When will the de-escalation of restrictions in Benidorm due to coronavirus begin

The decrease in the cumulative incidence of Covid-19 allows the Generalitat to start to create a progressive measures relaxation plan that will last at least until May.

The restrictions decreed by the Generalitat, which included the total closure of the hospitality industry and the perimeter confinement of the most populated cities on weekends, has shown to have taken a positive effect and the cumulative incidence has massively dropped.

This week there will be no changes to the current measures that are in effect until March 1st. As of that date, the government led by Ximo Puig prepares a de-escalation “slow, gradual and with prudence”. The details of the plan to relax the restrictions will be decided at the Interdepartmental Table for the management of the Covid-19 crisis this Thursday, but the measures will not take effect until next week.

This week the president will announce the de-escalation of some of the restrictions which affect Benidorm. It is likely that hospitality industry will be open with outdoor terraces but with reduced hours possibly until five or six in the afternoon. It is also expected that gyms will re-open and non-professional sports activities will resume.

The government are strongly inclined to maintain the curfew from ten at night until six in the morning, as well as maintain the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community as well as the cap of 6pm for non-essential shops.

However, the decrease in the cumulative incidence of the coronavirus could lead to the lifting of the confinement during the weekends of the sixteen cities with a population greater than 50,000, which includes Benidorm.

Ximo Puig has expressed that the de-escalation will not be quick and the restrictions will last for months, at least until May 9th, when the state of alarm decreed by the Government is scheduled to end. The president of the Generalitat will propose the prohibition of travel between autonomous communities at Easter to avoid a new spike in cases like the one that occurred over the Christmas holidays.

More information to follow when the announcements have been made.


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