What is open in benidorm post lockdown 2020

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A question I seem to be getting asked a lot recently, by not just Brits, but Europeans and people living in other areas of Spain, is “what is open in Benidorm at the minute?”. Understandably, this is not the Benidorm that people are used to, it’s a very different holiday but it’s still very much an enjoyable one.

Of course, I can’t cover absolutely everything in this, but hopefully it will give some sort of insight into what it’s like in Benidorm post lockdown 2020 and what you can expect if you do come to Benidorm in the near future.

Please note that if you are thinking of coming from the U.K you will be subject to a 14 day quarantine regardless of how many days you spent in Spain.

Bars and Restaurants

There are lots of bars and restaurants that are open here in Benidorm, it’s just that the majority of them are quieter. There are a lot of bars and restaurants who have weathered and are continuing to weather, the tidal wave that the Coronavirus has brought. There are guidelines in place to ensure safe visits to bars and restaurants and these include things like sanitising your hands upon entrance, wearing a mask whenever you’re not seated at a table and reduced gathering numbers. Tables are spaced 1.5 metres apart and bars must close at 1am meaning there’s no entrance after midnight. If you are a smoker, you will be required to step away from the bar or terrace and smoke on the street to ensure a 2m safe interpersonal distance.

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Theme Parks

Terra Natura

Bad news for the kids, and thrill seekers. Most of the theme parks across Benidorm are closed due to lack of tourism. Although Mundomar and Aqualandia attempted to open during the summer season, the revenue just wasn’t there so they unfortunately closed. As for Terra Mitica, it remained closed and didn’t even attempt to re-open. As for Terra Natura and Aqua Natura, they are currently open and holding 50% sales for the water park and combined tickets and a 10€ discount for the zoo. It is possible that Terra Natura may need to close. Safari Aitana is currently open.

Pools and Beaches

Although the beach has a set of rules, it is currently open on a reduced timetable. You can access the beach from 7am-8:45am if you are walking along the shoreline or bathing in the sea. You are not permitted to sit on the sand and relax during this time. The beach is open to sunbathers from 9am-9:30pm. Hotel pools are open but some of them have a booking system in place. This is usually as simple as letting reception know you’re heading to the pool, or writing your name and room number on a sheet of paper. Some hotels are working towards an online pool booking system.

Hotels and Apartments

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Unfortunately, the costs are too great to remain open for very limited tourism opportunities which is why every day we are seeing more and more hotels announce their closure. Many hotels have shut their doors and will remain closed until at least Easter 2021 with the situation being monitored closely. Some hotels are aiming for December in hopes to get some Christmas tourism. There are a few hotels that are still open though so be sure to email or ring your hotel in advance. If you’re unable to get a response then please use the contact form to contact me and I will head to your hotel and find out. Please only contact me if you’ve already tried to contact them and haven’t had a response as I do get around 200 emails asking about hotels per day!

In terms of apartments, this is relatively the same as hotels however you’re more likely to find they remain open as many have full-time residents living there. It just may be that their building owner decides to close it off to tourism in a bid to protect the residents. 


The trip to the Island has been running lately but definitely not as frequently as normal. There are many different activities that you’re still able to do like golfing excursions, water sports and shopping. Museums and cinemas are also open but running at reduced capacity. For experiences like Santa Barbara castle, you will need to make a reservation before hand on the Alicante website, the entrance is free but it’s required to avoid mass gatherings.


Lots of the beach touristic shops are all open. The shopping centres, such as La Marina, are also open. Please remember that you must wear a mask. There will be hand sanitiser for you to use upon entry. Most shops, especially larger ones, have a one way system, reduced capacity and a designated door for entrance and exit.


Entertainment is not as often or as widely spread as it usually is in Benidorm though it is happening. In quite a few bars, live singers are back to performing though it’s very few. There is not the tribute act full timetable that Benidorm lovers will be used to, but there are still some performing. We recently went to Mateo’s, just off Calle Gerona (turn right straight after Hotel California when walking from Morgan’s.) who are holding live music, as are a few other bars in the area. 

Public Transport

Public transport including coaches from the airport are operating. Buses and Trams in Benidorm are running at normal timetable. As with everywhere else in Spain, you’ll need to wear a mask. 

Although it’s quieter in Benidorm, there’s still a holiday to be enjoyed if you’re able to come over (and especially if you’re coming from a country where you’ll need  to quarantine on return and if you’re able to do that!). There’s plenty going on and plenty to be enjoyed. It gives for more scope to explore the Costa Blanca, like taking a bus or a tram to Albir, Altea or Calpe or hiring a car and whizzing around the different typically Spanish villages, Alicante city and other beach resorts on the comunidad valenciana. You might also like taking an ALSA coach to Valencia for the day, where the Arts and Science Museum is a fantastic day out or make use of its amazing shopping centre. 

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  1. Hi I booked an apartment for 7 nights from October 1st 2020 and paid £92 deposit to Colin Philips Fun in the Sun co
    Our flight was cancelled by Jet 2 and I have tried contacting Colin on the no he gave me when I booked the apartment
    Have had no luck in reaching him and left several messages he told me when I booked this that the deposit was refundable
    Would really appreciate if you could look into this for me


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