A Day in the Life in… Series

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Welcome to what will be the home of all of the posts to “A Day in the Life in…” my brand new blog series, that I’m confident you’re going to love.

This series, offering brand new posts every other Sunday at 19:00GMT, will give you an insight into daily life in Benidorm, Spain compared to the rest of the world.

Each week, I’ll be teaming up with a different blogger in a different location to give you a locals insight into their daily life. We’ll be finding out about Florida, New York, Australia, Prague and so many more.

We’ll be exploring the differences and similarities between living in Spain to living elsewhere. We’ll be covering weather, wildlife, landscape, language, culture, culinary and so much more.

Be sure to follow along because this is going to be something incredible. There truly is nothing similar on the Internet and I’m honoured that so many people wanted to get on board already.

How does A Day in the Life in… work?

I have teamed up with different bloggers around the world and settled on “Documentation Day.” Documentation Day is a mutually agreed day to document. Meaning, we are featuring the same day. There is no further planning to this. I don’t know what they’ll get up to, neither do they know what I’ll have planned.

We will then join together and I will view their blog post prior to upload. I’ll then analyse the comparisons and differences at the bottom of my post.

When will A Day in the Life in… be uploaded?

I will upload on “Post Day” which will be every other Sunday at 19:00GMT. This is where you’ll find my blog post entry and the similarities and differences. I’ll also include the link to my fellow bloggers’ post so you can view what they got up to.

The very first post A Day in the Life in... will be posted on September 23rd, so it’s coming very soon. We are scheduled to continue to at least July 2019. You’ve got plenty of content coming your way!

Does this mean Learn Spanish: Blog Series is ending?

No, this will not interfere with the Learn Spanish series, neither will it interrupt the Saturday posting schedule. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me! 

Where can I find the latest episode of A Day in the Life in…?

The posts will all be listed under the tag #DayInTheLife so you can pop that into the search bar and they’ll be listed chronologically. You can also head to the top of the page and click the link for “A Day in the Life in…” and that will take you to all of the blog entries, with the newest being at the top.

Alternatively, you can add your email to my subscription box so you get them sent directly!

Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss an episode.

This going to be a very exciting journey and I really do think you’re going to love it. This is going to be such a learning experience for me, finding out about different cultures and lives and I think you guys will love it too.

We’ll get a locals insight into how life is like on the other side of the world, without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. The game is about to change.

Hasta luego,


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