Masks compulsory at all times in Benidorm

When do you have to wear a mask in Benidorm

If there’s one thing we’re asked over and over again on our daily walks around the Costa Blanca, it’s the mask situation in Benidorm. It seems everybody has an opinion on masks and most people are curious about the whole situation here. Rightly so, we get hundreds of questions from people worried about what this means for holiday makers and when exactly you have to wear a mask in Benidorm.

When do you have to wear a mask?

Benidorm is part of the Comunidad Valenciana meaning we follow the same rules as the other provinces in our area, Valencia, Castellon and ours, Alicante. You have to wear a mask at all times, regardless of whether you can social distance or not.

Do you have to wear a mask on the street?

Yes, the mask must be worn.

Do you have to wear a mask in bars and restaurants?

Yes, the mask must be worn at all times unless actually taking a drink or eating.

Do you have to wear a mask on the beach?

When heading to your spot, yes. When you are sat down with your group on the sand and sunbathing you don’t have to wear the mask. You also don’t have to wear a mask in the sea but you must social distance.

Do you have to wear a mask when doing exercise?

No, masks do not need to be worn when doing proper exercise such as cycling, running or swimming.

Do you have to wear a mask around a hotel swimming pool?

No, but you must wear one when walking to the sun lounger.

Do you have to wear a mask in a hotel?

Yes, when doing check in or wandering around the hotel. You also have to wear a mask when going up to food buffets.

Do you have to wear a mask at the theme parks?

Yes, places like mundomar you must wear a mask at all times.

Do you have to wear a mask when shopping?

Yes, when you’re in the shops and walking around shopping centres, face masks must be worn.

Do you have to wear a mask on boat trips?

Yes, masks must be worn when on boat trips and other excursions.

Do my children have to wear masks?

Anybody over the age of 6 years old must wear a mask unless exempt for medical reasons.

Does it have to be a blue surgical mask?

No, it can be a fabric mask or any other proper mask.

Can you wear a scarf or other face covering in place of a mask?

No, this is not allowed.

What if I don’t wear a mask?

If you are not exempt and choose not to wear a mask you will be denied entrance into the bar/shop/restaurant etc and the police are issuing fines for up to 100€.

I thought you could put the mask down when social distancing is guaranteed?

This law changed on July 18th. From July 18th, masks must be worn at all times even if social distancing can be guaranteed. The exceptions are eating or drinking, sitting in your spot on the beach, sitting at your spot at the pool, swimming, exercise, in the car with members of your own household, out in the nature where there are no other people, in your hotel room, or in your home.

I hope this clears up some questions for you about the face mask situation. Remember, some people are exempt from wearing a mask. Please also remember that it was not compulsory to wear a mask before July 18th when you could guarantee a social distance. So if you have seen us on a video not wearing a mask, this is because we could guarantee a social distance and back then it was allowed so please remember to be kind and courteous!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in a comment!

Lauren x

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Hola, I'm Lauren! Living on the Costa Blanca with my boyfriend, Alex and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rio. Always planning our next adventure.

9 thoughts on “Masks compulsory at all times in Benidorm

  1. Hi Lauren how do I prove I’m exempt due to COPD? Asked Gp and they don’t issue letters will my inhaler be sufficient as I can’t breath with one on? Just wondered what police will require to prove this


  2. Hi I have a lung disease and my 2 kids have asthma 5 and 8 yrs old I have a green repeat prescription letter saying what inhalers they use etc is this enough to make them execempt and me their names are on them do u have carry passports prove who are also if it in English how could police read it thanks


    1. Nearly all Spanish police speak a good level of English so if you show them and explain they will be fine. It is the law to carry passports around at all time (or photo ID) in Spain anyway so that shouldn’t make a difference. You might need photo ID to prove it’s your letters. Your 5 year old doesn’t need to wear a mask anyway, but you’ll need the same for your 8 year old. Hope that helps!


  3. Thank u that’s a great help can it be any type of mask that is worn also we wud be afraid loosing passports we never carry them is this law I didn’t know


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