NEW Coronavirus Measures across Valencia Community

This morning, Friday 6th November 2020, the president Ximo Puig addressed the Valencian community to announce further restrictions imposed on the Valencian community.

The restrictions have been posted in Castellano and Valenciano, but not in English so I have translated the document below:

Wakes and Burials

Capacity of 1/3 with a maximum limit of 25 people in outdoor spaces or 15 people in closed spaces.

Non-religious celebrations

Capacity of 1/3 with a maximum of 25 people in outdoor spaces or 15 people in closed spaces.

Mass events and activities

No type of event or mass activity is authorised.

Festive and traditional activities

The maximum number of 6 people may not be exceeded.

Outdoor recreational playgrounds, bouncy castles, slides and other children’s games

Maximum capacity of 50%.

Children’s entertainment venues in closed spaces

Group activities will have a maximum of 6 participants. Continuous cleaning must be guaranteed and that there is no exchange of objects between users.

Retail establishments and commercial premises and professional service activities that are not part of shopping centers and parks

Capacity of 50%.


They may install up to a maximum of 50% of the positions usually allowed or expand the available space so that the effect is equivalent. The space must be delimited with tapes or fences, and the municipalities must guarantee the cleaning and disinfection of the area once the activity is finished.

Shopping centers and parks

Capacity limited to 50% of both the premises and the common areas. These will only be used for the movement of customers. Recreational areas will remain closed.

Hotel and restaurant establishments

The activity of nightclubs, dance halls, karaoke and cocktail bars is suspended, as well as karaokes in hotel and restaurant establishments.

Consumption inside premises 1/3 of the capacity cannot be exceeded. Consumption on the terraces may not exceed 50%. Self-service or buffet services are not allowed. Nor is the collective or group consumption of beverages allowed on the street or in public spaces outside the hotel and similar establishments.

Hotels and tourist accommodation

1/3 of its capacity. In those that offer rooms and collective facilities, people belonging to different coexistence groups will NOT be able to spend the night or simultaneously use the collective services.

Museums and exhibition halls, monuments and other cultural facilities

They will be open to the public for individual visits, for those who live together or for groups of up to six people never in any case exceeding 50% of the capacity.


You cannot exceed 50% capacity.

Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, tent circuses and similar spaces, and venues and establishments for cultural events and outdoor shows

50% of capacity. Inside you will not be able to eat or drink, the seats will have to be pre-assigned with identification of each occupant. The audience must remain seated.

Travelling shows

Travelling shows where the audience and the show move at the same time is not allowed.

Tour guide activities

The groups will be of a maximum of 6 people.

Recreational tourist centers, zoos and aquariums

The capacity limit is 50% in both closed and outdoor facilities.

Congresses, meetings, business meetings, conferences and events

Online meetings are recommended. Those that are in person, will be carried out without exceeding 50% of the capacity in each of the spaces. Hotel and restaurant services are not allowed.

Gambling and betting establishments

You may not exceed 1/3 of the capacity in each of the rooms, tables or groups of tables in groups that will be of a maximum of 6 people.

Swimming Pools

Limit of 1/3 of its capacity in closed pools, and 50% in outdoor pools. You will not be able to use the showers or water fountains.

Academies, driving schools and non-regulated educational centers

Online teaching is recommended. It can be taught in person, but keeping a safety social distance and only 50% of the capacity. In driving school vehicles, the limitation is 2 people per row of seats and with the use of a mask.

Residential centers for the elderly and people with disabilities

The Resolution of August 17, 2020, of the Vice Presidency and Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies, which establishes the action plan in residences for dependent elderly people, day centers, sheltered homes and CEAM / CIM.

Non-professional or federated sports activity

Sports can be practiced in pairs without physical contact. Group activities can be carried out up to a maximum of 30 people, in open facilities, and up to 20 people, in closed facilities. Without physical contact, maintaining the safety distance and without exceeding 1/3 of the maximum capacity. The use of changing rooms or showers will not be allowed.

Sporting events

Competitions and sporting events will be held without public.

Land transport vehicles

In vehicles with up to 9 seats, it is allowed to occupy all the rear seats, as well as those in the driver’s row, when the rear seats have previously been used up. In vehicles with a single row of seats, it can only be occupied by two people. In all cases the mask will be mandatory except that all occupants are living together.

Consumption of tobacco and similar products

Smoking may not be allowed on public roads, terraces, beaches or other outdoor spaces when the safety distance of 2 meters cannot be respected.

PCR screening in specific groups

In the event of an epidemic outbreak, screening with PCR tests will be carried out in those populations at risk and potentially exposed.

This resolution will enter into force tonight at 00:00 on Saturday, November 7 and will last until 11:59 p.m. on December 9.

Don’t forget, the curfew also remains from midnight until 6am.

To read the Spanish document please follow this link: Coronavirus Valencian community Spanish Regulations PDF

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