When will the hotels open in Benidorm?

Last updated 5th July 2020 at 12:30

Benidorm from the balcony de mediterraneo

This article is now out of date. Please refer to the new article by following this link: List of Hotels open in Benidorm in September 2020

One thing a lot of us have been waiting patiently to hear since things started to get better here in Benidorm in particular is when will the hotels be able to open in Benidorm, or when is the Benidorm hotels official reopening date. In alignment with the government announcement that international tourism in Spain will restart on July 1st 2020 with no 14 day quarantine, hotels themselves can now start to make plans to reopen and welcome tourists back in.

I’ve been in contact with directors and communication executives in hotels across Benidorm to find out for you when these hotels will be opening. Of course, this is a rapid moving situation which is subject to change so I’ll be updating this regularly about when we hear more information.

At the moment, we have no official confirmation regarding which countries will start to visit Spain first, neither does the Spanish government know if other governments will implement at 14 day quarantine on arrival to your home country. The only confirmation we have is that there will be no quarantine on arrival to Spain.

In phase 3 Benidorm nightclubs will be able to open at a third capacity. Currently, Benidorm is planned to move forward this Monday 1st June to phase 2, whereas the Balearics islands will hopefully be passing to phase 3. By the time tourists arrive, we should be in our new normal.

A lot of people have been asking about if there will be changes to meals in the hotels and we still don’t have an answer regarding this. These are some of the problems that bars, restaurants and hotels will need to clarify:

Air conditioning: the air conditioning poses a problem. One plan may be that it will be highlighted that it is absolutely paramount that bars, restaurants and hotels regularly change the filters in air conditioning. They may also suggest distancing more than 2 metres away from air conditioning units.

Buffets: many restaurants and hotels offer buffets which are currently banned during the deescalation periods. One suggestion is that buffets won’t be able to return for a long time yet. One idea could be offering menus of what’s on offer and offering table service in the hotels. This is one that hotels will need to look closer into and I have asked various hotels all of which don’t have a definitive answer yet regarding this. It all depends on how hotel occupancy happens. I will update if I hear anything different.

Menus and shared condiments: These won’t be offered on tables for quite some time yet. Menus will either be digital or single use paper menus. There also won’t be serviette holders or shared oil pots. Condiments will be single use and serviettes will most likely be wrapped around cutlery.

Benidorm and Costa Blanca Hotels Proposed Opening Date

Hotel Flamingo: There has been no confirmed opening date yet, but the Flamingo director, Mr P. Perez, has reassured me that he is working closely with the MedPlaya group to have some of the MedPlaya hotels open in the beginning of July. He added that he is unsure as to when they can expect their “valuable U.K. customers” to return as this will depend on the governments of both countries, to allow plane access to Alicante. He extended his warmest wishes and is “very much looking forward to welcoming our UK guests back to our hotels”.

Río Park: In a similar fashion, the Rio Park do not have an official opening date at the moment however they extended their sentiment that they are very much hoping to see a return for their dedicated client soon. Mr M Pachon, director of the Rio Park, informed me that they are “highly dependant” on British tourism and “although there has been positive news in recent weeks, we are awaiting confirmation” from the government. They hope to be able to resume activity this summer. He shared that the Rio Park will be complying fully with all the new health protocols recommended by Sanidad y Hosbec (health advisories).

Hotel Servigroup Pueblo: The hotel pueblo were pleased to inform me that from 1st of July 2020 they will be opening once more to their clients guaranteeing very high quality of sanitary. He extended that the servigroup will be releasing more details over on their website and be updating their newsletter subscribers shortly on the situation.

The Servigroup have expressed that they are in the process of carrying out comprehensive process of sanitisation of all of their establishments, which includes the rooms, common areas, kitchens, dining rooms, swimming pools and more. They have shared that they are sanitising all areas of the hotel guaranteeing the quality that characterises the hotels. Servigroup have shared that they hope to be able to serve its clients as soon as possible, which means all reservations for a stay of 4 nights or more will include free car parking. The hotel chain also adds 2000 more parking spaces in anticipation for its clients. They hope to reopen all of their establishments by 1st of July 2020 but are aware of the possible changes in the current situation therefore are maintaining their flexible policy with the option of changing the dates so that reservations can be carried out with complete peace of mind in case the situation causes the hotels to not be able to open.

Torre Dorada: 1st July 2020

Diplomatic: 1st July 2020

Hotel Bristol Park: 15th July 2020

Hotel Castilla: 1st August 2020

Magic tropical splash: 15th July 2020

Calypso: 1st August 2020

Hotel Orange: 1 August 2020

Hotel Venus: 1st August 2020

Hotel Rialto: 1st August 2020

Hotel Nereo: 1st August 2020

Gran Hotel Bali: 9th July 2020

Pueblo Benidorm: 1st August 2020

RH Victoria: The RH Victoria have announced that they are opening on July 1st 2020.

Villa Del Mar: July 3rd 2020.

Primavera Park: The Primavera Park advised me that on the 25th of June 2020 they plan to open their doors. They are currently accepting reservations after this date for Spanish residents. International tourists will be allowed from July 1st 2020.

RH Corona del Mar: As long as all continues well, they will be opening on July 1st 2020.

Hotel Agir: 7th July 2020

Hotel Poseidon Playa: 3rd July 2020.

Sol Pelicanos Ocas: opening 17th July 2020

Hotel Regente: 7th July 2020

Port Benidorm: The Port Benidorm will be reopening on 10th July 2020. Reservations are now open on their website.

Don Pancho: The Don Pancho Hotel has advised me that they are opening on July 31st 2020.

Hotel Palmeral: The Hotel Palmeral have informed me that their current proposed opening date is 2nd July 2020. However, they have said that as they don’t know how the pandemic situation will evolve they cannot guarantee this date.

Vivood Landscape Hotel: The Vivood hotel in the Guadalest mountains have informed me that they have planned to open their doors from the 12th of June 2020.

Hotel Benidorm Plaza: July 3rd 2020

Hotel Deloix: July 3rd 2020.

Flash Hotel: 16th July 2020

Hotel Nadal Benidorm: 24th June 2020.

Hotel Rosamar: The Rosamar Hotel are exactly the same as they are part of the same group. They have not decided on an official opening date due to varying external factors, such as tour operators and legislations. They are yet to receive information and criteria from the health regulations but the Quality Manager contact me when the health measures are made public to provide further information.

Hotel Helios: July 1st 2020.

Melia VillaItana: The VillaItana hotel have shared that they are working hard to adapt the hotel to reach all safety measures to welcome guests soon. In early July, they will be opening their doors. They have developed the #StaySafeWithMelia program which will guarantee the safety of clients and staff, prioritising hotel guest experience. They have assured me the swimming pools will be open. There will be a safety distance between sunbeds, tables and other common areas furniture. The Melia VillaItana expressed that they hope to see us soon!

Hotel Belroy: The Hotel Belroy will open again on July 3rd 2020.

Apartamentos Roybel: Apartamentos Roybel in Benidorm will open again on July 3rd 2020.

Hotel Agua Azul: The Hotel do not have an official opening date yet but have reassured me they will contact me to update you all as soon as they can.

Villa Venecia Boutique: The Villa Venecia are currently working on a proposed opening date but have not yet reached a decision.

Hotel Deloix: The Hotel Deloix have informed me that they are planning to open either the end of June or the beginning of July. At the moment, they do not have an official opening date, but they have extended the information that they are currently accepting reservations from 23rd June 2020.

Thai Asia Gardens: The Barcelo Thai Asia Gardens are opening June 26th 2020.

Hotel Voramar: June 24th 2020.

Flamingo Beach Resort: Posting on their Facebook, Flamingo Beach Resort have confirmed their proposed opening date is July 3rd 2020.

Hotel Melina Benidorm: The hotel expressed that they will be working to try to open on June 27th. This would be the most optimistic date. It’s possible that the date may be pushed back to the 4th July or 11th July, depending on the situation.

Gran Luxor Hotel: The hotel is accepting reservations from 22nd June 2020.

Hotel Sandos Monaco: July 14th 2020

SH Villa Gadea: The Singular Hotels Villa Gadea Hotel in Altea is opening on June 26th and will be offering 10% off your stay if you become a member of their loyalty programme.

I have contacted most hotels in Benidorm and the surrounding areas and I’m in close contact with various directors and marketing directors to try to give you this information as quickly and as best I can. If the hotel is not listed but you have asked for me to contact them, rest assured, I’ve been in contact and I’m currently waiting on a response from them. I will update this post regularly.

– for the sceptics – I have not been paid to post this. I am updating and reading the news to help bring the up to date news back to you translated from Spanish to English.

There is no news whether July means U.K. residents will be allowed to enter Spain. We await updates from the Spanish and U.K. government whether the U.K. will be allowed to enter.

Benidorm Live Daily videos: for those interested in Benidorm and for those that can’t get over here yet, I am posting on Facebook live everyday over on my Facebook! I’d appreciate if you’d like my page or give it a share or tag your friends! Thank you x

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  1. Hi we are due to go hotel Rosamar 21 July depending on rates in uk etc etc what would happen as we all inclusive my husband and I and 10 year old son thanks❤️


      1. Tony. From Brixham Devon.love your diary it is really good to hear from you. What is going to happen in the future. So I can make plans for the next Holiday. Take care x


  2. Well Done Lauren you must have put quite a bit of effort in to get those hotels answers. would it be possible to try get information for Magic Villa Benidorm who also have a number of hotels in the magic brand.


  3. Am due to go to the magic rock the end of July, I have 3 children what restrictions will be in place at the hotel…. I booked this hotel as it have a water park in the hotel


  4. Great to see the work your putting into helping others with hotel openings and the new normal. Just wondering if you have heard anything in regards to the Hotel Lido and if that will be opening?

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  5. Were booked into the Vistamar apartments sept 18th but ive heard they are not opening until October. Any ideas Lauren x


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