When will the quarantine to Spain be reviewed?

Spain was removed from the UK government’s list of safe travel corridors following a spike in Covid-19 infections in the north, particularly in Barcelona and Zaragoza.

This means, anybody who has started their travel back to the U.K. from Spain from July 26th is required to self isolate and remain in quarantine for 14 days. This does not include people who left Spain before July 26th. This does include people who travel by any means necessary including the car after July 26th.

When will the quarantine to Spain be reviewed?

From July 27, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all but non-essential travel to Spain, this unfortunately includes the Balearic and Canary Islands.

This was due to the increase in positive cases of COVID19 in the northern regions of Aragón, Navarra and Catalonia. This includes the cities of Pamplona, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

These cities are much further away from Benidorm as London is to Paris and as far from the Canary Islands as London is to Russia.

Originally, the U.K. were reviewing the ‘safe list’ every three weeks, but now it’s been changed to a ‘rolling review system’ meaning that countries can be added and removed from the safe list at a much shorter notice.

This means that currently there is no official date for a review of the quarantine to Spain.

What are the current rules about quarantine and Spain?

The current rules in Spain means you are not required to quarantine on arrival to Spain. However, you do need to fill in a compulsory travel form 48 hours before flying or arriving by boat.

You are required to wear a mask at all times during your flight to Spain, unless eating and drinking. You will need to press the buzzer to go to the toilet.

On arrival, you’re also subject to a temperature check and a visual health assessment. You’ll need to scan your QR code to pass through, but if there are any issues then you can fill a paper form at arrivals. Any issues with the QR code will not mean you are denied entrance to Spain. It will just slow the process down as you’ll fill in a paper form.

You are required to wear a mask when walking around the streets in Spain, even if social distancing is possible. The only exceptions are if you are walking out in the mountains or fields, at the swimming pool, on the beach or when seated at a restaurant.

What are the rules for returning to the U.K. from Spain?

If you are returning to the U.K., you will be required to provide details of your journey and contact details 48 hours before you travel into the U.K.

These rules apply for Brits returning to the country and tourist arriving from abroad. This means everybody is required to provide their details on the gov website and then self-isolate for 14 days (or the entire length of your stay if you’re staying for a shorter period of time), or face a fine of up to £1,000.

Only those who left Spain after July 26th are required to quarantine. Police are conducting checks to ensure that people who are required to quarantine are remaining at their residence for the two week period.

How can I cancel my holiday?

Consumer group Which? says that you need to wait for your holiday company to cancel your trip if you want a chance of getting your money back.

Equally, you should wait for airlines to cancel flights if you’ve booked separately. Each hotel is operating its own policy so it’s vital to get in touch with your own hotel booking as lots are operating free cancellation as long as there’s notice given.

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