– We need to buy our groceries to take camping. 
La lintera sirve para iluminarte en la noche mientras caminas. – The torch serves to illuminate whilst walking at night.

Vocabulary at a Campsite

La caravana – The caravan

La luzThe light

El fuego – The fire

La barca– The boat

La lámpara de gas – The gas lamp

El mapa – The map

La montaña – The mountain

Los prismáticos – The binoculars

El campamento – The Campsite

La linterna – The flashlight 

La mochila – The backpack

El saco de dormir – The sleeping bag

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Next week – 28th August 2018 – Vocabulary in the doctors

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This guide is a free blog series. This information has been picked up by practising speaking with locals in the Comunidad Valenciana area. Any resemblance to any book, guide or learning Spanish resources, is purely coincidental. This guide is not intended as a substitute for other resources or teaching. This guide does not guarantee fluency in Spanish.

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