Is Benidorm closed January 2021?

Earlier on today, it was reported by a couple of news outlets, including my own, that hotels also would need to close, following the announcement that was coming from Puig, the president of the community. I translated this information, but once Puig had outlined the restrictions, it was announced that hotels can remain open in Benidorm. Therefore, please accept this correction and I just want to reiterate that hotels can remain open during the new restrictions.

Although they can remain open, many are still closed and I would urge you to contact your travel provider. The MedPlaya, which is the Riudor, Flamingo Oasis, Rio Park and Regente, emailed us to say that their hotels are remaining closed for the foreseeable and do not yet have an opening date, but when they do, they shall be contacting me to share the date. The majority of the hotels across the resort are still closed.

Hospitality are being forced to close on Thursday across the entire Valencian community, which is where Benidorm is situated. This means that all bars and restaurants will need to close their doors for 14 days. Many bar owners fear this could be a repeat of March 2020 when they were forced to close for “fourteen days” which ended up being nearly four months of closure for some bars and restaurants.

Writing on his Facebook page, Ashley Price at The Corner Bar Benidorm shared that he is “gutted” but “not against the new restrictions”. He also shared how his “one big concern is last time they told us 14 days it ended up being nearly 4 months”. He also thanked his clients and customers who had visited The Corner Bar today after their 14 day voluntary closure.

Hundreds of Benidorm lovers flocked to show support to not only The Corner Bar but other bars and restaurants in the area with many sharing that they were “gutted” for the closures.

Many hotels are already closed in the area due to the lack of tourists, however, one hotel that is still open is the Hotel Cimbel on Levante Beach front. They are “going to stay open and can give the restaurant service to their clients (breakfast, lunch and dinners) and their bar is open too for clients” this will be good news for locals and tourists from countries where a travel corridor is permitted.

Shops and non-essential businesses also will need to close at 18:00, for a minimum of two weeks, but supermarkets and pharmacies can remain open. Sports facilities are also forced to close given the new restrictions, except to professionals.

The curfew still remains in question, currently it’s set at 10pm until 6am, but it has been requested that this be brought forward to 8pm until 6am. There is still the concern for many dog owners, like ourselves, who is struggling to adapt to the new restrictions. There are current campaigns to allow dog owners to let their dog relieve themselves close to their residence, inside of the curfew hours.

Nothing can be official or concreted by law until it is written in the official bulletin which will be published tomorrow, Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Just a reminder to you all that social gatherings are limited to six people in both public and private and the land borders of the valencian community are still closed except for exceptional reasons. Please wear your mask, sanitise your hands and do your bit to combat this pandemic. We will get through this together.

Benidorm te espera.

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