Getting the Best Deals from Latest Deals + Impress your Kids with Fortnite Knowledge!

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Today, things are a little different. I’ve recently been talking about gaming, so I thought it was time to address one of the biggest games going on right now. Let’s talk Fortnite.

Did anybody else blink and August suddenly finished? I don’t know about you guys, but once September arrives I start thinking of Christmas. Suddenly, the summer sun sets on another season and the panic of presents arrives.

If your kids have been pestering you for a new PS4 or a new game, which I’m sure they have, then make sure you check out They use an up to date tracker to get you the best deal on the products you want.

It’s pretty interesting to take a look on there and see the trends. They have a really cool graph that shows when is the best time to start shopping, saving you the most money. Which, with the pinch of Christmas, money-saving is always welcomed! It’s interesting to see when is the best time to buy and when is the worst time to buy.

I love shopping around, I’m not one just to do a big blow-out and buy all my presents from one store. So, it’s good that you can use their handy checker to see where the best place to buy is. It works like an online search engine. On Latest Deals, people share deals, voucher codes, coupons and competitions with the site. It’s a handy website to have delivered to your inbox.

With their easy to use website, you type what you need, they deliver. That means, the payment is handled by the external link, they’re all handled by the biggest names, like Amazon, Argos, Curry’s, Sainsbury’s and more. Names you can trust.

You’re probably wondering how they make their money? I mean, websites are expensive, trust me! They make their money through affiliate links. Basically, if you click the link and purchase the product, it gives them a little commission, at no extra cost to you. There sometimes seems to be a bit of uncertainty around affiliate links, so just to give you some background information on them:

  • They’re not viruses, they won’t cause any damage to your computer. They have a different link so that the companies can track where the traffic has come from.
  • They don’t charge you any extra. There is a misconception that affiliate links lead you to a more expensive version of the product. This isn’t the case. It’s like a little thank you from the company for helping them make a sale.

So, if you do see a product you love, whether that’s from me, another blogger or Latest Deals, make sure you do use the affiliate link. Thank them for finding you something you wanted. It’s like a thank you for their time.

The top deal that comes up on PS4 Deals at the moment is the Fortnite package. I know lots of kids are into it right now. I had no idea what it is, so, I thought it would be nice to bring an aspiring gamer, my younger brother Oliver, along to tell you about it. If you want to impress your kids by how much you know about Fortnite, then read on! He’s even added some photos in.

Hi, this is Oliver, Lauren’s younger brother here to talk about Fortnite Battle Royale. You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.


Fortnite is a solely online battle royale game that can be downloaded for free from a wide range of gaming devices ranging from: Xbox one, ps4, gaming pc and computers running with windows 10+, iOS devices and recently selected Android devices.

Fortnite itself is free to download but there are two game modes, Battle Royale and Save the World. Save the world will cost £50 in vbucks, which is Fortnite currency, whereas Battle Royale is free to play.

Whilst Battle Royale is free to play you can purchase cosmetics, these will not grant any advantages or disadvantages, all purchasable items are only for show. They include things like ‘emotes’ – these are dances your character can perform.‘Skins’ are character models. You can also get ‘back blings’ which are backpacks your character can wear, but will not grant any extra inventory space. You can also get ‘contrails’ these come off the character whilst in sky dive mode eg: flames, air trails and Chinese’s lanterns. Furthermore, you can purchase ‘pickaxes’ that are tools used to harvest resources.

All of these items are gained through vbucks, that can be purchased or earned through the battle pass. Any items you earn will permanently stay with you. You can, of course, play Fortnite absolutely free, as long as you have a console to play it on, and then you soak up the enjoyment of the game. It’s what you make of the game that counts.

Fortnite starts on ‘The Starting Island’ that is based off an airport where you are teleported onto ‘The Battle Bus’ where you can jump out and deploy your glider to reach certain locations on the map.

Fortnite recently added the option to thank the bus driver before you jump, it doesn’t provide any additional bonuses, it’s just nice to be nice.


Harvesting is also a big part of Fortnite. Players can also harvest materials such as wood, brick and metal. Whilst wood builds quicker and it is easier to come across, it doesn’t have as much health as brick or metal. With materials, you can build structures like floors, roofs, stairs, pyramids and walls.

Players can find shields or health items across the map such as bandages, slurp juice, shield potions and more. These give the character more life.

It’s not all bonuses and health though, the game also contains ‘trap’ items. These are the kind of things you’ll want to avoid. For example, the spike trap deals 120 damage to an opponent who walks into it! Be careful of the traps!

There are two types of vehicles you can drive on Fortnite. The first being a shopping cart that allows one person to push and scoot and another to attack. The shopping cart can be a really good way to travel long distances if used correctly. The other drivable is the golf caddy or the ‘ATK’ (all-terrain kart).

So, what’s the goal of Fortnite? The goal is to be the last player standing to get a victory royale added to your record. When you get your first victory royal, you are gifted with a free glider based on the Fortnite season.


So, how do you get better? Well, there is no practice mode so you have to become better by experience. Learning about the dangerous areas can help and make sure you find out where the best loot is based. Practise makes perfect.

I personally really like the game because of how satisfying it is to finally get a win. I also know people who don’t play on or have Xbox. Fortnite allows a cross-platform play that allows me to play with my friends on the Nintendo Switch or PC, something other games don’t allow you to do.

It’s also really good to play Fortnite on PS4 as it’s the only platform that allows you to use ‘skins’.

People should play the game because it’s something that doesn’t compare to other games. It’s a whole new level of fun and it is reshaping how gaming is as a whole.

Thanks, Oliver! So, what do you think? Not a bad writer!

If you want to get your hands on a Fortnite + PS4 bundle or to take a look at the latest deals for the PS4’s in time for Christmas, then head on over to before you miss out!

Hasta luego,


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