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First, I must say lo siento for last martes. If you were refreshing your emails or clicking refresh on the website wondering where the Spanish lesson had disappeared to, it came down to my lack of planning!

Here’s the thing, this week, I’ve had a gran idea. All will be revealed soon, but it’s going to be a brand new bi-weekly series sobre cultura, comida, animales y more! So, I was sending out emails and getting another collaboration sorted, alongside working and it wasn’t until I got home Tuesday night that I even realised I hadn’t sorted this post out and scheduled it. So, I hope you don’t mind that it’s a week later!

Anyway, at a slightly later date, this semana is all about the opposites.

Can you remember in school that it was one of the first things we learnt? Hot and cold. Yes and no. On and off. They’re taught in pairs because it’s a great way to get them drilled in your heads. Therefore, I thought it was essential to do the same with Spanish. If it worked for us as kids, it should work for us, ahora.

Unas Palabras Opuestas

I’m going to list some of the most common antonyms that you might need in Spanish. The best way to practise them is in pairs. I will also include a common sentence example or cute Spanish life quote for some of the adjectives.

Remember: you have to change the words to agree with the prepositions or gender.  

Amigo  –  Enemigo
Friend – enemy. 

Ella es mi amiga. – She is my friend.
Él es mi enemigo. – He is my enemy

Abrir – Cerrar
// Open – close 

Abro la puerta. – I open the door.
Cuando sales, cierra la puerta, por favor. – When you leave, close the door please.

Aceptar – Rechazar
// Accept – reject

Lo acepto. – I accept it.
Rechazo tu oferta. – I reject your offer.

Alegre – Triste
// Joy – sadness

Ella es alegre. – She is joyful.
Estas triste. –
You are sad. 

Alto – Corto
// Tall – short

Eres más alto que yo. – You are taller than me.
Es corto. – It is short.

Amor – Odio
// Love – hate

Te amo – I love you. 
Odio ese hombre. – I hate that man.

Arriba – Abajo 
// Up – down

El avión está arriba – The plane is above.
El ascensor está bajando – The lift is going down.

Barato – Caro 
// Cheap – expensive

La bolsa es barata. – The bag is cheap.
El anillo es caro. – The ring is expensive.

Bueno – Malo
// Good – bad

El es muy bueno. – He is very good.
u disciplina es muy mala. – Her discipline is very bad.

Bonito – Feo
// Beautiful – ugly

La flor es bonita. – The flower is beautiful.
La bruja es fea. – The witch is ugly.

Calor – Frío
// Hot – cold

Benidorm siempre tiene calor. – Benidorm is always hot.
Hoy hace mucho frío – Today is very cold.

Cerca – Lejos
// Close – far

La oficina de correos está cerca. – The post office is close.
La iglesia está lejos. – The church is far.

Girl looking at Granada Cathedral

Comprar – Vender
// Buy – sell

Derecha – Izquierda
// Right – left

A la derecha. – To the right.
A la izquierda. – To the left.

Día – noche
// Day – night 

Dulce – Salado
// Sweet – savoury

Entrada – Salida
// Entrance – exit

¿Dónde está la entrada? – Where is the entrance?
¿Dónde está la salida? –
Where is the exit?

Fácil – Difícil   
// Easy – difficult

La geografía es fácil. – Geography is easy.
La ciencia es difícil. – Science is diffcult.

Fuerte – Débil
// Strong – weak

Grande – Pequeño
// Big – small

Hombre – Mujer
// Man – woman

Joven – Viejo
// Young – old

Junto – Seperado
// Together – seperate

Pagar por sentarse juntos. – You have to pay to sit together.
Estan seperados. – They are separated.

Ligero – Pesado
// Light – heavy

Lleno – Vacío
// Full – empty

Luz – Sombra
// Light – dark

Más – Menos
// More – less

Ella está bien más o menos. – She is okay, more or less.

Mejor – Peor
// Better – worse

Eres mejor que eso. – You are better than that.
Nadie te querrá tanto como quien vio lo peor de ti y aun así se quedó – Nobody will love you more than the one who has seen you at your worst and still stays.

Mucho – Poco
// a lot – a little

Hay mucha gente buena, pero es discreta. Los malos, en cambio, hacen mucho ruido, por eso se notan más. – There are a lot of good people, but they are discreet. The bad ones make a lot of noise, that’s why you notice them more.
Cómo organizar el menú semanal con poco presupuesto. – How to organise a menu on a small budget.

Nuevo – Viejo
// New – old

Paz – Guerra
// Peace – war

Posible – Imposible
// Possible – impossible

Pregunta – Respuesta
// Question – answer

Hazme una pregunta. – Ask me a question.
La respuesta es simple. – The answer is simple.

Rico – Pobre
// Rich – poor

Salud – Enfermedad
// Heath – sickness

Seco – Mojado
// Dry – wet

El suelo está mojado. – The floor is wet.
La mesa está seca. – The table is dry.

Siempre – Nunca
// Always – never

Siempre estare a tu lado. – Always by your side.
Nunca olvides quien eres, ni de donde vienes. – Never forget who you are or where you come from.

Soltero – Casado
// Single – married

Solución – Problema
// Solution – problem

Temprano – Tarde
// Early – late

Mejor temprano que tarde. – Better sooner than later.
Sé que es tarde ya. – I know it’s already late.

Valiente – Cobarde
// Brave – cowardly

Verdad – Mentira
// Truth – lie

Vivo – Muerto
// Alive – dead

How did you find the little quotes dotted in the middle? There were some good Spanish life quotes to live by. If you enjoyed some Spanish quotes, you might like to read my Top 5 Spanish Disney Quotes. 

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