What is Blogtober?

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SURPRISE, I’ve decided to do blogtober this year. I’m still in my first year of blogging so I thought it would be nice to get involved. I have so many ideas of things to do and questions to answer about Halloween, Autumn and Fiestas in Benidorm during October/November time so I thought it would be great to add them into blogtober.

Blogtober? What’s that!?

For anybody that doesn’t know, blogtober is a month of blogging. Yep, that means every day a brand new post.

It’s a good excuse for me to clear out some of these blog post drafts sitting collecting dust, but it also means I can drag Alex along to some Halloween themed events that go on around Benidorm and get my baking head on and make some Halloween treats.

I’ll also cover the weather in Benidorm during October, what to pack, Autumn essentials and an Autumn/Winter clothing haul along with some other lifestyle posts like where we’ve got our pumpkins from and how we carved them, my Halloween costume and some education posts like what exactly is día de muertos. It’s going to be exciting, I hope.

Will this affect the other posts?

No, not at all!

The post schedule will stay exactly the same. I’ll still post my Learn Spanish posts on a Tuesday at 19:00GMT, my regular Saturday post at 19:00GMT and the Day in the Life in… will also be posted (with a bonus one) on the designated Sundays at 19:00GMT.

The only difference is, every day I’ll post a publication at 17:00GMT so you’ll know which ones are regular schedule and which ones are part of Blogtober.

As the nights start drawing in and the fluffy socks make an appearance, you’ll have a little piece of Benidorm to have a read of each day.

I’m excited to bring Blogtober to you!

Hasta luego,

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Hola, I'm Lauren! Living on the Costa Blanca with my boyfriend, Alex and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rio. Always planning our next adventure.

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