Total closure of hospitality in the Valencian Community. All bars and restaurants in Benidorm to close

Puig and the government have announced the new restrictions to try and contain the pandemic which has now saturated the ICU in all of the hospitals in the community.

The Valencian government is going to put in the decree that there is to be a closure of all bars and restaurants establishments in the region to combat the pandemic. This has been agreed across the board.

The total closure is something that Puig, the president, wanted to avoid and delay as much as possible, hence why the sector was on a limited timetable for a while. He didn’t want to cause further harm to the sector, but due to the overwhelming cases in the region, it has been inevitable that closures have been announced.

This closure announcement comes 24 hours after the announcement that the valencian government is allocating 340 million euros for the sectors which have been affected harshest by the pandemic, among which, hospitality is one of the most affected.

The restrictions come into place on Thursday 21st January and will be in force for at least 14 calendar days.

Non essential shops must also close at 18:00, and there has been a request to start the nighttime curfew from 8pm as opposed to the current 10pm curfew. All sports facilities also must close, except for professionals.

I will be posting all the information on my Facebook page, so I would urge you to follow my Facebook for up to date information.

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6 thoughts on “Total closure of hospitality in the Valencian Community. All bars and restaurants in Benidorm to close

  1. My heart breaks for the owners and workers of the industry. I’d sort of like to see Benidorm in its quiet time though, always been busy when I have visited. Hopefully there’ll be some kind of normality by Summer. Stay safe.

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