Ugly Christmas Suits with OppoSuits

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I’m about to mention it. I’m about to drop that C word. Yes, today I’m talking Christmas. Christmas suits, to be precise.

What do you think of when you think of Christmas attire? Probably an ugly Christmas jumper. But, have you thought about an ugly Christmas suit? Well, now is the time too. The game is about to change.

Let me introduce you to OppoSuits

The Story of OppoSuits

I love a good “how we started” story and the OppoSuits one is a great one.

Starting as a little idea whilst travelling South East Asia, Guus, Jelle & Jasper have built a brand with customers showcasing their vision all over the world.

You might have seen them featured on the X Factor and LAD Bible during your ventures across the internet. Big Names. Big Statement. Big Style.

Travel sparks creativity. Confirmed. 

Christmas Suit Ideas

Taking Christmas suits to a whole new level, OppoSuits have brought out a collection that is perfect for the Christmas season. With all-over prints, it’s impossible to not make a statement this year.

Who couldn’t use a little festive fun intertwined into their formal wear? When you don’t want to compromise fun for quality and style, it’s time to head over to OppoSuits. Christmas Party with your boss? OppoSuits have got you covered.

One of my favourite times over Christmas is the extra festive fun making work that little bit more joyous. A Christmas Suit from OppoSuits would be perfect for a Charity Day in the office too. The possibilities are endless. Fun times in the office start with OppoSuits.

During the Christmas period, it’s easy for men to wonder what on earth to wear. Is a formal suit too formal for the Christmas party? Is a big ugly Christmas Sweater not quite enough for the office booze-up? Well, OppoSuits have combined the two. The holiday experience is about to change.

There is a wide range of colours and styles available. The Star Wars range would be a big hit with Alex!

Dressed to impress doesn’t always mean suited up to the nines, sometimes it can be a good quality suit that sparks conversation and screams confidence. Hey, and if you don’t feel like you have the confidence to wear when – fake it until you make it! It’s impossible to feel shy in a suit from OppoSuits! Let the suit do the talking.

My OppoSuit


Not just for men, OppoSuits have created a selection of Women’s Suits, perfect for fancy dress.

OppoSuits are passionate about creating suits and the quality really does shine through. I was sent a gorgeous Lumberjack Suits from Opposuits and it certainly is a head-turner.

Lined with purple, the Lumberjack is soft and comfortable to wear. The skirt is elasticated which gives a little lee-way, which means my skirt will grow with me over the festive period!

I hate the feeling of tight clothing during Christmas, especially whilst eating my way through Christmas dinner, so it’s nice to know the clothing is elasticated.

It holds a good shape and is made of good quality material.  I decided to roll my skirt up a little. I like a shorter skirt so I rolled the Size 8 up to my mid-thigh.


My OppoSuit came super quick too, they have free next day delivery in the UK if you order before 14:00 too! So, if you’ve completely forgotten about that last minute party, OppoSuits might be able to help you out!

Just don’t leave it too late, I’m sure there might be delays with the post! We know how hectic the Christmas period can be with deliveries!

Get your Christmas Suit by heading over to OppoSuits now!

Hasta luego,


I was gifted a suit of my choice from OppoSuits.

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