Cake to your Door with bakerdays*

bakerdays review cake christmas

What’s something we can all get on board with? Cake!

Gone of the days of stressing in the supermarket trying to find a cake. Instead, with a click of a button, you can be designing your very own personalised cake with the help of bakerdays. The best part? It gets delivered straight to your door, on the day that you want it.

The Letterbox Cake

When bakerdays asked me if I’d like to give their Letterbox cake a try, I was obviously all up for it. Who wouldn’t want to give a cake a try? It was great fun being able to customise and personalise my own cake.

You choose the colours, the flavours and the text to make your cake your own. They may be small, but they pack a lot of thought. It’s built by you, for you. Or a friend!


The letterbox cake is 5inches in circumference. Dependant on the cake, there are a variety of flavours to choose from, such as Chocolate Chip, Fabulous Fruit, Traditional Sponge and Lovely Lemon Drizzle. There are even the options for Dairy Free or Gluten Free cakes which I think is absolutely fantastic!


In the digital age, it’s never been easier to get everything brought to you. Clothes, DVD’s, food – you name it. So, I’m not too sure why I was so surprised that bakerdays exist. Maybe it was because I’d never heard of them, plus, how on earth do you deliver a cake without it getting damaged?! But, everything is possible.

I’d heard of supermarkets delivering cakes, they just bring it with your shopping, but I’d never heard of a dedicated company delivering cakes. Until bakerdays landed in my inbox and through my door.


The process is very easy, from start to finish it’s simple and quick to navigate around their user-friendly website to create the perfect cake for a loved one, or yourself!

The letterbox cake by bakerdays is a small celebration cake, perfect for a solo treat. It could be split between two, but you definitely couldn’t stretch it much further. What’s so great about it, is it genuinely does slide through a letterbox. Personalised and thoughtful, you build your own cake, from the mixture to the decoration. Your cake. Your rules.


I have to admit, I was a little sceptical. A cake that comes in the post, I was certain it was going to arrive damaged. I know valuables and breakables are shipped successfully all of the time, but it just seemed… impossible.

However, bakerdays package their cakes so well, with a boxed packaging and aerated padding that protects the cake through the journey of national and international travel. It is also placed inside a small gift tin, to protect it further. I couldn’t believe how perfect my cake arrived. You have to see it to believe it. You’d have thought somebody had just wandered around with a freshly baked cake and dropped it off at my door and not made and dispatched on the edge of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

bakerdays review cake christmas

What surprised me even more, is that if you order before 14:00, you can opt for Next Day UK delivery. Last minute birthday surprise? Holding out in case somebody passes their driving test? Forgot about that thank you present for a teacher? With the help of bakerdays, nobody ever has to know!

They deliver with DPD Local or Royal Mail. You can order for the next day or up to a year in advance. Talk about prepared, right? My kind of company.

Who are bakerdays?

Delivering personalised cakes, cupcakes and helium balloons, bakerdays are a company located in Nottinghamshire. They pride themselves on being great bakers and innovators.

Founded by Andrea Guzyova and Alan Hawkes, bakerdays have been creating and developing their love for cakes and filling homes with beautiful cakes for every occasion.

All cakes made and distributed by bakerdays are handmade to order. There aren’t any cheap alternatives or preservatives. There are certainly no surprises. The buttercream is made with real butter, they are made with you in mind. They give the impression that you just made them yourself. I won’t tell if you don’t!

My bakerdays Cake

Spoilt for choice, I waded my way around bakerdays trying to find a cake that suits my blog and my style. After all, there was no need for a birthday cake at the moment, my birthday is in June!

bakerdays review cake christmas

But, after my Christmas Shop at Fosse, coming home to a slice of bakerdays cake with a Christmas theme whilst I was wrapping my presents with some Christmas music playing gently was exactly what I needed. The Christmas celebrations are certainly starting a little early this year. I was so glad that I opted for the Christmas cake.

The International Bauble Cake is like bakerdays looked at my blog and created a cake for me. It’s so perfect that Feliz Navidad is right above Season’s Greetings. The International Bauble Cake is the most gorgeous cake that would be perfect in business meetings for international clients, or somebody who loves travelling and languages (and cake!) like me.

bakerdays review cake christmas

I went for the Rich Chocolate Chip. As much as I love making traditional sponge cakes, I’m more of a chocolate cake person myself. What I do like, is if you opt for a medium cake or bigger, you can actually order half chocolate half sponge. That would be so great in my household where half of us prefer chocolate and half of us prefer sponge. I’ll have to give it a try in future and see how it goes!

The cake was moist and delicate. Even though it is for one person, we were able to split it between four of us.

bakerdays review cake christmas

The design of the cake was how you find it on the website. There were no unfortunate surprises or misguidance of the look. It looks just as good in real life as it is online!

Get cake through your door with bakerdays!

Hasta luego,


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