Daniel Wellington Watch Review*

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Give your wrist the time of its life with Daniel Wellington. The perfect gift for Men and Women!

Since getting my hands on a Daniel Wellington watch, the game has been changed for me. Time has never felt so classic, comfortable yet affordable.


Truth be told – I was never into watches. I never truly saw the point in wearing a watch when I constantly had my phone within reach anyway. I had tried to get on with watches in the past and they just got thrown into a drawer somewhere in my bedroom.

Until I came across Daniel Wellington watches.

Watches can be expensive. Getting the right watch can feel like a chore, it’s such a staple piece on the wrist and it takes the right one to be a showstopper. Daniel Wellington is that showstopper.

When Alex and I opened the boxes, we were so impressed with how eye-catching and elegant our watches looked. They felt classic. They look luxurious. Yet, they’re affordable. It’s that touch of class that just oozes sophistication. We love them.

It’s funny that you can go from never wearing a watch, to never taking a watch off.


I’ve started being that person that looks at my wrist for the time instead of my phone. The other day, I forgot to put it on and I felt lost. I was looking down at my wrist for the time, my wrist felt naked. Never did I think I’d be that person. Yet here I am.

One of the great things about Daniel Wellington watches is they come with interchangeable straps. A huge favourite amongst us all these days is Rose Gold. It whispers sophistication. It’s that subtle touch of elegance and luxury without making a big song and dance.

I chose the white leather strap to replace my Rose Gold strap with. My watch is a classic petite melrose 32mm, in white.  I adore how it looks delicate with an intricate design. I love how lightweight and airy it feels, it truly feels like you’re not wearing a watch at times.


If you’re looking for an elegant watch as a fashion piece, Daniel Wellington is the way forward.

Are Daniel Wellington Watches Affordable?

Yes! Investing in a watch can be costly. But, what I love about the Daniel Wellington brand is that they are very affordable.

They’re cost-effective and made to last. With a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase, check the terms and conditions of the warranty! it gives that sense of “getting your money’s worth“.

Watches for women start at just £79. 

You can get 15% OFF at Daniel Wellington by adding
“LAURENBATE” at the checkout! 

There is also free worldwide delivery!

Overall Review

A big thumbs up! I am a huge fan of the Daniel Wellington watch. It feels and looks great. It’s an eye-catching watch that really catches the sun. It has found its way into my daily wardrobe and I really couldn’t be without it now.


Paired with El Camino


They would make a great gift for Christmas boxed professionally and classically.  They have the  Daniel Wellington name written boldly in Rose Gold across the front of the navy blue box, which compliments the watches and accessories inside well.




I wear my leather strap a lot more than my Rose Gold strap, purely because I think it matches more outfits and looks more simplistic on a daily basis. I love being able to swap into the Rose Gold for dressing up. I really love the Rose Gold classic cuff that looks elegant and finishes off the look.

The most expensive watch is still affordable for most so it’s a great brand for being able to invest in, without breaking the bank. The watch straps are also durable and strong. They wear well and feel comfortable.


IMG_3534 2.JPG
Photo: Juan Carlos


I love how I can wear my Daniel Wellington with virtually any outfit and especially how mine and Alex’s watches look great paired together. Most of the designs offered are available in both Men’s and Women’s so it’s really easy to get a His and Hers watch.

Hasta luego,




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I received the Daniel Wellington watches and cuff bracelet as a gift from the brand, however, all views remain my own.







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