#26 // At The Airport and Information about Alicante Airport


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It’s martes again, so that can only mean one thing. It’s time again for your weekly dose of español, courtesy of Diary of a Spanglish Girl! Let’s talk about El Aeropuerto.

With this quick guide, I hope it will give you some understanding of the words and phrases to use at an airport. Of course, most of the things are labelled in English, but isn’t it nicer to know a little of the local lingo?

The nearest Aeropuerto to Benidorm is “Alicante-Elche Airport”. It’s just under an hour to get to Benidorm by bus, though you can do it much quicker in the car. You can also head to Luceros tram station and take the L1 Tram to Benidorm, though it doesn’t run 24 hours and it does only take you to the Old Town.

Alicante Airport is a modern airport with international and national daily flights. Alicante Airport, also known as Alicante-Elche is the fifth largest airport in Spain and is the opening gate to Benidorm and the Costa Blanca. In March 2011, it opened its new terminal building replacing the old two.

Alicante has flights from Ryanair, Jet2, EasyJet, Vueling, Norweigan Air, Thomson and more.

They have a range of services including ATM machines, foreign exchange kiosks, Free WiFi, Food and Drink, Duty-Free, VIP Lounge, Lost and Found, Meeting Rooms and a highly rated Special Assistance facility.

Contact Information for the Lost and Found at Alicante Airport:

Phone: +34 966 919 444
E-mail: alc.objetosperdidos@aena.es
Location: Level 0. Arrivals
Opening hours: Mon-Fri (except fiestas) from 8:30 am to 14:00.

Useful Words


La maleta – Suitcase

El billete – Ticket

El pase de embarque – Boarding pass

El guardia de seguridad – Security guard

El detector de metal – Metal detector

El equipaje – Baggage

La banda – Conveyor belt

El pasaporte – Passport

La puerta de embarque – Boarding gate

La salida de emergencia – Emergency exit

El embarque – Boarding

El horario – Timetable

Las llegadas – Arrivals

Las salidas – Departures

La aduana – Customs office

El reclamo de equipaje – Baggage claim

La sobrecargo – Flight attendant

El avión – Plane

El pasillo – Aisle

La mesita – Tray

La terminal – Terminal building

La pista – Runway

El vuelo – Flight

El ala – Wing

La cola – Tail

El asiento – Seat

La cabina – Cabin

La cabina del piloto – Cockpit

El salvavidas – Life vest

Las luces de emergencia – Emergency lights

Useful Phrases at the Airport


El avión está despegando – The plane is taking off.

El avión está volando – The plane is flying.

El avión ha aterrizado The plane has landed.

¿Puedo hacer el check-in en línea para mi vuelo? – Can I check in online for my flight?

¿Cómo me obtengo mi tarjeta de embarque? – How do I get my boarding card?

Hacer una cola – Make a line.

El vuelo tiene retraso – The flight was delayed.

El vuelo ha sido cancelado – The flight was cancelled.

Pasar por la aduana – Go through customs.

¿Puede ayúdame? – Can you help me?

¿Qué hora es? –What time is it?

¿Dónde puedo recoger mis maletas? – Where can I collect my suitcases?

¿Dónde está el reclamo de equipaje? – Where is the baggage claims?

Mis maletas están perdidas. – My suitcases are lost

¿Qué terminal necesitas? – Which terminal do you need?

Busco la terminal norte. – I’m looking for the North terminal.
¿Dónde vas? – Where are you going?
Voy a Alicante. – I’m going to Alicante.
¿Cuántas maletas tienes? – How many bags do you have?

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This guide is a free blog series. This information has been picked up by practising speaking with locals in the Comunidad Valenciana area. Any resemblance to any book, guide or learning Spanish resources, is purely coincidental. This guide is not intended as a substitute for other resources or teaching. This guide does not guarantee fluency in Spanish.

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