Top 5 Christmas Movies and Snacks

Get your family together and have the ultimate Christmas movie night. Let the Christmas lights twinkle to create the perfect ambience and really get into the Christmas spirit with these Christmas movies. 

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Top 5 Spanish Disney Quotes

So considering it’s Sunday, I thought what better post to do than the best Disney quotes. But, there’s a twist. This wouldn’t be Diary of a Spanglish Girl if I just listed my favourite Disney quotes in English now, would it? Hey, you might just learn some Spanish too!

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The Little Things

And isn’t that what life should be about? Celebrating all of the little moments. What better way than an app that reminds you to take your video. Take control of your life. Go outside. See the sunrise. Drink coffee with your friends. Watch that movie. Take a walk with your dog. Video it. Remember it. 

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