Spain Faces a 6 Month State of Alarm

Pedro Sánchez addressed the nation today to announce that a State of Alarm has been enforced for 15 days, and if approved, until May 9th 2021.

The new law provides regional governments the option to stop travel in and out of their regions and communities unless it is justified, as well as imposing an obligatory nationwide curfew between 11pm and 6am.

The government is introducing an obligatory curfew for the entire country from 11pm to 6am, with regional premiers having a margin of one hour to bring forward or back curfew. They will not be able to remove the curfew. Comunidad Valenciana have a curfew between midnight and 6am.

Regions also now have the possibility of restricting the entering and exiting of their territories unless it’s for essential reasons such as going to work or a medical appointment. At the moment, travel between communities is still permitted unless you are in a lockdown area.

The reason for this is to allow regions to close their borders should they have a neighboring territory that is particularly hard hit by the virus. This is what the regions that border Madrid have regularly asked for, but until today wasn’t possible to do.

This decree does not close the borders of Spain to international travel by land, sea or air.

The new decree does not see the closure of the borders by land, sea or air and the same travel restrictions apply. You are still able to travel to Spain by car, or drive to other countries. There may be restrictions such as quarantine in certain countries and if travelling by sea or air you will still need to fill in the compulsory QR code.

The government made it clear today that they want the state of alarm which has been already approved initially for 15 days to actually remain in place until May 9th 2021. Should the situation improve, they can lift the state of alarm.

The government has no intention of returning to the total lockdown of March.

Bars and restaurants will need to be closed by midnight, but will not be able to accept new clients after 11pm. It is the customers responsibility to be home for the curfew. Workers travelling home or night shift workers are given justifiable reason to be out during curfew. It is also allowed to travel to the airport for an early morning flight or to attend an emergency medical appointment.

To finish, Sánchez explained that his goal is to get the cumulative number of coronavirus cases down to 25 per 100,000 inhabitants over the two-week period. Spain currently surpasses 400. He addressed the nation saying “We have a long road ahead, we are going to have to deploy a huge exercise of resistance,”

He finished by reminding citizens that state of alarm can be removed should the situation improve.

On the grand scheme of things not much will change, at the moment. This new state of alarm gives regional governments the independence to make their own decisions and have the possibility to implement further procedures should they deem fit.

There’s still great times to be had in Benidorm, bars and restaurants are still open along with a handful of hotels. Travel to Spain is still permitted.

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6 thoughts on “Spain Faces a 6 Month State of Alarm

  1. Hi can you clarify please what ‘curfew’ means for the new state of alarm. Do you need to be back in your hotel by 11pm and stay there? What time will bars and restaurants be allowed to open until? Thanks


  2. How can people stay in a bar until 11pm but also have to be back at the hotel by 11pm. Bit confused. Surely people would have to leave the bar well before 11pm to avoid being on the street during curfew? Be good if you could clarify your thoughts on some the practicalities/detail.


    1. Bars are open until midnight and in CV we have to be home by midnight. It is the PERSONS responsibility to be home before curfew NOT the bar. The bar for example might be above your house so you can return home at 11:59 no problem. If the bar is an hour away then it is your responsibility to leave an hour before.


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