The Spain Coronavirus Vaccination Schedule and Figures


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Has Spain started the vaccination? How far is Spain along with their vaccination schedule? Is Spain on track for 70% vaccinated by summer seems to be the questions on everybody’s lips at the moment. I’m pleased to say, yes, Spain has started the vaccination and they are well on track with their vaccination schedule to have 70% of the population vaccinated by summer.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has been well underway throughout Europe since December 27th 2020. As of that date, Spain has administered a portion of its 4.5 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech. The plan laid out distributed the vaccination doses by autonomous communities, with the aim to vaccinate 2.3 million people in 12 weeks, as the vaccination requires a double injection. The first to receive the vaccine is those who are living in care home residences and their key workers.

There have been concerns about the percentage of the population vaccinated in Spain, mainly due to mainstream media slamming the percentage. However, it is vital to know that the way that Spain and the U.K. report figures is completely different. I will outline to you the amount of people vaccinated in Spain in this article.

The graph below shows you the doses of the vaccine in Spain. The top line refers to how many doses have been received, the dark blue middle line refers to how many doses have been administered and the light blue bottom line refers to how many people have been vaccinated. This means how many people are fully vaccinated and completed the two doses, not how many people have received their first vaccine. The Valencian Community started administering the second doses on 17th January 2021.

The autonomous communities receive a new batch of vaccines every week, and distribute them according to the strategy they have designed. In the following table this will show how many have been received and administered since the vaccination campaign began and how many they use each week. This will also show how many people are fully vaccinated in each autonomous community.

The table shows first the percent of the doses administered, then the total received, the total administered, the amount administered per 100,000 population and how many people have been fully vaccinated. This means how many people have completed the vaccination. The final column refers to when the table was last updated.

The Valencian Community where Benidorm is located has finished vaccinating over 90,000 people.

The schedule is very much on track and it is understandable that things are slower to begin with. Communities also have to wait for their doses to arrive and distributed accordingly. Once the vaccination schedule moves to those who are in society rather than those living in care homes, the speed of administering will also become much quicker. There is at present no reason to believe that the population could be 70% vaccinated by summer.

Another interesting aspect is that on March 9th, the EU is set to approve a one dose vaccine, which will speed things up even more. This will mean people will only need one dose so once they are vaccinated it is finished. This will boost the rate of vaccination massively.

A major difference between the EU and the United Kingdom is that the United Kingdom is currently offering three vaccines and not two. The EU will not be using the Oxford vaccine on anybody over the age of 55, due to concerns that is doesn’t work effectively. Therefore, they are saving these doses for the under 55’s who will be receiving it.

For some reference, I am one of the last people who will receive the vaccine and currently it’s scheduled that the earliest I will receive my first vaccination is 1st June 2021. Here in Spain, you have to receive your next vaccine within 21 days of the first vaccine, they are not extending it any further than that. Therefore, due to the current schedule, it’s predicted that I will be fully vaccinated by the end of June. This shows that the vaccination programme is currently going according to the schedule. Those who are 70+ and do not live in a care home facility are scheduled to start being vaccinated from March 1st, which is when the current restrictions in the Valencian Community are currently set to finish.

I hope this gives you a bit more information and helps you understand the vaccination schedule for COVID19 in Spain.

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