List of hotels that are open and closed in Benidorm during September 2020

Published September 3rd 2020

Walking around Benidorm  hotels

If there has ever been a time when news changed quickly, now is that time. Evergreen articles are a thing of the past at the moment and trying to keep on top of constant changes, both in terms of local and national rules is a seemingly never ending task.

Nevertheless, we’ve been walking around Benidorm recently, which you might have seen and Alex has been doing a wonderful job doing his towel test knowing a hotel is open if towels are draped over the balcony and we think we’re more or less on track with which hotels are open and which hotels are currently closed in Benidorm during September 2020.

Rio in an empty Benidorm

The pandemic has hit Benidorm hard and it’s a well known fact that Benidorm relies on British tourists so heavily to keep its economy booming. It’s predicted that only 10-15 hotels will remain open and a hotel occupancy of around 30%. There’s no denying that this is sad news for Benidorm.

We remain hopeful that all of these hotels that have chosen to re-close, or remain closed, means that Benidorm can come back stronger and booming in 2021, hopefully when the season is able to pick up again and hopefully when the world situation is a little brighter.

List of hotels/apartments closed or soon closing

  • MedPlaya Riudor
  • MedPlaya Agir
  • MedPlaya Rio Park
  • MedPlaya Flamingo Oasis
  • Hotel Mediterraneo
  • Hotel Regente
  • Levante Beach Apartments
  • Hotel Calypso
  • Hotel Orange
  • Hotel Castilla
  • Hotel Rialto
  • Benidorm Celebrations
  • Benidorm Centre
  • Hotel Marina
  • Ambassador 1
  • Ambassador 2
  • Hotel Nadal
  • Hotel Caballo del Oro
  • Hotel Mont Park
  • Hotel Palm Beach
  • Alpha Apartments
  • Hotel Agua Azul
  • Hotel Perla
  • Prima Loix
  • Hotel Rocamar
  • Villa Venecia
  • Hotel Alone
  • Hotel Lido
  • Gran Hotel Delfin
  • Sandos Monaco
  • Don Pancho
  • Hotel Pueblo
  • Riviera Beach
  • Sol Pelicanos (13th September)
  • VillaItana
  • Torre Dorada
  • Centro Mar
  • Hotel Diplomatic
  • Flamingo Beach Resort
  • Hotel Melia Benidorm
  • Gran Hotel Bali

List of hotels in Benidorm that are currently open

  • Thai Asia Gardens
  • Hotel Venus (October 1st)
  • Hotel Joya
  • Hotel Helios
  • Hotel Brasil
  • El Trebol
  • Hotel H10
  • Hotel Benikactus
  • Les Dunes
  • Hotel Belroy
  • Hotel Cabana
  • Sandos Benidorm Suites
  • Hotel Terralta
  • Hotel Magic Natura
  • Hotel Presidente
  • Hotel Dynastic
  • Hotel Deloix
  • Hotel Port Benidorm
  • Hotel Corona del Mar
  • Villa del Mar
  • Poseidón Playa
  • Hotel Bristol
  • Sol Costa Blanca

These are the ones that we have walked past and know about. If there’s any that you think we’ve missed off, or your hotel that you’re concerned about, please drop me a message via the contact form and we’ll take a walk by and update this post. Thanks!

Author: Diary of a Spanglish Girl

Hola, I'm Lauren! Living on the Costa Blanca with my boyfriend, Alex and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rio. Always planning our next adventure.

40 thoughts on “List of hotels that are open and closed in Benidorm during September 2020”

  1. Do you know if the Poseidon playa is open or the crystal park and vista Ora opposite. Stayed at the crystal park several times. Lovely Spanish feel to it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you both for your updates. Yesterday someone asked about Robbie ex W ookey hollow. Robbie is live and we’ll and up until the lockdown came in he has been playing in local pubs in the Walton area of Liverpool. I have been to watch him and had a drink with him.


  3. hi, we are due to come out on 25th September from UK, do you think its worth coming, is anything open such as bars and entertainment, thanks so much xx


  4. hi, we are booked into the venus for 3 weeks starting 16th december. Already emailed them. They say they will open on 1st october, BUT, you CANNOT book any dates at all…….. strange.


  5. Good evening to you all ( Rio included). Thank you for keeping us updated on what is happening in Benidorm. Do you know anything about RH royal and the RH princessa. We are coming to Benidorm on 12th October with friends but dont know if the hotels are open. Hope so. Maybe we will see you walking around whilst we are there, if we do we will say hello.
    Thanks again
    Christine and friends xxx

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  6. Was thinking of coming on December 3rd for 3 months and renting apartment, just wanna chill somewhere warmer than England and get a few beers each day, still worth coming!


  7. Hi are any of the hotels open in Benidorm, can’t do without my December fix been for the last 6 years. Normally come over for my birthday on the 14th December and this year it’s the big 50 so need to come to my second home.


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