Scentaddict Perfume Subscription Review

Scentaddict from The Fragrance Shop gifted three fragrances for me to try out. 

What is the Scentaddict perfume subscription?

Scentaddict is a new way to discover new fragrances. You have the option to choose from over 300 different perfumes from over 50 of the biggest brands. You’ll have a new scent delivered to your door every month.


Instead of forking out nearly £100 for a fragrance you’re not sure on, you can try it out with Scentaddict, or if you’re like me and like to constantly change up your fragrance dependent on mood, season or event, you can have a constant stream of new fragrances to swap between.

What are my thoughts?

IMG_4252 2.JPG

Initially, I was sceptical. I’ve always bought full-sized fragrances and whenever I’ve reviewed a fragrance for different brands, it’s always been the full-size bottle. In my opinion, having the beautiful bottle adds to the depth of review. You can see it in all of its glory and the way the designer intended it to look. I feel it makes for better photos and a more in-depth review. But, I was up for the challenge.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised how perfect Scentaddict is for travel and daily commuting. 8ml of fragrance means that with its beautiful atomiser you can pop it in your handbag for a fragrance top-up or glide through customs with more than enough fragrance for a weekend away. Fitting perfectly in a small handbag or even your back pocket, scentaddict is your new best friend.


The way styles and fragrances move it can be a whirlwind to keep on top of it all. With fragrances filling social media every day and perfume adverts one after the other on TV, it can be overwhelming to keep up with it all. Whenever a new fragrance comes out, I want it. No, need it.

Which is why scentaddict is great for keeping on top of that. Whether you’re trying out new fragrances to find the one that sticks for you, or you’re just looking to mix it up, the subscription service gives you that freedom to have it all. At £12 a month, working out to just £3 a week (less than a coffee!), it’s a perfect way to try out and play with different scents and fragrances.

A wonderful incentive from scentaddict means you can redeem your £12 subscription against the largest size bottle of the fragrance, so if a fragrance really sticks, you can get the discount off of it.


I often find that I love a fragrance to begin with and I become obsessed, then once a few weeks have passed, I get bored. I swap it out for something else. It’s why I love wearing a different fragrance every day to combat that boredom. I also think it keeps me fresh. Something different, which is why scentaddict can be a perfect solution.

The concept is easy, you visit and choose the different perfumes that you’d like to test. You can edit and change your sample choice up to 48 hours before dispatch each month. Then, each month around the same day you placed your initial order, you’ll receive an 8ml refill of your chosen fragrance. You pop out the old fragrance and pop in your new one.

The monthly subscription includes postage and packaging and stops you ending up with full-sized bottles of perfume that you don’t like. There’s no minimum term or contract and you can cancel the subscription at any time, (up to 48 hours before dispatch of the next subscription!).

I love the idea of scentaddict subscription service and I think it’s a fantastic feature for travelling and trying out new fragrances, but the downfall for me is missing the beautiful perfume bottles. Although the perfume samples come nicely packaged and the atomiser is super cute and ideal for popping in my bag, I miss the aesthetic side of perfumes.

What perfumes did I try?

IMG_4330 2

I had the choice of three perfumes and they are all gorgeously unique. I really do adore the three perfumes that I’ve chosen and it’s amazing to have such big brands at such low cost. The three I chose are as follows:

  • Carolina Herrera Good Girl
  • Chloé
  • Elie Saab Girl of Now

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Review:

I’m sitting here smelling Good Girl now thinking how to put it into words. Delicately light but fiercely feminine. It’s one of those fragrances that I know I need the full-sized bottle with the gorgeous shoe I’ve been seeing on the adverts.

It’s elegant, yet promiscuous. It’s enigmatic yet diplomatic. It’s the scent of the girl who combines the good and the bad. The CEO who likes to be treated well. It’s a modern yet sophisticated fragrance and I am obsessed.

It’s a powerful and daring fragrance that I find myself reaching for over and over again. It really does feel like you can take on anything that life throws at you when you’re wearing Good Girl.

With fruity top notes of almond, middle notes of tuberose, Jasmine Sambac and bottom notes of tonka bean and cocoa, it combines this perfect combination of fruity, oriental yet floral.

If you’re looking for an empowering fragrance, this is the one.

Elie Saab – Girl of Now Review

I hadn’t seen the bottle that Elie Saab designed for Girl of Now but before punching it in on google, I knew it would be gorgeous, if the wedding dresses were anything to go by.

From the second I smelt Girl of Now, I loved it. The oriental yet floral fragrance was one I hadn’t researched at all. I had no idea if it would suit me nor if it was my sort of fragrance, but it’s absolutely stunning.

Launched back in 2017, it’s a combination of mandarin, pear, pistachio, tonka bean and almond milk.

It’s an irresistible long lasting fragrance and I’m in love with it!

Chloè by Chloè

Chloè by Chloè was launched back in 2008, so it’s by no means a new fragrance but I’ve always been slightly intrigued by Chloè. Why? Because back in my younger teen fan girl era, Cody Simpson once sung that his love interest was smelling like Chloè perfume. So, yep that’s that!

Truth be told, it’s took me a while to get used to Chloè. I was always told that if you can smell your own perfume, then it doesn’t suit you. With Chloè, I was smelling it on myself hours later. Yet, it smelt… better?

After some googling, I found that if the perfume improves the longer you wear it, then it actually means it really suits you.

Looks like Chloè is for me!

The longer I’ve been testing Chloè, the more I like it. I’m still not at Good Girl, Tiffany, Ariana Grande Cloud or Girl of Now levels with Chloè, but it’s definitely growing on me each time I wear it.

It’s a bold fragrance compiled of peony, magnolia, roses and ambergris and cedar. It really does make a classy and sweet fragrance destined to last for years on end, like it has done already for over 11 years!

Have you tried ScentAddict?

Hasta luego,

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The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep| GX Suspension Pillow Review

But once it was bed time, could I get to sleep? Nope.

Yet since changing up my routine, that’s all a thing of the past.

girl sitting in bed cuddling cavalier king charles spaniel

Products marked with a * have been gifted.

I made it no secret that I used to really struggle to get to sleep, or stay asleep. I’d spend hours wide awake scrolling social media in the early hours only to find myself groggy and tired the rest of the waking hours. But once it was bed time, could I get to sleep? Nope.

Yet since changing up my routine, that’s all a thing of the past.

We all know that sleeping well directly affects you both mentally and physically, so getting a good night’s sleep is something that we should all be looking to achieve. But, even with knowing this, the majority of us just can’t seem to get a good kip.

I wanted to share today a few tips that have helped me find a healthy balance in sleeping and ways which have helped to stop me tossing and turning all night, and my choice of bedding has been a major part of that. As well as a brief review of The Gx Suspension Pillow* which has been wonderful for aiding my sleep.

Keep in a routine

I can’t stress how important this is to help you sleep at night. I know people think I’m crazy for setting an alarm, even at the weekends, but sleeping in and losing that routine makes me feel so groggy the next day. I definitely know when I’m out of routine.

Much to Alex’s dismay, I’m not a napper either. Napping can be a good way to make up for lost sleep, but all I find they do is make me feel wide awake at night. If you are a napper, keep naps to no more than 15 minutes in the early afternoon.

I’ve also found having some sort of routine after dinner has helped too. Instead of crashing out on the sofa and watching telly, I tend to do something a little stimulating. Something that keeps my brain active just before bed. Whether that’s the washing, cleaning up or trying to solve a candy crush level, it keeps me from drifting off and losing routine.

Control light exposure

slip pillowcase silk flatlay tiffany perfume

I don’t actually know how I slept before being sent a Pure Silk Sleep Mask. The mask provides the ultimate softness and it’s comfortable to wear, whilst blocking out all light sources. Having a room that’s dark can be hard work when you’ve got the sun shining through at the crack of dawn, but the mask really does help keep you asleep much longer.

I even took it to America with me because I knew I wouldn’t get sleep without it.

Alex tends to scroll on his phone before bed, usually looking at some sort of sports news, so even the light from the phone can seem so bright when it’s dark, but I don’t even see it with my silk mask on. Once the mask is on, I’m usually asleep no longer than 10 minutes later.

Comfortable bedding

in bed with

Now, getting to sleep so quickly wouldn’t be as easy if I wasn’t resting on a comfortable pillow.

If you’re tired of waking up in the night and punching your pillow back into shape, then I have the pillow you’ve been looking for.

I must say, I had just found a style of pillow that I was fairly happy with and getting to sleep on relatively quickly when Gx Pillows approached me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their pillows.
There’s always that moment of hesitation when it comes to messing with a sleep routine, especially when you’d just found one you were happy with, but I’m so glad I did. The Gx suspension pillow has been an amazing addition to my sleep pattern.

cavalier king charles spaniel laying on pillow
Even Rio loves to relax on the Gx suspension pillow

I have a twin pack of the innovative Gx suspension pillows, one that has stayed on my bed in England and one that is on my bed in Spain. I’ve got the medium soft pillows which provide comfort and support throughout the night.

The Gx suspension pillow contains innovative internal tie technology which pulls the pillow in and up to cradle your head and neck, whilst holding its shape. It is a dream to sleep on.

I do find partnering it with the Slip Silk pillowcase brings it out to its full potential and allows for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

I’d recommend getting your hands on The Gx Suspension Pillow in Medium-soft (also available in medium-firm for those who like a firmer pillow) retailing online at £27.00 for one, £49.99 for 2 or £108 for a family pack of 5. I do think they’re great value and offer fantastic support throughout the night.

They also have an incredible, heartwarming story of how they came about, turning a nightmare into a dream for all those who sleep on them, Alexander Miles, a furniture and product designer decided to engineer his own solution to find a pillow that would support his daughter’s head after suffering a horrendous accident.

Fortunately, the tale has a happy ending with a successful company born out of a catastrophic time, his daughter has recovered, and customers, just like I am, are experiencing the beauty of a better night’s sleep.

P.S, if you’re wondering where the name comes from. It’s just as sweet. His daughter, Georgia, used to sign off all her cards with her initial and a kiss… Gx.

Exercise during the day

I know, exercise kinda solves everything, right?

I always try to get in my steps everyday, and with Disney recently I’ve really been racking them up. Nonetheless, I always aim for around 10,000 steps a day, which I usually achieve by mid-afternoon.

If you do struggle, yoga or light exercise around an hour before bedtime could be beneficial.

Wind down and clear your head

happily ever after fireworks

I’m in my head far more than I’d care to admit, and much more often than Alex would prefer, but here we are.

No matter how you look at it, stress is one of the main reasons for regularly waking up in the night. Taking steps to manage the stress levels and learning how to keep your mind at rest is one of the biggest challenges of getting to sleep, but once you find a way, it will do you wonders.

Playing a few games on my phone takes my mind off of other things and keeping away from social media at least an hour before bed too. Though, I’m not always so good at not opening social media. But, I notice when I’ve been on social media before bed and it’s not always the best sleep.

I do love looking through our photos though before bed, especially ones where we’re on holiday.

I also love listening to relaxing music and have recently started listening to a Disney piano collection on YouTube, either when I’m writing or when I feel like I need to switch off. It’s actually what I have on now, whilst I’m typing away.

Prepare for bed

IMG_2482 2

I like to let my body know it’s time for bed by maintaining my skincare regime and that is always Bioderma Micellar water* followed by Bioderma moisturising cream. The weirdest thing I do to prepare for sleep though is to spray a spritz of perfume. I’m not sure whether it’s psychological, but I’m letting it run its course. I find that when I can smell myself smelling nice, I get comfier far quicker.

In a strange way, it’s probably the same as having a comfort blanket. I associate the perfume with good memories and positivity and cleanliness, so it just helps me get a better night sleep.

It might sound crazy, but it’s worth a try!

I’ve found that I love putting Tiffany & Co, Ariana Grande Cloud* or Replica* by Maison Margiela give the best results!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

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Changing up Fragrances 2019

daisy perfume fragrances campomanes altea

I’m not big on make up, I’m not big on accessories, but I am big on fragrance. I’ve never been someone who likes to wear the same couple of fragrances on cycle. I’ve never been keen on having “a day fragrance” and a “going out fragrance”. Instead, I like a range of fragrances, every day is different and every mood is different. I like to reflect my fragrances on how I feel.

Some people love to have a signature scent and wear it pretty much their entire lives, whereas others, like me, change the fragrance as often as I change my socks. The truth is, there’s no rule to how often you change your fragrance. Some say you should change it every other day, others say you should stick to a couple, but in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

I see perfume as my own accessory. Just like I’d match a necklace to my outfit, I match perfume to my outfits. Does it match? Does it go? A scent can send a message, create an ambience or reflect a mood, I like that with changing up my perfumes and having a range of them, I have the ability and the power to do that. I’m not restricted.

Fragrances are a fun way to accentuate your look.

You can mix and match and get creative with your fragrances in the same way you can match your other accessories. Wearing a little black dress? Something provocative or sultry, like Agent Provocateur, would match. Wearing a floaty summer dress? Then a summery fragrance like Daisy Sunshine is perfect. Wearing a beautiful gown? Nothing else other than Tiffany will do.

I also find that my fragrances take rotation dependant on the time of the year. Light and floral scents are perfect when the springtime arrives and the flowers are blooming, meanwhile something a little more woody and spicy is perfect for a winter wonderland. Not to mention, heat also affects perfumes. Heat makes the fragrance smell stronger, so something heavy would be completely overpowering, plus, nobody wants mosquitos eating them alive because they’ve chosen the sweetest smell around. It’s all about changing it up.

Ultimately, having the same scent every day would bore me.

Here are my fragrances that I’m switching it up with this year. Some of these fragrances have been gifted, in which case I’ll mark them with a * and hyperlink them to the purchase page.

Tiffany & Co Intense

A rich and deep fragrance, this was my King’s Day present from Alex. It’s my all time favourite scent for something a little more classy and sophisticated. I seriously haven’t found a time it’s not perfect for.

Everything about the Tiffany Intense perfume is just delightful. Coming in a beautiful, almost diamond like bottle, it’s a fresh, feminine and intimate fragrance that lasts and lasts. It’s light and airy and perfect for daily wear, though it’s one I save for special occasions purely because of the price tag.

Missoni by Missoni*

missoni perfume with meditarreanean sea

The newest fragrance of the bunch this year, but one I am loving. Created by the Italian powerhouse Missoni, this floral and fruity perfume is perfect for everyday wear. It’s definitely one that I’ve used the most as my everyday perfume. It’s ideal for spring with the fruity top notes of pear and bergamot paired with the delightful floral notes of jasmine that follows.

The Missoni iconic patterns didn’t go amiss on the bottle either, it has a gorgeous bottle with so many colours bursting from it. It looks absolutely stunning on the dressing table as the light passes through it.

Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs*

daisy sunshine in the sky

Having always loved the Marc Jacobs Daisy collection, I knew I needed to get my hands on Daisy Sunshine, the limited edition perfume to celebrate the essence of summer. Being such a floral fragrance with fruity notes, it’s another one that, of course, is perfect for spring and summer days, hence the name. The scent of strawberry and marigold is absolutely perfect together and draws on past summers gone by.

Bringing a brighter and sunnier twist to the classic Daisy, this is a radiant fragrance with a juicy touch. It’s an optimistic and care free fragrance and one that I love using. I’m less keen on using this one everyday, purely because I don’t want it to run out! I seriously love the fragrance so only use it for “special days out”. I’ll definitely be taking it to New York with me.

Cloud by Ariana Grande*

ariana grande cloud

I’ve never been enamoured by celebrity fragrances until I smelt Cloud by Ariana Grande. Coming in such a cute bottle, it captures the essence of days at the fair, with candy floss filling the air. It’s such an uplifting and thoughtful scent that is almost reminiscent. It really is an expression of positivity, happiness and new beginnings. It contains a dreamy blend of lavender blossom, pear and bergamot.

I’m obsessed with Cloud for daily wear, usually on days I want to feel more inspired to write, I put on Cloud. It really does bring a sense of concentration and artistic perspective. It’s a fragrance I seriously didn’t think I’d love as much as I do, and that’s coming from an Ariana fan! It doesn’t smell childish in the slightest, with even my mum loving it, however, it captures a youthful scent in the best possible way. I can’t wait to wear Cloud around Disney.

Replica by Maison Margiela*

replica perfume gifted by world duty free

What better way to evoke the thoughts of past summers gone by than Replica by Maison Margiela? It’s a floral fragrance with main notes of bergamot, coconut and ylang ylang. It’s a modern fragrance that brings the sensation of taking a walk along the beach. Capturing the essence of a hot summer’s day with its subtle tones of lemon, it’s a perfect day time summer scent. It’s one that I always reach for when I’m heading to the beach, or want to feel like I’m at the beach.

Not being too heavy, nor sweet, it’s great for day time wearing as it’s not overpowering at all. Although it’s a pricy fragrance, it’s ideal for day to day wear thanks to the fact you don’t have to put a lot of it on to know you’re wearing it. This is one I’ll definitely be wearing in Miami and Clearwater beach.

Black Opium YSL

black opium flatlay tulips

With it’s glittery bottle, it’s a powerful fragrance that gives a sense of energy and intense. It’s one that I tend to reserve for darker days of the year, or one I’d put on if I was heading for a party night out. Being quite an intense fragrance, it’s not one I tend to put on in the day in spring or summer.

With an awakening energy of black coffee combined with the feminine  scent of white flowers, it’s a beautiful fragrance for me for the autumn and winter. It’s the perfect combination of light and dark.

What’s your favourite fragrance?

Hasta luego,

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Luxury Toiletry Gifts from Virginia Coram Review

We all need a little bit of extra pampering in our lives, especially during the Christmas and New Year period.


We all need a little bit of extra pampering in our lives, especially during the Christmas and New Year period. The stress of the Christmas dinner. The manic of Christmas gift packaging, I did buy for everybody, right?! The general chaos that surrounds Christmas, we need time to switch off.

Toiletry gifts will never, not be, a Christmas favourite. Going through all of your smellies on Christmas Day is a tradition that must not be reckoned with. Once November comes and you start to see all of your empties, you know that it won’t be long until the toiletry drawer is replenished kickstarting you into the New Year with fresh smelling products.

Now, when Virginia Coram got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to receive some of their samples, you can imagine that I jumped at the chance. Knowing very little about this brand previously, I headed to their website: to do some research.

Who are Virginia Coram?

That was what I wanted to know. What do they do? What do they specialise in? What should I expect from them?

Virginia Coram is a skincare collection that is new on the market and they’re going to make a big impact. The luxury products bursting with pure and natural ingredients take you to a whole new level of relaxation from the first inhale. It took me less than a minute to fall in love with their products.

Specialising in natural bath, body and skin care they have designed a range of luxury liquid soaps, hand and body lotions, bar soaps and bath oils that are catered for all skin types, that includes me with sensitive skin!

They promised the finest luxury products scented with essential oils at an exceptional quality that would make you feel empowered and glamorous. As a trained masseuse and user of essential oils, knowing my way around the different oils, I was excited to see what was coming!

My Products from Virginia Coram


They say three is the magic number so I was spoilt for choice when Virginia Coram posted me six of their luxurious products all packaged in the most beautiful gift box. Best gifts come with a ribbon tied on the top, and that’s exactly how they wrapped.

All 50ml bottles, I was sent the following:

I’ve linked the full-size products of my own above. However, if you’d prefer, you can get a very similar set to mine from the Virginia Cream Gift Set collection: LADIES LUXURY TRAVEL TOILETRY They do a luxury travel set perfect for if you’re not checking your case or 10kg case in the hold.

Virginia’s Bathtub Lotion – Rose Geranium and Sage

I’m going to start with my absolute favourite. The Virginia Coram’s Bathtub lotion with Rose geranium and Sage. This is the most luxurious of ingredient combinations and it just bursts with delectable smells that delight the senses. The smell, when you walk into a five-star spa, has been captured and placed inside this bottle ready for it to work its magic when you open it. If you’re looking for a luxurious bath product for someone special this Christmas, this is it.

It’s invigorating and uplifting whilst being refreshing and comforting. It’s the perfect combination and the sense of relaxation we all want to reach. The product felt soft and velvety on the skin and was a true pampering. It’s an essential addition to the bathtime regime.

Virginia’s Butler Soap – Frankincense and Black Pepper


My favourite of the soaps, the Frankincense and Black Pepper. The wise men thought Frankincense was good enough for Jesus as a gift and I can absolutely see why. If it’s good enough for the nativity, it’s good enough now! I instantly felt more Christmassy using the Frankincense and Black Pepper, it was that combination of sweet and spice that just felt so fitting and festive.

Although more pinned towards being a masculine scent, I actually found it delightful and to my suiting. It wasn’t flowery or too sweet. It was a wonderful mix. The Frankincense gave a wonderful base scent whilst the Black Pepper bursts through as a secondary scent. It’s a lovely fragrance that lathered well developing into a luxurious cleansing experience. I didn’t want to stop washing my hands!

Virginia’s Artisan Lotion – Neroli, Sandalwood and Lemon

I’d hoped for more of a lemon burst with the lotion, however, it’s more of the focus on the Sandalwood. I didn’t get much of the citrus, though the aromatic blend of Neroli and Sandalwood oozed their way through. The lotion itself, however, was gorgeous, it was a rich shea and cocoa butter that soaked into the skin and made my skin feel soft and hydrated.

Sandalwood essential oil has so many benefits to it, like memory booster, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and a sedative so it would be a perfect addition to your bathtime regime to reap these benefits!

Virginia’s Governess’s Lotion – Orange, Lavender and Vanilla


A delicate yet invigorating lotion, this one is another one of my favourites of the selection. It’s a beautiful base of orange with lifts of lavender and subtle tones of vanilla. It really does live up to its name. It’s luxurious enough for a Governess!

Lavender oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can aid to heal minor burns and insect bites, which will be perfect for here in high season when I’m usually head-to-toe in bites and itching like mad! Interestingly, lavender also is useful for dealing with anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. It’s a soothing essential oil that can aid in feeling calm and getting a better night sleep. It’s worth giving it a try – it might just surprise you!

Virginia’s Bootroom Soap – Vetivert, Marjoram and Bay


I was sceptical about this one as I know I’m not vetivert’s biggest fan. If you’re unsure what vetivert smells like, it’s a very earthy smell, it’s not a freshly mowed lawn smell, neither is it wet grass smell. It’s more like being out in the open field on a very mediocre day. But, vetiver itself is an outstanding oil for relieving stress, emotional trauma and shock. It’s also sometimes applied to treat lice and repel insects. It has been known to show considerable benefits against joint and muscle pain.

Combined with the diuretic Marjoram which increases the need to urinate! It helps to remove excess water and toxins from the body and has been linked to lowering blood pressure and cleansing the kidneys. Marjoram also has a very woody and earthy smell to it.

The Bootroom soap is wonderful for the benefits it holds in that bottle. Though, the smell isn’t for me. Although Virginia Coram have added the aromatic bay and the smell itself is far more pleasant than I anticipated, it’s still too earthy for me! It is, however, a great get-up-and-go fragrance. It’s a zingy smell that would be great to wake you up and give you some oomph in the morning!

Virginia’s Potting Shed Soap – Rosemary, Pine and Tea Tree

I do love rosemary, the smell of a rosemary essential oil is enough to make me want to book a massage and a spa experience. It’s the ultimate essential oil, in my eyes. This soap from Virginia’s Coram was delectable. The refreshing scent of Rosemary was so prominent, just how I like it. There were rich woody undertones of cedar and pine too which just felt so fitting for the time of year. It makes you crave time in the garden. The richness and luxurious elements haven’t been missed, at all. It really does boost your mood and bring the senses to life.

Overall Review of Virginia Coram

virginia coram

I am very impressed with the brand and the products on the whole. I’d have loved to have smelt more citrus from the Artisan Lotion. The essential oils burst through and give an enriching and invigorating aromatherapy experience. It’s a simple, yet effective way to incorporate spa quality products into your bath regime without breaking the bank.

The products are made to a high standard and the quality of the ingredients and oils used is evident. I will definitely be purchasing some Virginia Coram products, more specifically, the Bathtub Lotion, Governess’s Lotion and the Potting Shed Soap Lotion. I’m not ready to give up luxury status just yet!

P.S: As it’s called Governess’s lotion… can I start asking people to call me Governess now?

Merry Christmas,


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