#28 // The Final Learn Spanish – For Now,​ and Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish


28 posts have passed where I’ve shared my bit of Spanish knowledge with you. I never anticipated that so many people would get on board. I never anticipated that 7,000 people would sign up to learn a little bit of Spanish to help them get by. It’s been a whirlwind.

It has gotten to the point where I can no longer sit and share a piece. It’s getting to the stage of needing a tutor. Needing 1:1 or classroom support. Needing supporting classroom materials. Things I can’t offer on a blog post. Though, I wish I could.

I put time and effort into Learn Spanish and it has truly taught me so much. The practising myself. Using words that I used to have to double check. Writing out sentences. It was like a test for myself. I enjoyed it.

28 posts passed and it became more and more difficult. How do you think of a theme once a week? It was a lot. It was a big task. I think I did it justice. Some weeks, I’d have to throw something together Tuesday morning. Set an early alarm. I was running on low batteries trying to piece together what exactly I could cover.

Learn Spanish will stay. It’s not going anywhere, anything you need to check back on whether that be ordering a coffee, at the doctors, or even just the alphabet. They’ll still be there in their folder. They’re not leaving.

I’ve never been good at completely letting go, so it’s an hasta luego to my Learn Spanish and certainly not an adios. There are still fiestas, like Semana Santa, to write vocabulary for, there will still be bursts of inspiration that will come and I’ll put a piece together on a whim.

If you have any ideas, please put them in the box below, I’m happy to take requests. I just can’t commit to putting out “bleugh” posts. I want my blog posts to be finished and well-written. I want each post to be as good as the one before.

You’re only as good as your last piece of work.

I reached the point where I didn’t think my Learn Spanish was great anymore. It wasn’t my best work. When it returns, it will be.

You can submit a Post Idea below. You don’t need to leave your name. It can be anon if you wish.


Learn Spanish Christmas Vocabulary:

Now, let’s move on to the festive cheer. Christmas, or Navidad, in Spanish. This is truly one of my favourite times of the year.

Christmas vocabulary will help you to understand the Spanish culture a little more. Holiday celebrations are a vital cog in the culture. Spanish feature some events and foods that you might not be as familiar with as the British values and traditions. Culture and language go together.

The best part is, when you’re at the Christmas celebrations, you’ll be able to express and communicate with others around you. After all, you can get to know some lovely people on holiday, don’t let language barriers prohibit that.

Spanish Christmas Greetings

cavalier king charles on king's day and christmas dressed as reindeer

1. Feliz Navidad — Merry Christmas

2. Felices Fiestas — Happy Holidays

3. Próspero Año Nuevo — Happy New Year

Key Days


1. Nochebuena — Christmas Eve translates directly to mean “Good Night”. Christmas Eve in Spain consists of a large, family meal.

2. Misa del Gallo — The Midnight Mass. Many Spanish families are Catholic and will attend the local church for a midnight mass on Christmas Eve as part of their celebrations.

3. Navidad Christmas

4. Nochevieja — New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a similar way as it is in the UK. Don’t forget to eat your grapes as the clock chimes each stroke of Midnight, though! There are some whacky, but fun rituals on New Year’s Eve that you might want to read on my blog this month!

5. Año Nuevo — New Year

6. Noche de Reyes — The Night of Kings, which refers to the Three Kings. Spanish children will have a few gifts from the Three Kings on this night, ready for the morning of January 6th.

7. Día de Reyes — King’s Day, also known as Epiphany, is on the 6th of January. Spanish families will celebrate with food and gifts, as well as fireworks and processions throughout the city. In Benidorm, there will be a parade from the Old Town to the Town Hall, where children can meet the Three Kings. It’s a good day to go Ice Skating there too. Later on, there will be music and fireworks.

8. Vacaciones de Navidad — Christmas break.

Important People

9. Jesús — Baby Jesus

10. Virgen María y José — Virgin Mary and Joseph.

11. Reyes Magos — The Magic Kings, which refers to the Three Wise Men.

12. Papá Noel — Father Christmas delivers just as many presents to the Spanish children on Christmas Day, as the Three Kings.



13. Árbol de Navidad — Christmas tree

14. Calcetín — Stocking

15. Luces navideñas — Christmas lights

16. Nieve — Snow

17. Flor de Navidad — Poinsettia translates directly to mean “Christmas Flower”.

18. Espumillón — Tinsel

19. Muérdago — Mistletoe

20. Acebo — Holly

Festive Things

cavalier king charles on king's day and christmas dressed as reindeer

21. Regalo — Present

22. Espíritu navideño — Christmas spirit

23. Trineo — Sleigh

24. Renos — Reindeer

25. Calendario de adviento — Advent calendar

26. Rosca/Roscón de Reyes — The King’s Day cake is an oval pastry that is eaten on King’s Day. Inside, a baby Jesus figure, a King toy, a coin and a bean are hidden. The person who finds Jesus traditionally must make the King’s Day Cake next year. The person who finds the King is the King for the day and is said to have good luck for the forthcoming year.

Feliz Navidad,






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