Seeing the World through the eyes of Travel Bloggers [Featuring some of you!]


I’ve always been one to share success. Maybe, at times, it’s been a character flaw, maybe I do it because I love the spotlight and I want other people to feel that shine too. Or maybe, it’s because I am, a fairly good person.

I love following Travel Bloggers around and seeing where they’re off to next. Does anybody else live vicariously through travel bloggers? Or, is that just me? You’re off to New York? Do you mean we’re off to New York?

Since it’s Follow Friday, let’s do things a little differently.

If you’re wondering about the featured image, it’s me giving you all a round of applause. You’re all doing amazing and you all deserve every opportunity the comes your way. Okay, maybe I was dancing along to the Flamenco in Sevilla, but it was a nice sentiment??? Plus, it kinda works, right?

I did a call out on Twitter a few weeks ago, this has been something I’ve been planning for quite a while. I see my stats rocket and I was trying my hardest to share the love that you guys give me. I wanted to find a way to share some amazing bloggers that give me the ultimate travel inspiration, whilst keeping it as relevant and interesting as possible to my own audience.

I scroll through my Twitter and it’s like travelling the world. There are so many beautiful places sprung to my attention. Sure, I could Google search Stockholm or Vienna or New Zealand. But, is that the real experience? I’ll be honest before I became a blogger, I didn’t ever read blogs. Truth be told, I was missing out.

Living on the Costa Blanca is amazing, but what often gets people is that even though I live in a beautiful holiday destination, it’s not my holiday destination, anymore.

I still need a holiday. Whether that’s somewhere further afield in Spain, or to a different country. My list is still growing, and thanks to these bloggers, they keep that desire to travel alive and burning.

Disney – Lize in Disneyland

© Lize in Disneyland

Is there ever a time I don’t want to be in Disney? It’s become a mission of mine to travel to all of the Disney parks in the world. Two out of six, isn’t too shabby, especially since we’re going to Disney park number 3 this winter.

I love everything about Disney, its flair, its charm and its powerful way of giving everybody that bit of sparkle to believe in magic, once again. Even though I’ve already been to Walt Disney World, a few times, and Disneyland Resort, I’d still love to go back, which is why Lize makes my list of travel bloggers to follow!

How can you not love following along a Disney blog and keeping up to date with what they’ve been up to? Please let me live vicariously through you. 

Lize also does amazing Disney hauls, Disney book reviews, Disney wishlists and Disney favourites. If you want a shimmer of Disney on your feed, because who doesn’t, then make sure you’re following Lize! She’s on Twitter and Instagram, too.

Japan – Abbie Jade Wanders

If you need a reason to go to Japan or 31 reasons to go to Japan, then Abbie has you covered. Admittedly, Japan was always somewhere I never thought I’d ever want to visit. Alex would always throw Japan into the equation and I would always give him a puzzled look. That was until I started researching it more.

© Abbie Jade Wanders

I followed Abbie on her journey to Japan, and it was truly amazing. It has now made it on to one of the countries I’d like to visit. The big city lights of Tokyo, the serenity of Mount Fuji plus the cherry blossom!

Abbie is also from Leicester with an MA Translation Studies, in Spanish and French, so we’re already more or less the same person. She loves nothing more than travelling the world with her other half, dragging him to see sunsets with a glass of wine in her hand, I told you we’re one. 

She’s currently working to plan her Round the World trip and I’m sure it’ll be spectacular. I’m so looking forward to following along on her journey – her blog posts and social media posts always scream wanderlust!

Make sure you’re following along on her blog, Instagram and Twitter because her travels will make you want to pack your bags and go.

 Edinburgh – Seeking Sammy

Edinburgh, Scotland. Even though I grew up in England, I have never ventured into Scottish lands. It’s one of those, ‘so close but so far’ places. Regardless, Edinburgh has always remained pretty high on my ‘go-to’ list.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
© Seeking Sammy

I loved following Sammy’s departure from Edinburgh, she really highlighted the best of Edinburgh and even some places I’d never have thought of before. I mean, that library is sitting at the top of my must-see in Edinburgh list. If there’s anything Belle’esque, it’s the Armchair Bookstore in Edinburgh.

Sammy was raised in England, but currently lives in Scotland and is a fellow lover of travelling. You can read more of Sammy’s posts by following this link Seeking Sammy be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter, too!

Stockholm – Treasured Travels

The city spread across the islands. Stockholm is undoubtedly Scandinavia’s capital of chicness and suavity. History, culture, water and woodland crash together to form a perfect city break. Stockholm would be a welcomed change from the scorching hot sun of Spain, though I’m sure I’d be ready to take the sun back once we land!


Becky at Treasure Travels created a beautiful post about Stockholm and it certainly solidified why I wanted to go so much. She has some absolutely amazing ideas of what to do in Stockholm following her solo travel back in October 2017. I have to add Gamla Stan and a Fika trip to my ever-growing list of travel plans.

Becky describes herself as an around the world flashpacker, who works hard whilst “making the most of being a twenty-something in Manchester“.

You can see more of Becky’s travel, including her Stockholm post by following this link: Treasured Travel. Don’t forget to keep up to date with her Twitter and Instagram!

New York – Where Charlie Wanders

© Where Charlie Wanders

Charlie is a fantastic travel blogger and I’m constantly following her around in the least creepiest way, ever.

Her photos are always amazing and her blog posts are engaging, fun and informative. If there’s anybody that fuels my need to go to New York, it’s Charlie in her 5 Days in New York post which you can read here:

I loved reading about Central Park and Brooklyn. I love that she loves the Friends building, just as much as I know I will when I get there. She had an outstanding view from her hotel, so I have made a mental note to book it… as soon as we plan our trip to New York, of course.

You can follow Charlie on Instagram and Twitter.

Poland – Passport and Pixels

© Passport & Pixels

Bella is one of the sweetest people you will come across in the blogging community, so if you’re not following along with her adventures yet, what are you doing?!

Unsurprisingly, she was UK Blog Awards Photographer of the Year and she’s part of the Lonely Planet’s team of Pathfinder Bloggers. She’s been selected a whopping four times as part of Lonely Planet’s monthly roundup of best travel blogs. Everything she ever does and achieves, she deserves.

I really love her “unhelpful guide to…” series. They definitely take a new spin on travelling and I love seeing what strangely useful, unhelpful things she gets up to. The photo above was a gorgeous feature of the farmland in Poland and it’s something I hadn’t associated with Poland before.

Make sure you follow Bella on Twitter and Instagram!

I could have featured so many more and I have loved writing this, so keep tuned because I’m sure I’ll feature more of you, very soon!

Other places on my travel bucket list include:

  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Croatia

Let’s hope I tick some of these off, very soon!

Hasta luego,



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  1. Second attempt at commenting hehe. Edinburgh is on my places to visit. I spent two years studying my families genealogy and traced my great grandfather migration from Russia to Edinburgh Scotland, even found the address 1 Seton Place. Have to visit. He later met his wife, she was French and they settled in San Francisco late 1800s. They lived in the Edinburgh house for several decades. I have a photo from 1800s and I have a recent photo of the house from Google.

      1. If you make it before I do, send me a pic 😂😂. The family was quite well known. My great grand uncle was on the BBC series This is your life. I contacted BBC and got all kinds of information. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the tape of the show anymore but they had the transcript. He published it on the BBc’s site with my name doing research on the family.

  2. Japan is on my list too. But first India 😉 Then maybe South America. And Australia -Oh dear, look what you’ve started Lauren… Lovely of you to feature these travel blogs, thanks for the connections

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