Day 50 in Benidorm Lockdown

spectacular sunrise weather in benidorm in december benidorm island

“I very nearly didn’t publish this blog post. I very nearly didn’t go live on Facebook.”

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Day 49 Benidorm Spain Lockdown

“On Monday 11th May 2020, we will officially enter phase 1 of the deescalation process. What does being in phase 1 mean for us? Well, it means a lot is about to change.”

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Day 46 of Benidorm Lockdown: Our New Normal

“The sun still rises and falls over the Benidorm beaches, but there’s a certain chill that looms with the summer days. The feeling of loneliness. The feeling that something is missing. The tourists. The happy faces of those on holiday. Benidorm is lost without our tourism. It’s you that makes Benidorm what it is. And we all miss you.”

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