Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Vietnam

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“El mundo es un libro y aquellos que no viajan solo leen una página.”

This Spanish travel quote translates to, “the world is a book and those that don’t travel only read one page.” If you’re looking to expand your worldly horizons, here are several reasons why the next page of your travel journal should be all about Vietnam.

Legendary Street Food

Perfect charcoal-grilled chicken, authentic Vietnamese pho at ridiculously affordable prices, and grilled oysters with more than 20 sauces to choose from – these are just some of the street food you can expect to find in Vietnam. From the streets of Ho Chi Minh city to the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, for which Culture Trip wrote a comprehensive travel guide, there’s absolutely no shortage of gourmet-level cuisine that can be found on this country’s roads and other major thoroughfares. In Vietnam, cheap, healthy, and filling eats are a national tradition that continues to improve and evolve.

Sustainable Travel Culture

Vietnam’s abundance of gorgeous, natural landscapes such as the Hang Rai coast in the Ninh Thuan province and mountains like Fansipan and Pu Si Lung have led to a culture that’s highly protective of its priceless and natural wealth. Over the years, the Vietnamese government has implemented sustainable travel practices in a bid to become Asia’s most sustainable national travel and tourism industry. Most recently, this has manifested as the Green Travel initiative, a special section in the government’s official website collating all the sustainable travel options in the country. You can actually support international sustainable travel initiatives by simply visiting Vietnam.

Awesome Gaming Culture

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Forever welcoming travelers, Vietnam also has a strong culture of gaming, gambling, and casinos. In fact, ExpatBets’ Vietnam travel guide notes how the country has in recent years become more open to gambling activities, even passing a decree that now allows qualified citizens to enter brick and mortar casinos which were previously only open to foreigners. Just make sure to be mindful of the rules before and during your visit to these casinos.

Meanwhile, Statista notes how mobile gaming is a booming business in Vietnam, pegging it as one of the strongest mobile gaming markets in Southeast Asia. In short, if you’re looking to play, Vietnam’s ready to deal.

The Most Beautiful Temples in the World

To call Vietnam’s temples intricate would be a massive understatement. About 9km from the municipality of Da Nang, the Marble Mountains are home to some of the most awesome religious architecture not just in Asia but in the world. This breathtaking place is a celebration of both Vietnam’s natural landscapes and its deeply entrenched cultural and religious roots. In Ho Chi Minh City, the Chinese temple of Chua Ba Thien Hau and the Hindu temple to the Goddess Mariamma are impressive tributes to the different cultures that share this beautiful land.

These are of course just a handful of the hundreds of other reasons to visit Vietnam, which is why Vietnam is on mine and Alex’s list of places to visit when travel is able to resume properly again. If you’ve never been to Asia before, I’ve heard this country is the perfect place to start the journey.

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