Tips to Teach Yourself a Second Language

Here are my top tips for learning a second language. 

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Books to Enrich English Learning (for ESL Children)

  I always find it so funny that my blog is so varied. One minute I’m talking about the sunrise over the hill in Benidorm, then it’s a fragrance, then it’s a splash of travel and now it’s books that enrich English learning, specifically ESL children. I’ve been teaching English for just over 18 months […]

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Reflections of International Women’s Day

“I still didn’t think this was enough. There had to be more I could do. I’m only one person. I can’t change the world. But, I knew if I could just impact the lives of those around me that I would have made a difference. It’s not that difficult to make somebody’s day. Change the way somebody feels. Smile at them. Listen to them. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple tweet. It costs you nothing. Yet, to the recipient, it can make their day. Little things.”

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