Can I still watch the walks for FREE now you’re on Patreon?

We’re on Patreon!

You’ve probably heard and seen a few things posted today about how we’re now on Patreon, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how that affects the things you’ve been viewing on our Facebook page, our daily walks and the articles that are posted on here. After all, nobody likes change!

Two months ago, we started doing daily live videos on Facebook and since then we’ve seen a growth of 2.1 million people tuning in to watch our daily live videos wandering around the Costa Blanca showing the beautiful places to see, lovely places to eat, a glimpse of Rio, a drop of virtual sun and a chat with Alex and I in the morning. We’ve loved doing it, but we thought that it would just be a lockdown thing. But, as it turns out, it might not have to be.

People have started to go back to work now, both here in Spain and in the U.K. We’re starting to experience a more normal way of life, and if we’re perfectly honest, we thought that would be when you all lost interest.

Amazingly though, you haven’t!

Still nearly 500 people are joining us live everyday and by the end of the day there’s been around 30k-200k who have tuned in to watch us sharing a glimpse into our life on the Costa Blanca. Truth be told, it’s became a bit of a full time job on its own. I’m now getting around 4000 comments a day to read, 40+ emails with questions and the hours spent reading and translating bits to hopefully bring up to date information has slightly taken over. But I love it.

Could I make it my job one day?

I’d love to and that’s why we’re signed up to Patreon. We’ve decided to use The Benidorm Trio as our name on there as that was a cool name that seemed to crop up regularly on our Facebook comments. Amazingly, we’ve been able to use which works perfect for search engine results and things like that.

The walks are and always will be free for you to watch and everything that is posted will still be free. Including videos, articles, photos. a EVERYTHING.

So why should you join up to Patreon, if everything is still going to be free?

By backing us and becoming a Patron, you’re being our cheerleader to keep things ticking over. You’re supporting our content and allowing us to hopefully make this a full time job and keep us doing daily live walks. everyday. You’ll also have access to lots of additional perks that standard followers won’t have! I’ll also be posting additional information on there like bits of Spanish tutoring!

That’s right, if we can build enough support through YouTube ads, merchandise sales and patron support, we can do an evening walk or a morning walk around Spain every single day (unless something comes up like illness!). It means we can make this into a job opportunity and keep bringing you content and sun and a smile everyday.

So what do you get on Patron?

We have named our tiers after areas of Benidorm. We have Mal Pas, Poniente, Levante and the Benidorm Cross. The different tiers are all explained on The higher up you go, the more you unlock including exclusive merch, discount codes, additional content, extra videos and photos, e postcards birthday cards, Christmas cards and my absolute favourite, a handwritten postcard from us once a month wherever we are in the world.

A postcard from the Costa Blanca, handwritten from Alex, Rio and I once is month is a nice way I think to thank our patrons for their backing and their support to hopefully make this new found fun a full blown reality.

Who knows where this might take us? We’ve already been invited on trips and we’ve got lots of exciting walks planned and coming up so I do hope you’ll consider being a Patron and keep the walks alive.

We understand that not everybody is able to contribute, which is why the walks will always be free. If we aren’t able to make something of this, it’s absolutely fine! We’ll make it a weekly video and we’ll keep the day job!

Please don’t think that with the introduction of Patroen that you’re going to miss out on the walks or be charged to watch the walks, because that will not happen and never will happen. Patreon is for additional content and additional treats delivered to Patrons email addresses or doors.

It’s a way for you to support us with donations but to receive extra perks back as a little thank you! This will include treats like postcards, magnets etc. A smaller community where you can email us at any time and request shoutouts/walking routes without your comment getting lost. It’s a way where we can thank each other as opposed to PayPal where you’d just be sending a donation and getting nothing in return!

We would like to take this time to thank our first Patrons, Scott F, Chris VH, Jackie N, Anna S, Kim V and Karen W for their support already! You guys are awesome!

You can sign up to become a Patron of The Benidorm Trio by following the link here: The Benidorm Trio

With love,

Lauren, Alex and Rio

AKA Diary of a Spanglish Girl AKA The Benidorm Trio!

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Hola, I'm Lauren! Living on the Costa Blanca with my boyfriend, Alex and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rio. Always planning our next adventure.

2 thoughts on “Can I still watch the walks for FREE now you’re on Patreon?

  1. Hi Benidorm Trio, Watching more TV than normal, at the moment, having been on a ventilator for 4 weeks, after contacting Covid 19.!! Doing lots of physio and exercises, and caught your video’s. They really are better than all the other’s because by walking at Rio’s pace, you dont rush past stuff and it makes the viewer seem like they are there. ( and you don’t shake the camera!!) Have try’d to join Patrion, ’cause I’d like to try learning a bit of Spanish, as I think it would be better talking to an actual person. If you have time ( know you’re busy!!) could you email more info. on how to join Patrion)
    Keep up the good work, you three!! Alana , Liverpool. xxx


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