The Valencian Community have closed their land borders. Here’s what that means for tourists and locals

Valencian community closes its borders

The Valencian Community closes its borders for 7 days and announces new restrictions in 31 municipalities

On Sunday 25th October 2020, President Pedro Sanchez announced that Spain was going back into State of Alarm. Although, what he made very clear from the get go was this was not a lockdown and neither did he or government intend to return to the intense lockdown of March 2020.

What he did emphasise on though was that each community would have the power to control their own borders and make changes to laws that would affect citizens in terms of movement and curfew.

It didn’t take long after this announcement for communities to announce that their borders would be closing either imminently or at the end of the week in time for the Spanish bank holiday of All Saint’s Day.

On Thursday 29th October, Puig the president of the Valencian Community addressed the community via Live Stream to announce that he had made the decision to close the borders of the Valencian Community in an act of solidarity with other communities who had already made the decision. He explained that he was disappointed by the inaction and was confused by the lack of action taken by Madrid, therefore would close our borders to allow support to other communities by having more police blocks available.

Within the Valencian Community, the land borders will close at midday on Friday 30th October 2020, initially for 7 days. It is permitted to travel within the community, which includes Alicante Province, Valencia Province and Castellón Province for tourism and to continue daily life. This is not a lockdown.

From today, 30th October, at midday until Friday 6th November, it is not permitted to enter or exit the Valencian Community, if it’s not for a valid reason. This includes working in a different community, commuting home, taking care of an elderly relative or an emergency health appointment. There have also been restrictions placed on 31 municipalities, where the epidemiology situation is the worst in the community as a prevention cause to prevent the situation worsening.

All of the Spain Peninsula borders, are now closed or closing except Extremadura and Galicia. Madrid took the decision to close their borders after the speech given by Puig and other community presidents.

Is Benidorm in lockdown again now?

No, no area of the valencian community is in lockdown. Benidorm is not in lockdown. This new restriction is very unlikely to affect any tourists who come to Benidorm and would likely never even realise it was on. Most people who come to Benidorm remain in the resort or only take day trips within our region. This is still allowed.

The only restrictions that are likely to affect tourists are the ones that were put in place last week, which is the early closure of bars and the midnight until 6am curfew where you are not permitted to be outside of your hotel or apartment.

I fly early hours of the morning. Can I break curfew?

Yes. You will be required to take your flight documents to show that you have an early or late flight which gives you justifiable reason to be out. The only difference is you will have to take a registered taxi or bus company as friends or family will not be permitted to break curfew and risk extensive fines for doing so. The only way a friend or family member can take you to the airport is if your journey means they aren’t travelling between midnight and 6am.

Can I fly into Murcia and go to a hotel in Torrevieja?

No. This is not permitted. Torrevieja is part of the Alicante province in the community of Valencia so in order to travel to Torrevieja you would have to fly into Alicante or Valencia airport. It is not permitted to cross the border between Alicante province and the Murcia province.

Can I still take a day trip to Altea or Calpe or Alicante City, Valencia City or Javea?

Yes, all of the cities and municipalities within the valencian community are open and you are allowed to take a day trip there either by car or public transport. The only exception is you need to be home for the curfew. You are also allowed to book overnight stays in these locations too. You are not allowed to leave the Valencia community.

What cities are in the Valencia Community?

The Valencia community is from Orihuela all the way up to Vinaros near Tarragona. The interactive map below highlights the Valencia region with a red line. You can travel to anywhere within this red border.

Are the air borders closed?

No, the airports are still operational. There are limited flights but there are still flights to Spain. Puig did say for the next 7 days, at least, he wants solidarity from valenciana residents to not take a flight to another Spanish community unless for work or emergency reasons, however, tourists are still allowed with no quarantine on arrival to Spain and no Covid test. However, most countries have imposed a quarantine on return from Spain.

Which 31 municipalities in Comunidad Valenciana have restrictions?

Castellón: Morella, Moles, Onda, Vinarós

Valencia: Algemesí, Guadassuar

Alicante: Crevillent, Elche, Elda, Ibi, Muro de Alcoy, Petrer, Pinoso and the 18 health areas of Orihuela (Albatera, Algorfa, Almodarí, Benejúzar, Beniferri, Bigastro, Callosa de Segura, Catral, Cox, Daya Nueva, Daya Vieja, Dolores, Granja de Rocamora, Jacarilla, Orihuela, Rafal, Redován and San Isidro).

If I am in one of the 31 restricted zones, what does this mean?

In general, it means social activities are greatly reduced. Libraries, pools, museums, cultural visits, indoor bars, shopping centres, cinemas and theatres are all reduced to 1/3 of their capacity. Bars and restaurants terraces will also be reduced to 50% of their capacity. Social gatherings of a maximum of 6.

The new restrictions do not confine anybody to their homes, at the moment.

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  1. Hi Lauren – thanks so much for this. I’m meant to be flying into Alicante to see my parents tomorrow but they have been told about the border closure. Where did you get the information about air borders being different from land borders? Would be so good to know that I could fly but all information so far just talks about borders in general! Thanks so much


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