Acdria Jewellery Review*

I love being able to share gifts with others. I love it, even more, when I’m supporting a small business in the process.

Handmade in the UK, Acdria is a small business that strives to make unique, transparent jewellery which let the light through, the vibrant colours of the jewellery compliment it perfectly to make them eye-catching.

Inspired by nature, Acdria is designed and hand-crafted in the UK. It’s so lovely that they’re a family-run business which sources supplies locally, where possible.


Upon opening the jewellery, the light just burst through. The actual pieces are made of plastic, which does feel delicate and the chains are made of stainless steel. The jewellery is also coated with a water-based varnish to give a natural shine.

I was sent the recently launched “Forget-Me-Not” range and the Jupiter from the planets range. If you love space, like me, the Jupiter range will be massively popular with you! The Earth range is also really beautiful, I love the way it’s crafted to show the Earth – it would be perfect to wear the Earth close to your heart.

The Forget-Me-Not range is a beautiful range of gorgeous blue flowers. I picked them out as a gift for my Nan, who absolutely loved them. They are well-made and really do let the light pass through to have a standout piece of costume jewellery.


Acdria truly captures the beauty of nature. From realistic flowers to out of this world planets, nature has been drawn in and crafted into wearable jewellery.

The jewellery came packaged in the Acdria branded boxes. They make for a lovely gift for somebody close to you.



Looking for some jewellery that is out of this world? Acdria have the answer for you.

The planets range have a variety of choices to take you on a space mission. Inspired by nature, designed by Acdria, created for you. The planets range is a beautiful collection of planets perfect for space lovers.


I really can’t decide which is my favourite from the planets range, the Earth, the Moon and Jupiter are my Top 3!


I love wearing my Jupiter necklace with a creme jumper. It adds that splash of colour and the light really bounces off it.



Forget-Me-Nots are a unique gift for those close to us. The forget-me-knots are a reminder of the simple things in life. Things as beautiful and pure as flowers.

Acdria has perfectly captured that moment that the Forget-Me-Knots are blossomed in full bloom and the sweet reminder to enjoy the little things. Time to spend in nature. Time to forget-me-not.

The Forget-Me-Nots are a real symbolic flower. Symbolising true love, they are given as gifts with the hope that the receiver will not forget the giver. A symbol of love and memories. It seemed very fitting to give them as a gift as opposed to keep them for myself.

giving the gift of forget me nots

I received the Forget-Me-Not Acdria Brooch, Earrings and Necklace which I gifted to my Nan, with the help of Marley. They are a true representation of when the flowers are in bloom on those mid-summer walks. A piece of summer lasts forever. 

You might be interested to see that Acdria also have a stunning poppy range, you can see it here. It would be a great addition to wear during November for Remembrance Day.

You can pick up your own Acdria jewellery by heading over to their Etsy or their website.

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