Stonegate to offer LaLigaTV! Where to Watch La Liga Football in the U.K.

Football has been the major sport in my life for as long as I can remember. If it wasn’t hearing stories about the days when my Grandad played for Leicester City, or watching my brother play on a Sunday on the sidelines to watching Alex play endless games of FIFA or even watching a PSG game whilst in Paris for a night. Sport, and football in particular, is a big part.

PSG ground in Paris

I’m a Leicester fan, but when it comes to Spain, I’m a Real Madrid fan. I do believe Alex is a Sevilla fan, but don’t quote me on it as he hasn’t mentioned them for a while. But, if his Sevilla shorts are anything to go by, I’d say he’s Sevilla.

Back when I solo travelled to Madrid back in 2017, I surprised myself by taking public transport from Plaza Mayor all the way to the Bernabéu ground. I wandered around and took in all of the sights. It’s a spectacular ground for an impressive club.

Photo of Bernabéu ground

It’s been said many times before but Spanish football is undoubtably world class. With some of the best names in football all having their name slapped on the back of a Spanish football shirt. Football is instilled into Spanish culture and it’s pretty much a big deal.

Heading down to a bar watching Spanish football is a real good experience. If you haven’t sat amongst a group of Spanish men watching a la liga game between Madrid and Barcelona before then I highly suggest you do. The atmosphere is euphoric and the roars from a goal can be heard for miles (I wish I was joking).

Photo of the Bernabéu ground

Which is why I thought it was amazing that now you can experience that Spanish football experience in the U.K. at Stonegate Pub Company. Stonegate Pub Company has confirmed that it will be broadcasting LaLigaTV at its sports venues as of this weekend (January 17, 2020), as the first U.K. pub group to collaborate and offer this experience. LaLiga TV will be available at selected We Love Sport pubs for fans to enjoy the Spanish football.

Officially launched in the U.K. this week, LaLigaTV is a 24/7 English-language channel which features all live matches from top-flight LaLiga as well as analysis, debates and interviews.

To find your nearest pub that will be showing the football, you can search using Stonegate’s we love sport app available on the play store and the App Store. App Store download available here: We Love Sport

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