Is there going to be a safe air corridor between Britain and Benidorm?

Is Benidorm getting a safe air corridor?

Should we get our hopes up just yet? I’m not too sure. But Benidorm is trying hard to bring British tourists back to Benidorm, which is why on Monday 14th September 2020, there’s a meeting being held to discuss and potentially establish a safe air corridor between Great Britain and Alicante-Elche Airport.

Toni Pérez, mayor of Benidorm, highlighted the efforts and protocols that Benidorm has put into place and implemented throughout the easing of lockdown. He recognised the amazing efforts of those in the hospitality sector and the better results that the community has achieved in living alongside covid 19.

On Monday, they are going to discuss whether a safe corridor can be established between Great Britain and Alicante airport. This would mean those travelling between Alicante and Great Britain wouldn’t be subject to FCO advice against non essential travel. Obviously, this would be absolutely amazing news for Benidorm and when I find out what the result of this meeting is, of course I’ll be updating you all as soon as I know.

This would be a huge leap forward for Benidorm tourism and would at least allow for tourism in September which is one of the most popular months for visitors to come to Benidorm and grab that last bit of summer sun before autumn sets in.

Toni Pérez spoke about how “not a single case has been recorded among international tourists”, either by people coming into Benidorm or people going home from Benidorm. He also highlighted the Benidorm Beach Safety efforts and how more than 2 million users have enjoyed Benidorm beach safely since this protocol was implemented.

This would be massively good news for not only tourists wanting to come to Benidorm but also for many business owners and hospitality workers who rely heavily on British tourism.

This decision will come down to the British government in liaison with the Benidorm town hall. In the best case scenario, it could mean that quarantine is lifted for those coming to Benidorm. I assume, only if there’d be some sort of proof that people remained within the Alicante region.

What do you think?

Personally, I’m not convinced it’ll happen. I think it might be a hopes up scenario. Especially as the U.K. are adding more countries by the day and cases are rising quickly. We take the good news we can get at the moment though and clutch on to it tightly. Best case scenario, Alicante gets an air corridor (where it is safe and numbers are low unlike other areas of Spain), worst case scenario, we stay in the same situation. As they say, you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Benidorm!

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