Coronavirus in Comunidad Valenciana (Benidorm, Valencia, Alicante) updates

The cases in the region has risen to 98 cases across the Valencian community, which includes Alicante and Valencia city centre.

Coronavirus update Benidorm and Costa Blanca

It seems all eyes are currently on the spread of coronavirus and how exactly this new outbreak, Covid-19 might or might not affect travel plans. On Facebook, I’ve received many messages asking for latest news on coronavirus and how it’s affecting daily life here (at all!).

I am going to share the latest news from the Spanish news and put them into bullet points and update this space regularly with recent information.

Last Updated: March 13th, 2020

– The National Government and Madrid regional government have ordered to close all schools (from aged zero) and universities from Wednesday March 11th, 2020 to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.


– The Easter Procession in the Alicante region has been CANCELLED. This event MUST take place in Easter therefore cannot be postponed.

– If you are in the area and have symptoms DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL OR DOCTORS. The number of the Conselleria de Sanidad Generalitat Valenciana is 900 300 555. They will assess your symptoms online and send out somebody to diagnose you if they have any concerns.

– A Radiologist Doctor has been tested positive for coronavirus at the general hospital of Alicante.

– Events and after-school activities and sports events have been cancelled in the area.

Benidorm offering of the flowers festival has been suspended.

– Active cases across Spain is now 2,871 cases, 86 deaths and 189 fully recovered. 2,681 are in a mild condition and 190 are in a serious or critical condition. [according to the ministry of health]

– Javier Ortega Smith, MP of the leaders in the far-right Vox party, has tested positive for the virus. Spain parliament is SUSPENDED

– The Ministry of Health has confirmed there are 98 cases of Coronavirus in the Valencian Community.

– At the moment, there are still very few cases in the Valenciana region. Please remember these figures also include the huge cities of Valencia and Alicante.

– The Lleida Hospital has recorded the first case of coronavirus in the province, an 80-year-old woman from Castellserà. The woman is isolated in the hospital and her condition is not serious. The elderly woman had been on a trip ran by “Imserso” (a social security ran group who host trips for the elderly) to Benidorm with a woman who died last Sunday (cause of death not confirmed)

– Schools in Viktoria (North of Spain) have also announced they will be closing schools and universities.

– Businesses in the capital have been recommended to implement remote working and flexible hours for employees.

– The Health Ministry have a meeting on Thursday to discuss why there has been a sudden spike in cases and to discuss potential plans to implement to help manage the spread.

– There are currently over 12,000 cases in Europe and over 110,000 in the world. [according to Spanish ministry of health]

– The World Health Organization have shared that “most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others”.

– There are currently 35 confirmed deaths from Coronavirus in Spain.

The Spanish Government calls for a ban on direct flights between Italy and Spanish airports from midnight (10.3.2020) until March 25 2020

– At present, there are NO confirmed cases in Benidorm.

– Although many people are stockpiling in the U.K., that is definitely not happening here. Shops are still well stocked with everything and it seems that nobody (in Benidorm, Villajoyosa, etc) are stockpiling any products with the exception being hand gel which there have been times of low stock or sold out.

– Las Fallas in Valencia has been suspended. The yearly event normally pulls in over 200,000 visitors to the city for the impressive fires.

The Spanish Ministry of Health and World Health Organization have echoed the importance of regular hand washing. Wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand gel to kill viruses. They have also advised to maintain a metre distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. They’ve also advised to not touch eyes, nose or mouth.

Here are the graphics from the World Health Organization:

Please remember I am only sharing information from Spanish news outlets in English and sharing information from the ministry of health and world health Organization. I am in no way qualified to offer travel or health advice.

I advise you to keep a close eye on the WHO website and the Spanish Ministry of Health site for the latest news.

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Comunidad Valenciana (Benidorm, Valencia, Alicante) updates

  1. I can’t believe all the schools are closed 🙈 the world famous St. Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled in Dublin and all of Ireland and I guess we just have to wait and see what happens next. It’s so important to check the newest information on the virus and not contributing unnecessary stress and panic. Thanks for sharing and look after yourself 😊 Aiva


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