The Perfect Daniel Wellington Gifts for Men

Daniel Wellington watch review men

Christmas came early for Alex this year in the form of a Daniel Wellington Watch. His Christmas gift this year has had so much use and it’s only just the beginning of December. These sophisticated and classic men’s watches are so affordable that your mouth will drop at the price.

I wanted to find the perfect Christmas Gift for Alex, but I really didn’t know what to get him. I know that what he wants is trips away and a canon camera. We had a canon camera on loan a few years ago and it got stolen, but I know Alex loved it. The trips away, we’re working on. There’s only so much you can do with limited holidays and a limited bank account.

He didn’t have a classic, sophisticated watch. It’s something I’ve never seen him wear before so it was going to be hit and miss whether he loved it or just kept it in the box at the bottom of the wardrobe with the smartwatch I got him a few years back.

IMG_3534 2

The Daniel Wellington Watch comes with interchangeable watch straps, I’d seen them all over Instagram and it was a brand I wanted to give a try. The watches looked stunning. They looked a solid, timepiece that would really finish off an outfit.

It’s been a couple of months now since we first got them and I must say, I’m impressed. We are both obsessed with our Daniel Wellington watches. The other day, I actually forgot to put on my Daniel Wellington watch and I physically missed it. I kept looking at my wrist for the time and I felt lost. Gone of the days of running from one side of the classroom to the other to check the time. I have a stunning timepiece that I want to wear. That I now feel like I need to wear.


I’ve noticed Alex is the same. He doesn’t go out without wearing his black classic Sheffield Daniel Wellington Watch. It’s so nice to see that he genuinely loves wearing it. It may be well in advance having his Christmas gift in September, but, I like to be punctual!

“The Daniel Wellington watch is a good quality. It sits comfortably on my wrist and it’s not too over the top. It’s a good watch for any occasion. It looks smart and professional for whilst I’m at work. A few parents have noticed the watch and commented on how chic and fashionable it looks. It’s a timeless piece that I’ve ended up not being able to not wear! It’s a touch of class that you just want to wear everywhere. It’s stylish and most importantly, you’re able to tell the time no matter where or when thanks to the distinctive brilliant white background.” – Alex.

So, Daniel Wellington has transformed Alex, somebody who never wore watches before, and me into watch lovers. Who’d have guessed it?! They’re guaranteed to be the perfect gift for somebody you love this Christmas. Give the gift of time. Literally and metaphorically.


Alex’s Daniel Wellington is a Rose Gold Watch, the black strap is made from genuine Italian leather and it has a show-stopping stand out dial. The Classic Black Sheffield is a timeless, sophistication watch that will certainly turn heads.


For a classic and affordable watch that ticks all of our boxes, I’d recommend heading over to and taking a look at the extensive range of men’s watches and watches for women. Elegance and sophistication aplenty.


IMG_5988 2.jpg

Even better news, Daniel Wellington has created some dapper looking gift sets, this link will take you to a beautifully boxed Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch, which is the same as Alex’s, which also comes with an elegant St Mawes Daniel Wellington Watch strap: daniel wellington bundle. Two watches for the price of one!

Don’t forget, you can get 15% off your order by typing “laurenbate” at the checkout!

Hasta luego,


We were gifted our Daniel Wellington watches

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