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Press sample provided in exchange for blog post.

When I’m looking for a unique gift that is to be treasured for years upon years, I always run to Truprint. But now, since the launch of Pictabulous, I have another tab to have open to find beautiful personalised pieces of artwork that look professional and thoughtful, with no fuss!

Creating beautiful pieces of art that make a house a home has never been easier since the launch of Pictabulous. On a mission to create unique artwork more accessible and affordable, Pictabulous are paving the future for personalised gifts.

Working alongside a team of highly-trained artists, Pictabulous digitally handcraft each and every photo in a unique work of art.

I’ve always been one who likes to collect souvenirs and little mementoes of trips. Little snippets of our trips and adventures that bring the memory back to life.  Whether that be a snowglobe, a 1SE video, ticket stubs, plane tickets, Pandora charms, our Truprint yearly book or postcards. But, I’d never considered getting a canvas made for our trip.

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This year, in August, we took our dog on a road trip around the north of Spain, before heading back down through Toledo, Madrid and Albacete. It was something we’d always talked about doing. Renting a car and taking a journey up north. I’d always dreamed of going to San Sebastian but had never made it. This summer, we changed that.

Sticking to a budget due to an already hectic and expensive summer, I decided to bypass on souvenirs. No snowglobes, no magnets, no pandora charms. Just memories and a 1SE video and the inclusion in our Truprint book. We needed to stick to a budget and souvenir buying can get costly.

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Alex loves photography. Whenever we’re away, his face is usually hidden by a camera. It starts to look like I went on a trip on my own. He much prefers being behind the camera, which is why we end up with so many photos. This year, it was less of me and more of Rio. With the iconic Barcelona photo, the San Sebastian pictures and plenty of gorgeous choices in Toledo and Zaragoza, we had so many options to choose from when Pictabulous got in touch with us and asked if we’d like a canvas made of Rio.

We chose a photo of Rio outside the Alcazar in Toledo. His mouth open with his tongue sticking out, it’s one of those photos where he looks genuinely happy to be exploring with us. He has a little sparkle in his eyes like he knew what was going on. He knew it was a family holiday. Although Alex usually takes the photos, this is one that I can take the credit for!


Through Pictabulous, you create beautiful personalised art print in three steps. You start by choosing your style. With Pictabulous, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you want to turn your pup into a caricature or you want to turn your baby into a little elf, I mean, who doesn’t?!. The options really are vast. Oil paintings, watercolours, impasto, line drawings or football caricatures, there are so many different styles to suit any preference.

Moving forward, you can choose between landscape, portrait or square. We opted for an 8″x12″ in portrait. You then upload the photo and let their artists create the magic.


Pictabulous is a fantastic gift, whether for yourself to brighten up your home decor, a funny caricature for a friend or a sentimental gift for a family member. You’ll love the artwork that they create. The artists begin working on the artwork as soon as the order is placed, the digital version is ready for approval within 4 days.

What I liked best about Pictabulous is they allow for amendment requests at no extra charge. If something isn’t quite to your liking, you can request to amend it. They work alongside you to make sure the canvas print is exactly how you like it.


We have decided to place our canvas of Rio up in the bedroom, next to an ornament of a girl with her dog, that was kindly given to us as a new home present, and a photo of Marley and I. The top shelf of our cabinet has been converted to a dog shrine, which I’m perfectly content with.

pictabulous photo canvas cavalier king charles review canvas print

I love that a snippet of our trip has been created into a beautiful print, keeping the memory of our incredible trip alive. The high-quality canvas is eye-catching and vibrant, the colours really pop and the artists have done so well to capture the expression and intricate detail of not only Rio but the stunning backdrop of the Alcazar fortress. I think Rio loves it too!

Hasta luego,

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