Treating the Pup with Milo’s Mail

dog subscription box treats and toys for dogs cavalier king charles spaniel

It takes being a dog person to truly understand dog people. I used to stand in shops wondering why on earth you’d need a Christmas card for a dog. Or why advent calendars exist. Until I got my own dog.

When spirits are high and everybody is enjoying a little festive cheer, the pooch gets all excited too. He knows something is different. Sure, he might not know that Santa Paws has treated him for being a good boy, but he’ll certainly appreciate an extra treat or two during the festive period.


Very recently, I stumbled across an opportunity that I just couldn’t let pass me by. Reviewing Milo’s Mailbox, filled with 5-7 treats, accessories and toys for medium and large dogs. Perfect for Marley. 

Milo and Laura have carefully selected toys, snacks, and treats that have all been passed through the fussy eater and squeaker remover expert, Milo.

Milo’s Mail can be a perfect present for your pooch, with the option of picking a one-off gift box for £24.95 (including postage) or selecting a subscription box, for the best behaved of pooches!

dog subscription box treats and toys for dogs cavalier king charles spaniel

When the box arrived for Marley, he knew it was his straight the way. Wagging tail, tongue out, excited barking, you know the drill! He was ready for his treats, he wanted them now! I opened Marley’s box, as I had the upper hand with opposable thumbs. Marley couldn’t wait to get inside.

cavalier king charles spaniel opening subscription box for dogs

Marley likes to weigh situations up. He takes everything in. He listens. He observes. He’s curious. The box was perfect for him. He was able to stick his face in and get a closer look at everything. He knew it was his and he loved rummaging through to pick out his toys.


Surprisingly, the box was a lot bigger than I was expecting. Inside, Laura had sent us a letter telling us what was inside and why she had picked it for us. Marley loves his bow tie, so it was so nice to see that he had a new one in a different colour, for the gram! (which yes, he totally has so I’ll just go ahead and plug their Instagrams here in case you want to follow Marley and Rio because I’m totally that sad person that likes to upload photos of them so I have a place to look back on their photos without using storage on my phone.) 

dog wearing bow tie dog in clothes

He was also sent a pouch of dog-friendly popcorn with seaweed and bake your own cupcakes. He wasn’t sure about the popcorn, to begin with, but after a few, he was certainly impartial to a nibble or two.

cavalier king charles spaniel playing with his toy from dog subscription box milos mail

His toys were definitely his favourite bit by a long shot. I mean, what puppy doesn’t love toys? Marley still loves his toys and new toys are like a new level of excitement each time. He went through a destructive stage, but now, they’re becoming sacred. Things to look after so they don’t end up in the dreaded bin. Rio, however, has just reached the destructive toy stage. For how young they both are, they’re both so well behaved. No biting. No scratching. No chewing. No growling.

cavalier king charles spaniel playing fetch milos mail

Marley was sent a long-legged stretchy toy that he absolutely loves, just like Milo does! A Jammy Dodger, which is fantastic because Marley is obsessed with biscuits. You only have to say the word ‘biscuit’ and his tail goes 100mph and he’s jumping up and down in excitement. He was also sent a funky ball, which is shaped like a starfish. His favourite game is ‘fetch’, like most dogs, so he’s been loving having his toys thrown and then running back full pelt with them. He goes from 0-100 so quickly that the majority of the time he’s beaten the toy to where it’s going to land. Rapid dog.

dog toys perfect for medium to large dogs milos mail

The last thing he received was a full-size water bottle, with a built-in foldable tray. Rio has the same one but in blue and they really are perfect for long walks. They’re always good to have handy especially when you’re not sure if freshwater will be available on the walk. It’s a really good size and a well-thought-out addition to the box. It’s one of those everyday essentials that every dog owner should have.

General Impressions of Milo’s Mail

I have been so impressed with Milo’s Mail. It has brought hours of fun playing with Marley plus tasty treats and everyday accessories. They would be absolutely perfect for a one-off gift for your pooch for Christmas or their birthday. Or, when they need a little pick me up, like after a dreaded vet visit.

dog falling asleep playing with his toys cavalier king charles spaniel cute puppy

Filled with already loved brands, plus new ones to discover, it’s a great way to keep replenishing your pooches toys. After all, they don’t last forever!

I’m certainly guilty of treating Marley and Rio to lots of toys and treats, but did you know that on average we as a nation spend almost £400 a year on treats, toys, grooming, and accessories for our dogs, alone?

Laura created Milo’s Mail to build a cost-effective solution which allows us to spoil our four-legged friends whilst keeping the essentials stock replenished, without breaking the bank. The best part is, it’s all delivered straight to your door so you don’t have to worry about going out and remembering to pick them up, especially the pesky essentials like poo bags!

cavalier king charles spaniel playing with toy from milos mail subscription box cute puppy

Just like Milo, soft toys don’t last too long with Marley and Rio, yet on average a durable toy can be anything from £8+. Inside Milo’s Mail are durable and tough toys, tried and tested by Milo, which are certain to provide hours of fun.

kissing my dog cavalier king charles spaniel and subscription box milos mail

Our pooches fill our lives with so much love and admiration. All they want is to be loved in return. They make us everything. Total idolization. We can do no wrong. All they want is to please us and love us every day of their lives. Milo’s Mail is just another way we can give back to them. Not only are you gifting toys and treats. Your gifting your time. Play with your pup. Love your pup. Cherish your pup.

Hasta luego,

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9 thoughts on “Treating the Pup with Milo’s Mail

  1. It takes a dog lover to understand our love for our dogs xx..what a gorgeous box of goodies…Its funny how they know things. Dogs are smarter than us I think. Of course my two are very smart. I loved this post. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year xx

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  2. Your dog is the sooo cute! So nice to treat pets over christmas too. My mum bought our dog some fancier food for christmas that he doesnt normally have, it has backfired slightly though as he now turns his nose up at his regular food!

    Happy New Year! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😍 ahhh I love when you put your doggy on your insta story! Omg they’re so funny aren’t they 🙈 hopefully he’ll stop being stubborn soon! thank you lovely! Happy new year, hope you’re enjoying travelling and the food poisoning has lifted! Xx


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