Dog-Friendly​ Places in Benidorm

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“Planes para hacer con tu perro en Benidorm”

Friday 19th October – Day 19 of Blogtober

Spain is typically very dog-friendly. Don’t be surprised if you’re sitting outside a cafe and five dogs are also having a lie down with a bowl of water.

Benidorm is no exception.

If you’re looking for dog-friendly parks, dog-friendly beaches or dog-friendly hotels in Benidorm, then I’ve created you a mini-guide to hopefully give you an idea of where you can holiday with your pooch.

If you’re a local who has recently got a dog, it might help you find some spots you can take your four-legged baby in the local area too.

Although there are many restrictions on where you can take dogs in terms of indoors, there are so many places outdoors that you can take your furry friend.

Dog Parks

funny dog picture dog on right with his tongue hanging out dog on left laughing two cavalier king charles spanish

Benidorm and the surrounding areas have a selection of dog parks where the dogs can have a play and socialise with other dogs. Dogs are able to be off lead and are in a gated, enclosed space.

In Orcheta, they have a great dog park that has obstacles and agility courses for the pooches.

Cafes and Bars

cavalier king charles with his tongue out in a cafeIt’s very rare for cafes to not allow dogs to sit on the terrace outside. In fact, it’s unheard of. Some cafes do allow dogs to be seated inside, however, this is rare. Sometimes, if it starts raining, cafes will allow you to sit inside or if it’s very quiet and you’re a regular, they might allow you in.

Cafes and bars will usually bring some fresh water out for your dog too.


dog laughing in the water of dog beach cavalier king charles

There are a few dog-friendly beaches dotted around Benidorm, but none located in Benidorm. The best, closest one is located in Villajoyosa, called Playa el Xarco. There is also one in Altea, called Playa Mar y Montaña. Police patrol the dog beaches and can do sporadic checks. Ensure that you have your pet passport and proof of up to date vaccinations with you. Remember to take fresh water with you and some shade for your pooch.


As long as the tram is quiet and your dog doesn’t disturb other passengers, dogs can travel on the tram network. You have to find information as to where they can travel, as places like Alicante usually require the dog to be in a boxed unit. Local journeys are less strict on the guidelines.

Tao Bike

cavalier puppy inside pet carrier poniente beach tao bike

Tao Bike has a great pet carrier that attaches to the back of the electric bikes so you can tow your animal. Rio enjoyed his time taking in the smells, heading up to the cross and to Altea and Albir.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted up that hill, though. It was making me tired just watching Alex trying to lump Rio up – even though they’re electric it’s a big weight pulling back down!

Dog-Friendly Hotels

There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels located in Benidorm. Hotel El Palmeral in Poniente is dog-friendly, as is the Hotel La Cala. This link will take you to 10 of the Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Benidorm:

Important Information

If you are travelling on holiday with your dog, please ensure you have a Pet Passport, vaccinations up to date and have been wormed. You will also need to check which dogs require a muzzle around the Benidorm area, as it is different to UK laws. Furthermore, please ensure you pick up dog excretions. A local law, different from the UK, states that when your dog urinates, you must throw water on it, otherwise you can face a 100€ fine.

Hasta luego,

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