Benidorm Prepares to Open on March 1st 2021

These are the main measures adopted today for the next 14 days and which come into effect from midnight on March 1st 2021:

The Generalitat Valenciana opens the terraces of the bars until six o’clock and extends the business hours from Monday 1st March 2021

Ximo Puig announces that the perimeter closures in the 16 most populated cities will be lifted during the weekend and meetings of four people will be allowed in public spaces

The Valencian Government has started the de-escalation of the third wave with a set of measures that soften the restrictions imposed on January 21 due to the evolution of the pandemic. The Valencian Community was at breaking point earlier on in the year as the incidence reached 1,400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and hospitals were on the brink of collapse. For this reason, a situation of semi-confinement measures were set in place.

However, now is a much more positive story. With an incidence of 176 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, below the Spanish average (218), the commission, chaired by the president of the Generalitat, the socialist Ximo Puig, and with the assistance of the two vice-presidents, Mónica Oltra, de Compromís, and Rubén Martínez Dalmau, from Unides Podem, among others, have decided to ease the restrictions and review them week by week depending on the the figures. The purpose is to go little by little to avoid reproducing what happened after the Christmas holidays. “We are better off, but we are not well,” said Puig.

These are the main measures adopted today for the next 14 days and which come into effect from midnight on March 1st 2021:

Hospitality reopens in the community on Monday morning:

Opening of the terraces of the bars until 6pm, while the interiors are kept closed, with a maximum of four people per table, always with a mask when not consuming. Until now, they could only sell takeout food and drinks. The terraces have their capacity capped at 75%.

Limits of 4 people in public spaces

A Four people limit from different cohabiting families in the public space. Until now it was two people. In private, like homes, the restriction of the family nucleus is maintained.

The perimeter closures stops

Monday marks the end of the perimeter closures of the 16 Valencian municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants (comprising about 2.5 million people) that affected Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Elche, Gandia, Alcoi, Benidorm, Orihuela, Paterna, Elda, Petrer, Sagunto, Torrent, Torrevieja, Sant Vicent del Raspeig and Vila-real. This weekend is the final one.

Extension of business hours

Extension of the opening hours of shops until eight at night. Until now, the hours ended at six, with the exception of food stores, pharmacies and others which were considered essential (such as opticians or establishments of orthopedic products, hairdressers and places where food for pets is sold). They are capped at 50% capacity.


It’s now allowed to exercise in open sports facilities, without physical contact, also in those run by professionals in groups of maximum four people with a coach.

Playgrounds, parks and gardens re-open

Public parks and gardens are reopened and the capacity in religious spaces is increased to 50%.

Restrictions that are maintained

The curfew is maintained, from 10 at night until six in the morning.

The restriction of meetings inside the houses to the cohabiting nucleus. 

The regional perimeter closure that prevents entering or leaving the Valencian Community is also extended.

The measures that remain in force will last 14 days, although next week the interdepartmental commission will meet again to evaluate the situation, on which the president has promised that the limitations last only the necessary time, “not a day longer than necessary.”

In this regard, Puig has highlighted that the favorable epidemiological evolution in the Valencian Community, with an incidence that dropped by 88% since the adoption of the limitations.

It’s important that everybody works together and sticks to these restrictions in order to continue moving forward.

New Restrictions That Will Affect Benidorm March 2021

De-escalation of the restrictions in the Valencian Community: The measures that will change and those that will be extended on March 1st 2021

De-escalation of the restrictions in the Valencian Community:
The measures that will change and those that will be extended on March 1st 2021

benidorm beach Poniente

The Generalitat have made a decision on the new regulations against coronavirus and will announce them officially this Thursday. These restrictions have been released for the press to discuss and will officially be in place once the decree is written and published.

The huge decrease in the cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases and the huge release of pressure on the healthcare in the Valencian Community allows the Generalitat to decree the beginning of the de-escalation of the current restrictions against Covid-19, which officially remain in force until 11:59pm on 1st March 2021.

From then on, new measures will be implemented, such as the reopening of the hospitality industry which, after forty days of total closure, will reopen the terraces; the practice of outdoor sports and the lifting of perimeter confinement on weekends in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, which included Benidorm.

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the Ministry of Health have already publicly advanced some of the “slow, prudent and gradual” de-escalation plan of the restrictions, which will be approved this Thursday by the Interdepartmental Table for the management of Covid-19 for its entry into force next week.

Despite pressure from “Podemos” government partners, who want to extend the restrictions for at least another month, the Generalitat will announce a de-escalation this Thursday that, in any case, will maintain some of the current limitations such as the night curfew and the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community, in order to restrict mobility as much as possible. The objective is to reduce contact with outside of the Valencian Community due to fears of a fourth wave caused by the British variant. The Generalitat will maintain the closure of gyms for at least another fifteen calendar days.

While waiting for the official announcement of the President of the Generalitat on the de-escalation of the restrictions, scheduled for this Thursday, these are the measures that are due to change and those that are scheduled to remain as of March.

New Measures


The bars and restaurants may reopen but only on the terraces, with fifty percent capacity and limited hours. It remains undecided whether they must close at six or eight, and the number of diners allowed per table in still in question.


The Generalitat will reopen the outdoor sports facilities from March, but will keep the gyms, pavilions and indoor swimming pools closed until the situation allows it, at least for two more weeks.

Municipal confinements:

The regional government will lift the perimeter closure during the weekends in the municipalities of Valencia, Alicante, Elche, Castellón, Torrevieja, Torrent, Orihuela, Gandía, Paterna, Benidorm, Sagunt, Alcoy, Sant Vicent del Raspeig, Elda-Petrer and Vila-real.

Measures that are extended

Perimeter closure:

The Government will extend the prohibition to leave and enter the Valencian Community except for justified labor or health reasons. The idea of the Generalitat is to maintain this measure beyond Easter to restrict tourism from other parts of Spain.


The Generalitat is inclined to extend the curfew, which starts at ten at night until six in the morning.

Non essential shops:

The initial approach is to maintain the closing time for non-essential shops at six in the afternoon, but the employer’s association has demanded that the Generalitat extend it until eight. It remains unclear whether the shops will be open until 6pm or 8pm.

On Thursday, I will watch the conference live and translate the important information including the confirmation of the restrictions. I will be updating as soon as the conference is over on my Facebook and on my website. Make sure you sign up for email updates to receive the information as it happens. This will also sign you up to our free monthly online magazine.

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Coronavirus Facts and Figures

There are currently 80 PCR cases in the last 14 days in Benidorm. In the Valencian Community there are currently 344 in the ICU. In the Valencian Community, as of February 22nd, there are 99,045 people [Ministerio de Sanidad] who have received both doses of a Coronavirus vaccine. The Vaccines currently in circulation are the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

When will the de-escalation of restrictions in Benidorm due to coronavirus begin

The decrease in the cumulative incidence of Covid-19 allows the Generalitat to start to create a progressive measures relaxation plan that will last at least until May.

The decrease in the cumulative incidence of Covid-19 allows the Generalitat to start to create a progressive measures relaxation plan that will last at least until May.

The restrictions decreed by the Generalitat, which included the total closure of the hospitality industry and the perimeter confinement of the most populated cities on weekends, has shown to have taken a positive effect and the cumulative incidence has massively dropped.

This week there will be no changes to the current measures that are in effect until March 1st. As of that date, the government led by Ximo Puig prepares a de-escalation “slow, gradual and with prudence”. The details of the plan to relax the restrictions will be decided at the Interdepartmental Table for the management of the Covid-19 crisis this Thursday, but the measures will not take effect until next week.

This week the president will announce the de-escalation of some of the restrictions which affect Benidorm. It is likely that hospitality industry will be open with outdoor terraces but with reduced hours possibly until five or six in the afternoon. It is also expected that gyms will re-open and non-professional sports activities will resume.

The government are strongly inclined to maintain the curfew from ten at night until six in the morning, as well as maintain the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community as well as the cap of 6pm for non-essential shops.

However, the decrease in the cumulative incidence of the coronavirus could lead to the lifting of the confinement during the weekends of the sixteen cities with a population greater than 50,000, which includes Benidorm.

Ximo Puig has expressed that the de-escalation will not be quick and the restrictions will last for months, at least until May 9th, when the state of alarm decreed by the Government is scheduled to end. The president of the Generalitat will propose the prohibition of travel between autonomous communities at Easter to avoid a new spike in cases like the one that occurred over the Christmas holidays.

More information to follow when the announcements have been made.

The Spain Coronavirus Vaccination Schedule and Figures


Photo by Flo Dahm on

Has Spain started the vaccination? How far is Spain along with their vaccination schedule? Is Spain on track for 70% vaccinated by summer seems to be the questions on everybody’s lips at the moment. I’m pleased to say, yes, Spain has started the vaccination and they are well on track with their vaccination schedule to have 70% of the population vaccinated by summer.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has been well underway throughout Europe since December 27th 2020. As of that date, Spain has administered a portion of its 4.5 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech. The plan laid out distributed the vaccination doses by autonomous communities, with the aim to vaccinate 2.3 million people in 12 weeks, as the vaccination requires a double injection. The first to receive the vaccine is those who are living in care home residences and their key workers.

There have been concerns about the percentage of the population vaccinated in Spain, mainly due to mainstream media slamming the percentage. However, it is vital to know that the way that Spain and the U.K. report figures is completely different. I will outline to you the amount of people vaccinated in Spain in this article.

The graph below shows you the doses of the vaccine in Spain. The top line refers to how many doses have been received, the dark blue middle line refers to how many doses have been administered and the light blue bottom line refers to how many people have been vaccinated. This means how many people are fully vaccinated and completed the two doses, not how many people have received their first vaccine. The Valencian Community started administering the second doses on 17th January 2021.

The autonomous communities receive a new batch of vaccines every week, and distribute them according to the strategy they have designed. In the following table this will show how many have been received and administered since the vaccination campaign began and how many they use each week. This will also show how many people are fully vaccinated in each autonomous community.

The table shows first the percent of the doses administered, then the total received, the total administered, the amount administered per 100,000 population and how many people have been fully vaccinated. This means how many people have completed the vaccination. The final column refers to when the table was last updated.

The Valencian Community where Benidorm is located has finished vaccinating over 90,000 people.

The schedule is very much on track and it is understandable that things are slower to begin with. Communities also have to wait for their doses to arrive and distributed accordingly. Once the vaccination schedule moves to those who are in society rather than those living in care homes, the speed of administering will also become much quicker. There is at present no reason to believe that the population could be 70% vaccinated by summer.

Another interesting aspect is that on March 9th, the EU is set to approve a one dose vaccine, which will speed things up even more. This will mean people will only need one dose so once they are vaccinated it is finished. This will boost the rate of vaccination massively.

A major difference between the EU and the United Kingdom is that the United Kingdom is currently offering three vaccines and not two. The EU will not be using the Oxford vaccine on anybody over the age of 55, due to concerns that is doesn’t work effectively. Therefore, they are saving these doses for the under 55’s who will be receiving it.

For some reference, I am one of the last people who will receive the vaccine and currently it’s scheduled that the earliest I will receive my first vaccination is 1st June 2021. Here in Spain, you have to receive your next vaccine within 21 days of the first vaccine, they are not extending it any further than that. Therefore, due to the current schedule, it’s predicted that I will be fully vaccinated by the end of June. This shows that the vaccination programme is currently going according to the schedule. Those who are 70+ and do not live in a care home facility are scheduled to start being vaccinated from March 1st, which is when the current restrictions in the Valencian Community are currently set to finish.

I hope this gives you a bit more information and helps you understand the vaccination schedule for COVID19 in Spain.

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Is Spain on the hotel quarantine list for the U.K.?

If you are travelling to the U.K. from Spain you are not required to stay in a hotel quarantine. However, you are required to undergo a quarantine and provide details to the U.K. government on arrival.

Hotel quarantines: Full ‘red list’ of countries subject to new Covid-19 rules for UK arrivals

spanish steps calpe spain

There have been growing concerns and a number of people emailing me asking me whether the U.K. are going to implement the hotel quarantine for Spain arrivals. The new measures in the U.K. have been announced by the media and the government that it will start an 11 day quarantine in a registered hotel with the charge going to the visitor to the U.K. on February 15th 2021. This quarantine is for tourists and U.K. residents and is compulsory for those who have travelled to one of the red list countries.

If you are travelling to the U.K. from Spain you are not required to stay in a hotel quarantine. However, you are required to undergo a quarantine and provide details to the U.K. government on arrival.

The announcement basically covers countries which were already subject to a strict travel ban due to concerns over the mutant strains which included South Africa, Portugal and South American nations. The Prime Minister announced that those returning from the red list countries would be met at the airport and escorted to the hotel or other government approved facility. This is a very similar process to Australia and New Zealand.

Spain is not on the red list of countries subject to the new Covid-19 rules for U.K. arrivals. However, you are still subject to a 10 day quarantine when returning from Spain, at the moment, which can be shortened by taking a private test. You are also required to present a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old when arriving to the U.K. from Spain, and you also need to provide a negative PCR 72 hours before arriving in Spain.

Please also note that only Spanish residents or Spanish citizens are legally allowed to travel into Spain at the moment from the U.K.

The 33 countries that are required to stay in a hotel quarantine are as follows: Angola, Argentine, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Eswatini, French Guiana, Guyana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores), Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Suriname, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates (this includes Dubai), Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

This information is valid on 5th February 2021 but subject to change. Please seek advice before travelling back to the U.K.

Keep Reading?

Travelling to the UK from Benidorm Spain July 2021

It’s no real surprise that travel at the moment is a little different to what we’re used to. It takes more planning, more money and more preparation than previous travel experiences, but it can be done, as long as you research what needs to be done and safely follow the (hopefully short lived) rules.

PR TRIP. Weekend Away at VILANOVA Costa Dorada

An oasis in the woods to escape the big city embracing nature in its finest is what you can expect on your next holiday to the Costa Dorada, Spain, with Alfresco Holidays.

sitting outside mobile home at Villanova park Barcelona

An oasis in the woods to escape the big city embracing nature in its finest is what you can expect on your next holiday to the Costa Dorada, Spain, with Alfresco Holidays. It may be situated away from tourist hotspot nightlife, but you needn’t worry about getting bored when there’s a range of sports, pools, indoor spa and entertainment on site. The best thing? You can be in the heart of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, appreciating La Sagrada Familia or leaving footprints across the sand of the Park Güell in less than an hour. That’s right, family fun mobile home holidays that you know and love combined with an easy visit to one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Europe.

Regular mobile home holiday lovers will appreciate the range of facilities onsite at an Alfresco Holidays resort, gone are the days of searching around for somewhere to eat or trying to light a fire for the BBQ, as on site you have access to a Finca style restaurant with stone washed walls and good value food and a BBQ outside. After I finished chatting to you all on Facebook live, I spent some time just looking around. Sitting on the decking with a glass of wine, I couldn’t help but focus my attention on all the dads doing their BBQ’s for their families. It felt kinda like home. Seeing all the kids run around playing, whilst the mums all pottered around and the dads were busy cooking. It was pure bliss to just sit there and take it all in. The smell of a BBQ cooking is just the epitome of summers gone by to me.

mobile homes inside Villanova park Barcelona kitchen area and living room wooden floor oven utensils

It was the Saturday night that really let me appreciate the Vilanova Park. Although we had a few mishaps on arrival, we’re putting it down to experience! After all, we’re all in strange times and although we visited before the new restrictions came back in, it was evident that they were working on reduced staff so things were a little hectic.

Due to the current climate, the representatives aren’t as easy to find as pre-covid times, with the cabin next door the mobile homes being closed. Having never visited before, it took a while to click that this was a staff cabin, so if you do go, there’s a number stuck to the window to get hold of the rep. We were greeted by an enthusiastic and welcoming member of staff who showed us around our mobile home. It was relatively basic accommodation but it did the job for a couple of days break. There were very narrow doorways and steps leading up to the mobile homes so do keep this in mind as it isn’t accessible for wheelchairs.

Please bare in mind that the accommodation at Vilanova requires taking some short steps leading up to the decking of the mobile homes, which are visible on the photos. It’s worth knowing as well that the site itself is quite hilly. There are disabled toilets on site and the following areas on the site are wheelchair friendly:

  • Bar
  • Pool area
  • Reception
  • Restaurant
  • Sanitation blocks
  • Shop

What was a major plus for the mobile home for us was the beautiful surroundings in the heart of what felt like the woods in the midst of nature and a gorgeous decking area which was perfect for BBQ’ing and alfresco dining. There’s nothing quite like sitting out with only the sounds of birds singing, faint sounds of the entertainment being carried by the wind and shrieks of laughter of the kids playing. Friday evening weather wasn’t great, but Saturday evening, although it was cold, was ideal for sitting out in a hoodie just chatting away.

Disconnecting from electronics is something we can all benefit from now and again, so you’ll be pleased to know that we did manage to have some down time from our screens. With no WiFi or TV, we had to put our phones and iPads down to appreciate the surroundings. Listening to the rain hitting the mobile home roof is a pleasant and relaxing sound that we sometimes take for granted and blur out.

drinking a coffee looking outside through mobile home window

I think we can all appreciate that after the last 12 months, we’re all taking time to reset and just be. Sometimes, we forget that the little things are some of the most important moments in life. Just sitting with a cup of coffee in the morning listening to the sound of the trees blow, watching your other-half laugh over the BBQ, smiling at the family across the way. The past twelve months have taught us to appreciate every single moment. Stepping away from the iPads and phones was a welcomed escape from the never-ending Teams meetings and online activities. Being able to physically see people, even from a distance, is something we won’t take for granted anymore.

We did take a stroll around the Vilanova park too which was beautiful. With entertainment, pools, an indoor spa area and bars and shops, there’s plenty to do to keep the kids and the adults occupied. Unfortunately, due to the time we visited, the weather combined with the current climate, we were unable to make use of most of these facilities. Fortunately, we have a lot of followers who were keen to share their experience with us at the park, so I thought I’d pass on their lovely messages.

sunset over the pool at vilanova Barcelona

One of our followers vouched for just how lovely the ice cream parlour is onsite, which unfortunately was closed. Another follower shared how the pool is a perfect depth for relaxing and just at the right temperature. Another followers shared that their kids loved visiting Barcelona on the bus, however, did say that they’d recommend having your own vehicle access with young children as their own experience meant they ended up getting a taxi back (which of course wasn’t cheap!). With the dance club going on (socially distanced), it was refreshing to see bits of normality and finding ways to adapt to our new rules and regulations. It was so welcoming to see people dancing and having fun by the main stage with the Vilanova entertainment team. We were also informed by another follower that the children’s club was the major highlight of their kids holiday and they loved the activities that they did.

Conveniently for us, Barcelona was only a short drive away, so we were able to head into Barcelona to explore a little. Our fourth visit to the city was quiet and different, but just as enjoyable as it has ever been. We’ve never had a bad experience in Barcelona and always found it to be a city filled with culture, adventure and architecture to make your jaw drop. Standing looking up at La Sagrada Familia never ever gets old and you have to take a moment to just breathe, take it in and appreciate it fully. We had the most wonderful of times following the footsteps of Antoní Gaudi and appreciating his fine artwork. The beauty of the Vilanova park meant we were in to Barcelona city centre in less than an hour.

Barcelona sagrada familia

If you are without a car, or don’t fancy driving whilst you’re on holiday, there are good transport links between the park and the city centre. We were told by another follower that there’s a regular bus that takes guests to the train station which connects you to Barcelona. They also let us know that the nearest beach is quite a trek away and didn’t look the sort of walk we’d have fancied doing, but there’s also a regular bus from the park to the beach, too.

On the whole, if mobile homes are the sort of holiday you love, then Alfresco Holidays is a great choice for family fun. There’s plenty of entertainment and facilities on site to keep the whole family entertained.

Keep up to date with me on social media:

Al Fresco Holidays offers a seven-night holiday at Vilanova Park on the 12th June 2021 for £284.90 (discounted from £353.50) and based on a family of six sharing a two bedroom Standard mobile home including air conditioning. (OFF-PEAK)*

Al Fresco Holidays offers a seven-night holiday at Vilanova Park on the 24th July for £1200.85 (discounted from £1263.50) and based on a family of six sharing a two bedroom Standard mobile home including air conditioning. (PEAK)*

*See terms and conditions 

All parks have a range of entertainment and facilities. Travel by ferry or flights can also be arranged by Al Fresco Holidays. 

For more information or to help find the perfect park for you and to book, please visit or call 0161 332 8900

Al Fresco Holidays is one of the largest mobile home operators in the UK, with over 16 years’ experience as European specialists in mobile-home holidays, offering a wide range of the best quality 3-5 star camping resorts.

Vilanova Park is a large and lively campsite offering plenty of activities for the whole family. There’s sports, an indoor spa, a children’s club and live shows to name but a few, as well as a bar and restaurant. And yet with vibrant Sitges, PortAventura theme park and even Barcelona only a short trip by public transport, there’s plenty off-park too, to keep everyone amused.


Benidorm Takeaway Services Directory

takeaway services in Benidorm and the costa blanca

takeaway services in benidorm

As the new restrictions start to take a toll on local businesses, I wanted to use my platform to highlight some of the businesses that have provided me information regarding their takeaway service. The new restrictions across the Comunidad Valenciana means that all hospitality must close for at least 14 days, which is devastating for local bars and restaurants who have already been doing so much to adapt and change to these constant change in restrictions. Every day we are hearing of more and more bars and restaurants having to close down, either temporarily or permanently, and if we can help bring some custom in any way, we are all for it.

On this post, you will find the menus for various places that are offering takeaway, their opening times and contact details.

If you, or somebody you know is offering a takeaway service, close to Benidorm, please get them to get in touch with me either via Instagram messaging service (@spainwithlauren) or by sending an email to This service is completely free and is distributed to 30,000 email subscribers and 95,000 social media followers. Ideally, the business should be located in Benidorm, or close to, or providing something “unique” which is worth the travel, such as the uniqueness of a cheese fondue from Calpe or a Mexican in Moraira.

The Corner Bar, Benidorm

The Corner Bar is offering their Fishy THURSDAY as a takeaway service. They are serving between 12:00 and 19:00. You can pre-order by sending a message or calling the number below. You can turn up and order at the door if you’re unable to contact in advance.

📌 Location: Av. Dr. Severo Ochoa, 22, 03503 Benidorm

🕐 Opening Times: Thursdays 12 until 7pm.

📞 Contact: (0034) 600 372 824

It’s a Piece of Cake, La Cala de Finestrat

It’s A Piece of Cake are offering their full menu, including breakfasts and Sunday Dinners. They also have a new special menu every day which is only 5€. They are also offering occasion cakes, either for pick-up or delivery. Perfect for those special occasions.

📌 Location: Avenida Marina Baixa, 3 Local 2, La Cala de Finestrat

🕐 Opening Times: 12 until 3pm. Open every day except Tuesdays.

📞 Contact:

Waterfront Bar La Cala

Waterfront English Menu

Waterfront are offering their menu as a takeaway service. The link above will take you to their full menu.

📌 Location: Av. de la Marina Baixa, 2, 03509 Benidorm

📞 Contact: +34620733591

La Fava, Benidorm

la fava Benidorm takeaway services menu

Enjoy tacos, croquettes, or even ribs at home thanks to La Fava, Benidorm. Takeaway or delivery service is available. Delivery cost to Benidorm is 5€ and outside of Benidorm to La Nucia, La Vila, Alfaz, Albir, Altea etc is 7€. Contact them via WhatsApp to get a copy of their full menu and make your order.

📌 Location: Calle la Palma, 33, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante

📞 Contact: (0034) 672062424

Colmars Diner

Colmars Diner are offering a takeaway menu with British food favourites including burgers, fish and chips, curries, sausage and mash and more. They are also offering their Sunday lunch as a takeaway service. You will need to pick up the food, unless it’s Friday and you’re a resident of Camping Benisol, in which you can take advantage of their free delivery service. Last orders 30 minutes before closing.

📌 Location: Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa,36, Local29, 03503 Benidorm

🕐 Opening Times: Monday and Tuesday CLOSED. Wednesday 16:00-19:00. Thursday 16:00-19:00. Friday 13:30-19:30. Saturday 16:00-19:00 and Sundays 12:30-16:00

📞 Contact: (0034) 603 786 536

Beach Box, Benidorm

Situated opposite the Mediterraneo Casino about 60 metres from Levante Beach, you’ll find Beach Box offering takeaway collection or home delivery food. Offering fresh food favourites like roast dinners, fish and chips, toasted sandwiches, bangers and mash, chicken curry and more. You’ll find an extensive takeaway menu via Glovo too.

📌 Location: Av. del Mediterráneo, 62, 03503 Benidorm

 🕐 Opening Times: 10:00-21:30 (last orders).

📞 Contact: 666075282

Madness Coffee, Benidorm

roche coffee from madness benidorm

One of my personal favourites is offering their coffees and food as a takeaway collection service. You don’t need to miss your coffee, why not have one and sit by the beach?

📌 Location: Av. Vicente Llorca Alós, 8, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante

🕐 Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 10:00-17:00

📞 Contact: (0034) 966974110

Restaurante Lecal, Finestrat

Offering plenty of food options, if you’re nearer to Finestrat then why not let Restaurante Lecal cook for you tonight?

📌 Location: 03509 Finestrat, Alicante

🕐 Opening Times: 14:00-21:30(last orders). However, if you fancy a takeaway coffee and a hot roll at 10am, give them a message and they’ll be there to see you right!

📞 Contact: (0034) 711080606

Mex y Go, Moraira

Mex y Go situated in Moraira is a personal favourite for Mexican food, and if you haven’t tried it and fancy giving their food a whirl then you’re in luck as they are currently offering a takeaway menu during these restrictions. Their fajitas and nachos are exquisite, so if you’re after some Mexican food this month (or any month!) then Mex y Go is the place to be.

📌 Location: European Shopping Centre 03724 Moraira, Alicante

📞 Contact:

🕐 Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 17:00-21:00

Casita Suiza, Calpe

Want a taste of Switzerland in Spain? Then you’re in luck. This restaurant was a little gem we found back in December and it comes highly recommended. You might have also seen that Derren Litten, creator of Benidorm, recently visited Casita Suiza too and posted on his Instagram story that he enjoyed it just as much as Alex and I did. If you’re after a fondue or raclette for these chilly nights and want to feel like you’ve been whisked away to the alps after a long day skiing, then get yourself a takeaway from Casita Suiza. Order and pick-up, for fondues warm up the oil or broth at home and enjoy with family at home.

📌 Location: Calle Jardín, 9, 03710 Calp, Alicante

📞 Contact:

🕐 Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 12-17:00

Other local businesses offering takeaway services via Just Eat or Deliveroo

  • Ginos, Finestrat
  • Mariano’s
  • La Tagliatella
  • TGB
  • The 4 Kings
  • Nemrut Kebab
  • Eastern Spices
  • Foster’s Hollywood
  • Gnam Gnam Mangio Italiano
  • Mexikal
  • Amorino
  • Tepuy Burger
  • Llevatelo Pizzas
  • Viandas
  • Metoo Sushi
  • La Cocina de Carrefour
  • Pizzeria la Palmera
  • Hawaii Sushi Bar
  • Pizzeria La Isleta
  • Chen’s Kitchen
  • Tony Roma’s
  • Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
  • Oasis Restaurant
  • Bollywood Indian Restaurant
  • Shalimar
  • El Patio Gastrobar
  • Tortillas Alicante
  • The Balti House

Is Benidorm closed January 2021?

Hospitality are being forced to close on Thursday across the entire Valencian community, which is where Benidorm is situated.

Earlier on today, it was reported by a couple of news outlets, including my own, that hotels also would need to close, following the announcement that was coming from Puig, the president of the community. I translated this information, but once Puig had outlined the restrictions, it was announced that hotels can remain open in Benidorm. Therefore, please accept this correction and I just want to reiterate that hotels can remain open during the new restrictions.

Although they can remain open, many are still closed and I would urge you to contact your travel provider. The MedPlaya, which is the Riudor, Flamingo Oasis, Rio Park and Regente, emailed us to say that their hotels are remaining closed for the foreseeable and do not yet have an opening date, but when they do, they shall be contacting me to share the date. The majority of the hotels across the resort are still closed.

Hospitality are being forced to close on Thursday across the entire Valencian community, which is where Benidorm is situated. This means that all bars and restaurants will need to close their doors for 14 days. Many bar owners fear this could be a repeat of March 2020 when they were forced to close for “fourteen days” which ended up being nearly four months of closure for some bars and restaurants.

Writing on his Facebook page, Ashley Price at The Corner Bar Benidorm shared that he is “gutted” but “not against the new restrictions”. He also shared how his “one big concern is last time they told us 14 days it ended up being nearly 4 months”. He also thanked his clients and customers who had visited The Corner Bar today after their 14 day voluntary closure.

Hundreds of Benidorm lovers flocked to show support to not only The Corner Bar but other bars and restaurants in the area with many sharing that they were “gutted” for the closures.

Many hotels are already closed in the area due to the lack of tourists, however, one hotel that is still open is the Hotel Cimbel on Levante Beach front. They are “going to stay open and can give the restaurant service to their clients (breakfast, lunch and dinners) and their bar is open too for clients” this will be good news for locals and tourists from countries where a travel corridor is permitted.

Shops and non-essential businesses also will need to close at 18:00, for a minimum of two weeks, but supermarkets and pharmacies can remain open. Sports facilities are also forced to close given the new restrictions, except to professionals.

The curfew still remains in question, currently it’s set at 10pm until 6am, but it has been requested that this be brought forward to 8pm until 6am. There is still the concern for many dog owners, like ourselves, who is struggling to adapt to the new restrictions. There are current campaigns to allow dog owners to let their dog relieve themselves close to their residence, inside of the curfew hours.

Nothing can be official or concreted by law until it is written in the official bulletin which will be published tomorrow, Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Just a reminder to you all that social gatherings are limited to six people in both public and private and the land borders of the valencian community are still closed except for exceptional reasons. Please wear your mask, sanitise your hands and do your bit to combat this pandemic. We will get through this together.

Benidorm te espera.

Total closure of hospitality in the Valencian Community. All bars and restaurants in Benidorm to close

All bars, restaurants and hotels to close in Benidorm

Puig and the government have announced the new restrictions to try and contain the pandemic which has now saturated the ICU in all of the hospitals in the community.

The Valencian government is going to put in the decree that there is to be a closure of all bars and restaurants establishments in the region to combat the pandemic. This has been agreed across the board.

The total closure is something that Puig, the president, wanted to avoid and delay as much as possible, hence why the sector was on a limited timetable for a while. He didn’t want to cause further harm to the sector, but due to the overwhelming cases in the region, it has been inevitable that closures have been announced.

This closure announcement comes 24 hours after the announcement that the valencian government is allocating 340 million euros for the sectors which have been affected harshest by the pandemic, among which, hospitality is one of the most affected.

The restrictions come into place on Thursday 21st January and will be in force for at least 14 calendar days.

Non essential shops must also close at 18:00, and there has been a request to start the nighttime curfew from 8pm as opposed to the current 10pm curfew. All sports facilities also must close, except for professionals.

I will be posting all the information on my Facebook page, so I would urge you to follow my Facebook for up to date information.

Everything You Need To Know About Benidorm

Everything You Need to Know About Benidorm (and more!)

standing in front of benidorm Lauren Alex rio benidorm all you need to know

Benidorm, located on the Costa Blanca, is internationally famous for its beaches, its nightlife and its popularity among European holidaymakers for its ease of access and low cost flights connecting the city with majority of the European countries, every day. The city’s two urban beaches are considered to be some of the best and cleanest along the Mediterranean Coast and its picturesque coves make for great diving spots to delve into nature. The unique skyline has given it the nickname “The Manhattan of the Med”.

standing on the viewpoint in Benidorm all you need to know

If it’s your first time planning a trip to Benidorm, you might feel a little overwhelmed. If it’s not the extensive accommodation options (only Paris and London have more hotel beds in Europe than Benidorm), it might be the rumours you’ve heard and the stigma that a holiday to Benidorm might carry. This article should help you understand a little bit more about Benidorm and help you plan your holiday to the coast.

I firmly believe that there’s a Benidorm for everyone; for those in search of nightlife, for those who just want to switch off, for those wanting an active outdoor break in stunning surroundings, and for those seeking all that and more in a single holiday.


  • Benidorm Map
  • Practical Information
  • Transport in Benidorm
  • Hotels
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Crime
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Pet Friendly
  • Music Festivals
  • Fiestas Calendar
  • Shopping and Markets
  • Theme Parks

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Benidorm Map

Benidorm land map provided by Benidorm tourist office

This map shows the areas of Benidorm, including the two urban beaches. The blue area is Poniente, which is the quieter area of Benidorm. If you are looking for a laid back relaxed holiday at a slow pace, Poniente is the place to be. The beach is lined with up-market restaurants and quirky cafe’s and the beach stretch is much longer. Taking 40 minutes from the farthest point, you are still able to experience everything that Benidorm has to offer, whilst being set apart from the action.

The orange area is the old town. This is the “original Benidorm”. Here you’ll find narrow streets and tapas bars along with the famous viewpoint over the two beaches. If you want to experience a typical Spanish old town, then Benidorm is one of the most popular among Spanish. You’ll see street art happening and guitarists serenading the bar and the viewpoint. This is also where the port is for the boat to the Benidorm Island.

The green area is Levante, and this is where all the action happens. Packed with bars, lots of them British, nightclubs and the Benidorm strip. It’s also where most of the hotels are situated. Levante has lots of amenities and if you’re looking to come to Benidorm for a stag do, hen do, or for a family holiday, there’s a hotel and an area of Levante for everybody.

Practical Information

Benidorm is on the GMT+1 timezone, so you will need to set your clocks an hour ahead. The plugs are the standard European plugs, however, some recently refurbished hotels have started adding universal USB plugs which makes charging phones and equipment much easier. The phone number for emergencies is 112. The local languages are Spanish and Valencian (a form of Catalan), though English is very widely spoken.

Food and drink is generally much cheaper in Benidorm. The “official” supermarkets are Mas y Mas, Carrefour, Iceland, Mercadona, Consum, Aldi and Lidl where you can buy the same produce as at home, which is especially useful if you are self-catering. All other supermarkets will sell the products as a convenience store so prices will be slightly higher but are useful if you don’t have access to transport, or for quickness. The local currency is Euros. If you need to change money while you are in Benidorm, I’d recommend going to the Indoor Market near to the Sol Pelicanos Hotel.

Due to new Brexit regulations, you are not permitted to bring dairy products or meats from the UK to Benidorm. You are only permitted to stay in Benidorm for 90 days in an 180 day period, unless you are a Spanish resident, this includes any other stays in the European Union. Your passport will be stamped on arrival and upon departure from Alicante Airport.

Your EHIC Card is still valid for emergency healthcare until it expires. Once it expires it will be possible to exchange for a Global Healthcare Card which will guarantee you to receive FREE emergency healthcare in Benidorm. The nearest hospital for national insurance healthcare is Hospital Marina Baixa, Villajoyosa. I would urge you to get private healthcare, which will give you the right to use the IMED Levante Hospital in Benidorm which is a highly professional and well-equipped hospital. Private healthcare also ensures you are insured for all eventualities and pre-existing medical conditions.

It is a local law to have photo identity on you at all times.

Transport in Benidorm

The nearest airport to Benidorm is Alicante-Elche Airport which is a 40 minute drive away from Benidorm. There is a local bus which offers an hourly route to Benidorm bus station, however, for ease and usually much cheaper, I’d recommend booking a transfer with a company such as Hoppa or Travel Republic. Although they take slightly longer, this service will drop you off at your hotel door rather than having to make your way from the Bus Station which isn’t in the centre of Benidorm or near to any hotels, except La Estacion Hotel (which literally means the station hotel due to it being connected to the bus station).

It is not necessary to hire a car in Benidorm, unless you are wishing to explore further afield, like Javea, Finestrat, Orxeta and Torrevieja, in which case a car will be essential. Within Benidorm, you can take the Llorente Bus to any part of Benidorm for a fixed fee of 1,55€. You get your ticket on the bus. Be aware that in Benidorm, and Spain, the bus stop for your return journey will not always be across the road from where you got off. Most of the buses go along Avenida Jaime or Avenida Mediterraneo, so if you’re stuck you’ll find a return journey from there if you make your way to one of those. Usually, a bar worker or shop keeper will steer you in the right direction if you’re polite.

Bus Numbers

The ones containing an Asterix and bolded are those that are most relevant to tourists, however, I’ve added them all should they be of interest to locals or those wishing to explore more.

*Bus Number 1*: Aqualandia/Mundomar – Severo Ochoa – Ametlla Mar – Rincón Loix – Mediterraneo – Benidorm Centre – Tram Station – Terra Natura-Terra Mítica

*Bus Number 2*: Rincón Loix – Mediterráneo -Benidorm Centre – Europa – A. Puchades – Parque Elche – Jaime I – P. Devesa – Hotel Bali – La Cala – C.C La Marina Shopping Centre

*Bus Number 3*: Bus Station – Europa – Triangular – [Aigüera/ Rufaza] – Jaime I – Poniente beach – Hotel Bali – La Cala – Carrefour. This bus also can continue to Terra Mitica and Terra Natura however, you must advise the bus driver when you get on because if nobody requests the theme parks, it terminates at Carrefour.

Bus Number 4: Palau d’ Esports – Bus Station – C. Valenciana – Severo Ochoa – [Ramón y Cajal] – Ametlla Mar – Rincón Loix – Mediterráneo – Benidorm Centre

Bus Number 5: S.Jaime Cemetery – Severo Ochoa – [Ramón y Cajal] – Ametlla Mar – Rincón Loix – Mediterráneo – Benidorm Centre

Bus Number 6: Benidorm Centre – Mediterráneo – Europa – Lepanto – Hotel Pueblo

Bus Number 7: [Tívoli – CV-70] – Beniardá – Alfonso Puchades – Comunidad Valenciana – Salto del Agua

Bus Number 8: Cemetery- Tram Station – Beniardá – Jaime I – [R. Bayona / Nicaragua] – Pérez Devesa – Murtal – Hotel Bali – Marina Baixa – La Cala

Bus Number 9: Jaime I – Alfonso Puchades – Comunitat Valenciana – Salto del Agua

*Bus Number 10*: Altea – Puerto de Altea – Albir Beach – Albir – L’ Alfas del Pi – Severo Ochoa – Rincón de Loix – Mediterráneo – Benidorm Centre

*Bus Number 11*: Bus Station – Benidorm Centro – Mediterráneo – Rincón de Loix – Paris – Severo Ochoa – Ciudad Patricia – Aqualandia/Mundomar

Bus Number 12: Altea – Albir 21 – Albir Garden – Comunidad Valenciana – Alfonso Puchades – Jaime I – Av. Villajoyosa – CC La Marina Finestrat

Bus Number 14: Finestrat Village – La Cala de Finestrat – Pérez Devesa – Salto del Agua – Severo Ochoa – Ametlla de Mar – Rincón de Loix

Bus Number 15: Finestrat Village – [Balcón de Finestrat – Golf Bahía] / [Tapiada Umbria – Terra Natura] – Centros Comerciales – Calas Finestrat y Villajoyosa – Hotel Bali

*Bus Number 16*: Cala Finestrat – Hotel Bali – Pérez Devesa – Jaime I – A. Puchades – Benidorm. Centro – Mediterráneo – Rincón Loix – S. Ochoa – La Nucia – Polop – Guadalest

*Bus Number 18*: Cala Finestrat – Hotel Bali – Pérez Devesa – Jaime I – A. Puchades – Benidorm Centre – Mediterráneo – Rincón Loix – S. Ochoa – La Nucia – Polop – Algar Falls

Bus Number 19: [Finestrat – Balcon Finestrat – Golf Bahia] – C.C La Marina Finesrat – Cala Villajoyosa – Hospital – Villajoyosa – Llar – [High School]

Bus Number 20: Relleu – Sella – Orxeta – Villajoyosa – Hospital – Cala Villajoyosa – C.C La Marina Shopping – [Finestrat Village]

Bus Number 21: [Multi-Sports Centre] – Ermita – Llar del Pensionista – Villajoyosa Centre – Villajoyosa Beach – Almadrava – [Tellerolla – Hispanidad]

Bus Number 22: Llar del Pensionista – Villajoyosa Centre – Cemetery

Bus Number 23: La Cala de Villajoyosa – Hospital Marina Baixa – Industrial Area – Llar del Pensionista – Villajoyosa Centre – Cervantes – Sainvi – Hoteles

Cycling is very popular in Benidorm with recently pedestrianised areas which offer ample cycle paths. You can get from one end of Benidorm to the other in a mere 10 minutes with an electric bike, much quicker than by car. It’s also very easy to see Benidorm on foot.

The taxi service is run by Radio Taxi Benidorm and are recognisable as being a white car, with advertisements on the side. They have a fixed fee for the airport and you are able to pay by cash, card or contactless. They have a green light when they are available and a red light when they are in use. Most taxi drivers will speak a little English. At the taxi ranks, you should always take the taxi at the very front of the queue.


walking outside flamingo oasis Lauren and rio Benidorm

There are plenty of hotel offerings in Benidorm, dependent on your preference. I am currently working on liaising with hotel directors to create a bigger hotel directory on my website, which will link below in a list, to provide reviews of each hotel. At the moment this is a work-in progress so please bare with me.

  • Hotel [to be created as a link leading to further articles with reviews of each hotel]

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quieter holiday I would suggest checking to see if it’s in Poniente, or going to somewhere like the Don Pancho, Port Benidorm, Flamingo Beach Resort or Melia Benidorm. If you’re looking for somewhere close to the nightlife, you have Hotel Presidente, Sol Pelicanos and Medplaya Ruidor as a start off point.


mateos bar Benidorm cocktail menu

There is a big nightlife and entertainment scene in Benidorm, if that’s what you’re looking for. The main Benidorm strip offers a range of discos, such as Cafe Benidorm, Champions and Beachcomber. The main strip is on Avenida de Mallorca, which is just off Calle Gerona. Along Calle Gerona, you’ll also find lots of other bars and discos which are hugely popular among tourists.

A hugely popular already Karaoke bar that has recently opened up is that of Mateo’s Benidorm. Not needing an introduction, the karaoke bar opened by creator and writer of ITV’s Benidorm, Derren Litten, features memorabilia from the show, a friendly-feel good welcome and a quality night of karaoke and live music all whilst indulging in the bars very own signature cocktails inspired by the show. You’ll find Mateos Benidorm on Avenida de Almeria which is just off Calle Gerona (turn right when you get to The Crown when walking from Morgan’s Tavern).

mateos bar benidorm map

For tribute acts and entertaining live music, I’d recommend checking out Tropical, Cafe Roman, Talk of the Coast, Morgan’s Tavern or Sinatra’s as a good start off point. There have been a lot of tribute acts who have returned to the UK due to the pandemic, so it’s difficult to say who will be performing when Benidorm re-opens. Pablo Bloom and Alex Escribano are still performing when it’s permitted. Adele and Whitney Houston Tribute Acts are still in Benidorm and waiting for the go-ahead to return to performing.

Restaurants and Bars

There are far too many bars and restaurants to list, but there is a huge array of hospitality in Benidorm featuring around the world cuisine. Whether that’s a full cooked breakfast, a Sunday lunch, Pizza, Tapas, Paellas, Thai, Indian or Chinese, then you’ll find it in Benidorm. Our takeaway services are limited, but there are a few options on and


This is something that a lot of people are concerned with when looking at a holiday in Benidorm. Crime in Benidorm is usually only petty crime and majority of holidays to Benidorm are risk free. Always keep valuables with you at all times or locked away safely. The Potato or Pea Men Scam is an old age scam which does happen in Benidorm, similarly to London and Paris. If you do not stand and watch and just move away they will not bother you.

Be careful around the side streets and around the strip late at night as there will be women of the night and those selling “Charlie” and other substances. This does not happen inside bars, it is around side streets and areas where they are expecting to find drunk people who have wandered off from their group. Always stick with your group. It is a good idea to use one of the registered taxis (recognised as being a white Toyota auris when returning to your accommodation.

If you are withdrawing money, avoid all standalone cash machines. Not only do these a fortune, but they have been known to clone cards. Instead, use the official banks such as “Santander”, “BBVA”, “Caixa” and “Bankia”. These may charge you a small fee to withdraw, but it’s much cheaper than other cash points and are just as safe as cash points at home within your banks.


At the moment, to return to the UK from Benidorm you will need to do a quarantine (which can be shortened by taking a COVID test), and you will need to take a COVID test in Benidorm before returning home. You can take a COVID test at the IMED Levante in Benidorm or Hospital Clinics in Benidorm. All the details about where to get a COVID test in Benidorm is available on my website including prices and contact details to make an appointment.

The rules in Benidorm regarding restrictions are altering all the time so I’d urge you to follow me on Facebook to stay most up to date. However, currently [January 2021] our restrictions which affect tourists the most is a curfew is 10pm, hospitality (all bars and restaurants) must close at 5pm, nightclubs are currently closed, and masks are compulsory when in public places which includes walking on the street.

LGBTQ+ Community

Benidorm is a very open and welcoming resort to the LGBTQ+ community and you can feel secure and safe in knowing that there is a huge welcoming community. Surrounding the old town there are a wide option of gay bars. There are very few incidents of petty discriminative crimes with many members of the LGBTQ+ community choosing to party on the Benidorm strip too.

Benidorm Pride is a very popular event on the LGBTQ+ community calendar and everybody no matter what their pronouns or orientation are get involved to join in the fun. In September, Benidorm will holds its Pride, an international event. A festival that takes place both in the street and in lively venues around the city, combining entertainment and parades.

Pet Friendly

There is a good option of pet-friendly hotels. located in Benidorm, however, not as many as other cities in Spain and neighbouring countries. One place we are looking at taking Rio, our dog, is Villa Venecia which is a 5 star pet friendly hotel located in the old town in Benidorm. Pets are welcome on terraces of bars and restaurants. There is no dog-friendly beach in Benidorm, so you will need to travel to Altea or Villajoyosa to make use of the pet-friendly beaches, unfortunately none of them are sandy beaches. There are plenty of nature walks for you to do with your pet, I’d recommend walking the cross, or walking to Villajoyosa.

It is local law to pick up excrements and during summer you should throw water on urine, or you could be given a fine by local police. Dogs are not allowed on public transport, unless in a pet carrier or wearing a muzzle. If your dog is a PP dog, you will need to ensure you have the license to own the dog and it must be muzzled and leashed at all times when on walks. Different dogs are on the PP list for different areas of Spain, in Benidorm and the C. Valenciana the law states that the following 8 dogs are registered as PPP: Pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentinian, Brasilian Mastiff, Akita Inu and The Tosa. If you have one of these dogs and do not have the dog leashed and muzzled, the police can fine you heavily and refuse to release the dog until leashed and muzzled.

If you need to visit an emergency vet, then I’d recommend going to Marina Baixa Veternario Hospital in Alfas del Pi, which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need a vet with less urgency, you can make an appointment and visit Clinica Veterinaria Avda. del Mediterráneo, which is located near Broadway Club just off the main strip. Their phone number to make an appointment (una cita in Spanish) is +34 965 86 80 09.

Music Festivals

There are three music festivals of note in Benidorm. Iberia Festival, Low Festival and Benidorm Pride.

Fiestas Calendar

Christmas decorations benidorm 2020

Benidorm is the city with the most festivals in Spain. No month goes by without some sort of celebration. Due to the huge expat community from various cultures, Benidorm has adapted and added to its festival calendar to match that of its residents. We celebrate Three Kings, Christmas, New Year, British New Year, Saint George’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Hogueras, Chinese New Year and, of course, the hugely popular November Fiestas.


Two Three Kings parades are held within only a few hours of each other. The first in La Huerta and the second, the main event, in the streets around the centre. Later in January, San Antonio, a festival held in the rural area of La Huerta, with the blessing of animals at the doors of the Ermita de Sanç chapel.


Carnival is celebrated with a grand parade in which hundreds of people compete for the best and most original fancy dress outfit.


On 14th March, the city awakens to three huge Falla monuments that make fun of the politics. On 19th March, after several days of firecrackers and daytime firework displays, the Fallas are burnt. On the Saturday closest to 16th March, there is a flower offering to the city’s Patron Saint, commemorating the date on which her image was found on Benidorm’s coast.


The popular Easter processional groups wander the streets with a live brass band. There is also an Easter market. On Easter Sunday, there is a special mass at the church.


On 1st May, the city celebrates the Festa de la Creu, one of its oldest and most traditional festivals. Flower arrangers decorate a wooden cross set up at the point that marked the municipal boundary many decades ago that is now in the city centre. Eight days later, Benidorm celebrates its birth, in 1325, with a reenactment. On 15th May, Valencia Fallas, with papier-mâché monuments.


From 19th to 24th June, it’s San Juan “Hogueras” (bonfires) which is my favourite festival. On the night of 23-24 June, and coinciding with summer solstice celebrations, tradition states that people take a dip in the sea to purify themselves at midnight. On this day, everybody takes a picnic to one of the beaches at sunset and usually there is a huge festival of live music.


Benidorm also joins in with Navarre festival of San Fermín (running of the bulls), with the launch of the chupinazo (a firework rocket signalling the start of festivities) from a well-known restaurant on Levante beach. There is NO bull run in Benidorm, this just signals that it’s started in Pamplona. On 16th July it’s the festival of the Virgin of El Carmen, with a procession and the Virgin is taken around Benidorm bay. On 25th July, the day of San Jaime is celebrated with an open-air party in the Castle.


The days of Asturias and Castile-La Man- cha are celebrated with cider and gazpachos and we have Gay Pride.


Benidorm has its own Moors and Christians festival, which takes place on the first weekend of October. A party atmosphere along with the smell of gunpowder, the noise of muskets and people in colourful costumes. On 9th October the city celebrates Community of Valencia Day, with a traditional market in the city centre.


benidorm fair November fiesta Lauren Alex rio Benidorm

This is the season for the big Annual Festival. It starts on the second Saturday of the month and runs for five days, with partying in the streets. There are re-enactments, floats, comedy shows and outdoor family parties. The Thursday when the Annual Festival ends, the British area holds the Fancy Dress Party, with hundreds of people taking part from midday onwards.


Alongside the festival of Immaculate Conception, Benidorm celebrates Christmas in a very big way, with plenty of Christmas decorations adorning the streets and a huge party at the Town Hall and parades aplenty. New Year’s Eve is also a massive event in Benidorm with most of the celebrations taking place on Levante Beach and the Town Hall.

Shopping and Markets

The main shopping area runs from Plaza Triangular to Avenida de Los Almendros, over the main streets in the old town. Here you will find Zara, Sports shops, Ale Hops and other boutique shops. In summer, many shops in the centre are open all week, including Sundays. There is currently no Primark in Benidorm.

Benidorm has two busy street markets. The Municipal Market of Els Tolls and the Pueblo street market in Rincón de Loix both open on Wednesdays, and the latter again on Sundays. Near to the chapel, you’ll find the Rastro del Cisne flea market, open on Sundays. The Rastro del Cisne is also a good option, as there’s live music every day while you indulge on a paella or a selection of cheeses from around the world.

Theme Parks

You can visit Terra Mitica, Iberia Park, Terra Natura, Mundomar, Aqua Natura or Aqualandia. All of these theme parks and water parks are based in Benidorm. You’re advised to book ahead. Aqua Natura and Aqualandia are water parks, Aqua Nature nearer to Poniente and Aqualandia nearer to Levante. Terra Natura and Mundomar are both zoos, Mundomar is a sea world style zoo with dolphin shows and many aquatic animals like penguins and is situated next to Aqualandia. Terra Natura is a mix of conservation and rehabilitation and petting zoo. This is next door to Aqua Natura. Terra Mitica is also closer to Poniente and is a theme park with small rollercoasters and some water rides, along with shows and live entertainment. Iberia Park is onsite at Terra Mitica and is more a fair, with an entry price and costs to use each stall or ride.

If there’s anything that has been missed off, please message me and I’ll add it in!

L x

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