Benidorm November Fiesta Programme of Events 2019

As Visit Benidorm has just released the official programme of events for the Fiestas Mayores Patronales 2019, I thought it would be helpful to translate it all into English

Benidorm Fiestas Programme of Events

As Visit Benidorm has just released the official programme of events for the Fiestas Mayores Patronales 2019, I thought it would be helpful to translate it all into English so that those who don’t speak Spanish have access to the official programme of where to go, what time to be there and what to expect.

If you want to see the official programme of events in Spanish, you can go to where you will be able to download the programme in Spanish. If however, you’re looking for the Benidorm November Fiestas Programme for 2019 in England, you’ve come to the right place.

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Here is the Benidorm November Fiesta Programme of Events 2019:

Friday 8th November 2019

benidorm fair november fiesta

18:00 – Inauguration of the lighting in Calle Martínez Alejos. Inauguration of the Porrat in Avenida Emilio Ortuño.

19:00 – Opening of the Fair which is located next to the bullring. The first night is known as children’s night and the prices are cheaper.

21:00 – Entrance of the Peñas with a big concentration being on Calle Ruzafa. There will also be a parade through Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.

Saturday 9th November 2019

10:00 – Mass in the San Jaime Church in honour of the Virgin of the Suffrage, sung by the A.R. C “La Barqueta” and the Parochial Choir.

11:45 – Opening of the doors to the San Jaime and Santa Ana church to sing Joys to the Virgin.

12:00 – Pyrotechnics from the Plaza de la Señoría, to announce that the largest patronal festival of 2019 has begun.

12:15 – Band Entry from the Plaza de San Jaime to the Plaza de SS. MM. The Kings of Spain.

13:00 – Bands under the Town Hall and pyrotechnics

17:00 – Finding of the Virgin Suffrage by the A.R.C “La Barqueta”. Followed by pyrotechnics, announcing the Finding of the image of our patron, the Virgin of Suffrage on Poniente Beach.

18:30 – Solemne Romería from Elche Park (dove park), with the following itinerary: Paseo de la Carretera, Alameda del Mayor Street D. Pedro Zaragoza, Calle Mayor, and Plaza San Jaime.

Upon arrival, the San Jaime church will do the offering of the flowers. Followed by a spectacular firework show from the Plaza de la Señoría.

22:00 – Entertainment and dance by “LOCOS POR DILAR”, in the Huerto de Colón (Calle Tomás Ortuño).

23:00 Performance of the magnificent “SHAKARA ORCHESTRA” in the Huerto de Colón.

23:00 Performance of the magnificent “ORQUESTA LOS HAPPYS”, in C / Gambo.

23:00 GREAT PERFORMANCE, in the Plaza de SS. MM. The Kings of Spain, of the local bands: “LOCOS DE ATAR”, “DIRTY BONES,” ZAREY (Reggaeton) & VARIANCE DANCE STUDIO “and” ROAD VOLTA “.

23:30 From the SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Ateneu de la Vila” and “La Pericana” trays will appear in the street parade to explore the streets of Benidorm.

Sunday 10th November 2019

benidorm fiestas november

11:00 – 14:00 – Children’s park in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

11:30 – Solemn Mass in honour of the patron virgin of the suffrage in the San Jaime and Santa Ana church, sung by the “Polipónica de Polop Antonio Berenguer”. Then, BOMBARDEO AÉREO and PASACALLES, pass through the center of Benidorm.

14:00 – GRANDIOSA MASCLETÀ PIRO-DIGITAL, on Jaime I Avenue (between Nicaragua and Ricardo Bayona streets), in charge of the RICASA fireworks. The Tennis Distillery will offer a tasting of Tennis Anise, while stocks last.

17:00 – Travelling children’s theatre, “PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE”, depart from Huerto de Colón. Chocolates will be given to children, offered by Marcos Tonda Chocolates.

19:30 – Solemn Procession in honour of the Virgin of the Suffrage. Itinerary: Calle Mayor, Alameda de D. Pedro Zaragoza, Los Angeles, Metge D.J Pérez Martorell, Martínez Alejos, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz, Mal Pas and Plaza de San Jaime. To finish, lighting the traditional ESTAMPETA in honor of the Virgin, in the Plaza of San Jaime.

22:30 –  Performance by the ORQUESTA SECRETS, in the Huerto de Colón (Crossing calle Tomás Ortuño).

23:00 – “ORQUESTA TREGUA”, orchestra performance on Gambo Street.

23:00 – In the Plaza de San Jaime, the “COPLETES” will be sung in honor of the Virgin of Suffrage.

23:30 – From the plaza SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Bataclán” and“La Pericana”, will perform and explore the streets of Benidorm.

00:00 – Concert of  “LA UNIÓN”, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

Monday 11th November 2019 – Saint Jaime’s Apostle Day

benidorm fiesta plaza de toros november

7:30 – Chocolate parade, courtesy of CHOCOLATES MARCOS TONDA (Villajoyosa), at the Casa del Fester (C / la Biga).

8:00 – Sonora DESPERTÀ from the Casa del Fester (C / la Biga), through the streets of downtown.

11:00 – 14:00 – Children’s Park, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

11:30 – Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime, in the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, sung by the “Polifónica de Polop Antonio Berenguer”. Next, BOMBARDEO AÉREO and PASACALLES through the streets of the centre of Benidorm.

14:00 – ATRONADORA MASCLETÀ PIRO-DIGITAL in Avenida Jaime I, in charge of the RICASA pyrotechnics.

17:00 Traveling Children’s Theater “PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE”, leaving from the Casa del Fester (C / La Biga). chocolates offered by Marcos Tonda Chocolates, in the Huerto de Colón.

19:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION IN HONOR TO SAN JAIME, with the following itinerary: Calle Mayor, Alameda de D. Pedro Zaragoza, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz, Mal Pas and Plaza de San Jaime. The traditional ESTAMPETA will be lit, in honor of Saint James the Apostle. Inside the temple, the Mayorales of the Patron Festivities 2020 will be read.

23:15 From the SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Bataclán” and “La Pericana” trays will go on the street parade to explore the streets of Benidorm.

23:30 SOLIDARY CONCERT OF THE 40 BENIDORM POP, presented by Tony Aguilar, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain, with the performances by: Dani Fernández, Alba Reche, Ana Mena, Pol Granch, Xuso Jones, Unique, Lemot, Maybe, Safree, Bad Boy, Samuel, Miki and Nil Moliner.

At the end of the concert, spectacular “CORREFOCS”, by the “COLLA DE DIMONIS POLOPINS”, leaving from the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain and walking the streets: Hondo, Schools, Tomás Ortuño, La Biga, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, to finish in Gambo street.

Tuesday 12th November 2019

10:30 SOLEMNE MASS OF RÉQUIEM, in the Church of San Jaime, sung by the Parochial Choir. Then, in the Plaza de la Señoría, LAUREL CROWN OFFER to the Fallen at Sea, followed by a visit to the cemeteries of our city.

11:00 to 14:00 – Children’s Park, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

14:00 – SPECTACULAR MASCLETÀ, on Avenida Jaime I, pyrotechnics.

17:00 Travelling children’s show “Pasacalles and bull confinement and inflatable ambulance”, starting at the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain, to finish in Triangular Square.

18:00 Children’s Theater “PIRATA”, on Calle Gambo.

19:00 GREAT PARADE OF HUMOUR. Itinerary: Venus, Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.


00:30 TRIBUTE CONCERT (MECANO, QUEEN and BRUNO MARS), in the Plaza de SS.MM Reyes de España.

Wednesday 13th November 2019

11:30 “FESTA DE LES FESTS”. Parade of the different festive entities of Benidorm. Departure from Tomás Ortuño and Pino streets. Itinerary: Tomás Ortuño, La Biga, Ruzafa, Herrerías and arrival at the Plaza de SS.MM Los Reyes de España.

13:00 MASCLETÀ INFANTIL and TRACA DE CARAMELOS in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

18:00 MULTICOLOR DE CARROZAS PARADE, from Elche Park through the following streets: Almendros, Mars, Venus, Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.

At the end of the parade starts the firework show on Poniente Beach at the Port. This year, the firework show is called “GRANDIOSO CASTILLO DE FUEGO ARTIFICIALES” produced by Ricasa Pyrotechnics.

Happy Fiestas!

Please note that the tourist office may change the events at any time due to weather or any other incident. I am not responsible for any changes to the programme.


Fuxion Gastro Bar, Benidorm

With a relaxing and chilled out atmosphere, it is the perfect place to spend an hour or two basking in the endless summer sun or seeking shade in the stunning interior.

IMG_5863 2

A tranquil and relaxing bar in Benidorm

Exquisite crowd-pleasing food and drink – this is a place you don’t want to miss if you’re on holiday in Benidorm.

Whatever food or drink your heart and taste buds desire, you’re sure to find it in Fuxion Gastro Bar. Chicken nuggets, Nachos, Paella, Pizza and Fajitas are just some of the gorgeous pieces on the menu.

Say hello to Fuxion Gastro Bar.

fuxion gastro bar benidorm diary of a spanglish girl

Fuxion Gastro Bar is located on Calle Alfaz del Pi 2, Benidorm, Spain close to El Faro apartments and Hotel Delfin. It’s a short walk away from Gran Hotel Bali. Conveniently, it is placed just off the Poniente beach line, making it easy access from both La Cala, Finestrat and Poniente.

Friendly bartenders, great food and beautiful decor are just a few of the reasons why we and customers love it so much.

With a relaxing and chilled out atmosphere, it is the perfect place to spend an hour or two basking in the endless summer sun or seeking shade in the stunning interior.

fuxion gastro bar benidorm diary of a spanglish girl

Attention to detail is evident, where the staff have maintained not only a high standard of friendliness, attentiveness and cleanliness, but also the finishing touches of decoration are beautiful and are a true representation of the level of pride the staff take in their business.

The Service

The staff are always friendly and welcoming opening their arms and hearts to customers. You’re guaranteed to be welcomed with a smile and a warm manner. Nothing is ever too much.

Whether you need a food recommendation, a drink creation, or just a chat, Ruben will sort you out. Meanwhile, Diego is whizzing up something in the kitchen that will make your mouth water and please your taste buds.


fuxion gastro bar benidorm diary of a spanglish girl

With a chilled out decor, the surroundings definitely make you feel at ease. There are plants aplenty and a rustic feel. Meanwhile, gentle sounds of jazz and acoustic music will fill the air. It’s the perfect place to start the day with a warming Latte Macchiato or end the night on a quality cocktail. No matter what the time of day, you’re sure to be pleased with your visit.


There are sofas and rocking chairs for chilling out or tables and chairs for an eating-in dining experience.

Fuxion Gastro Bar is intimate without the feeling of being cramped, cool without being hipster, and niche without being pretentious. Perfect for a casual date night, or a catch-up with friends; Alex and I very quickly became regulars. Quality drinks, delicious food, and gorgeous decor. Exactly what Benidorm was missing.




Many a time, I’ve sat in Fuxion and either got on with some blog writing, caught up on some university work or did some bullet journaling. It’s a great place to relax and get in “the zone”.

fuxion gastro bar benidorm diary of a spanglish girl cavalier king charles spaniel

  • Fuxion is dog-friendly
  • Fuxion now serves English breakfast on top of their extensive breakfast menu
  • Their themed nights, such as New Year’s Eve are fabulous
  • For more info visit the Fuxion Gastro Bar’s Facebook page

Hasta luego,





Get Halloween Ready with Escape Benidorm and Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas

Halloween is getting closer and closer and if the idea of having no plans scares you way more than the screams of being held hostage – then get yourself down to the Pop-up Escape Room at Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas on Calle Gerona in Benidorm.

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

Halloween is getting closer and closer and if the idea of having no plans scares you way more than the screams of being held hostage – then get yourself down to the Pop-up Escape Room at Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas on Calle Gerona in Benidorm.

diary of a spanglish girl at sol pelicanos An evil persona guards the once children’s park where the sheds that once were filled with children’s laughter are now haunted by the sounds of rattling windows and banging doors.

diary of a spanglish girl at sol pelicanos

Guests at the Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas: there may be a few tricks along the way, but you’re in for a treat this Halloween. 

Using only your brain power, you have to solve puzzles, cryptic clues and padlocks to get yourself out of there before the whole thing explodes – in just thirty minutes.

Want to test your relationship? Want to put your family to the limits? Escape rooms are the way to go. Teamwork is key. Work together, maximise your own strengths and listen to one another to maximise your chances of breaking free.

Aren’t the last minute plans always the best plans? 

On a spur of the moment thing – we were given the opportunity to head down to the Sol Pelicanos Ocas and give the Escape Benidorm room a try. I have to say – it was one of the best yet. If you’re a guest at the Sol Pelicanos, you’re in for a definite Halloween Treat.

The Sol Pelicanos Ocas have really gone to town with their Halloween Decor. No part of the hotel main area has been forgotten. Every area is filled with a sprinkle of Halloween fear.

halloween decor blood bones skeleton creepy chains

halloween at sol pelicanoshalloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

Outside at the children’s hut is where the spooky fun happens. We were greeted by a member of staff from Benidorm Escape Room and given a rundown of the ground rules, the length of time and a little background story. We’d meet again in thirty minutes. If we escaped – that is.

Well decorated and with so much equipment inside – it’s hard to believe that it was a children’s play hut just the week before.

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

There are a few jumps and bumps part way through so expect it to get a little scary and a lot jumpy. The special effects and characters contribute to building a fantastic Halloween experience and one that is totally different to something we’ve done to celebrate Halloween before.

It was great to be able to get into the Halloween spirit. I don’t want to share any spoilers because you’ve got to try it to live it. 

When you’re in an Escape Room, all sense of reality is somehow forgotten. You’re focusing on getting out. You want to succeed. You want to be able to say you’ve completed it. But, when the pressure is added, the clock is ticking and outside distractions are doing all they can to ensure you don’t complete it. You have to push yourself and your team. 

Alex and I were actually good at working together. Alex took on the role of any mathematics and the actual doing. Whereas, I did critical thinking. Thinking outside of the box. Coming up with things a little bit different to try out. I also did a lot of hiding behind curtains, but you know… There was also a bit where you had to work together and we did well at that!

The Escape Room Benidorm was functioning yesterday (27.10.2018) and will be open again on Wednesday for Halloween (31.10.2018).

Will you get out? 

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

We escaped with four minutes left on the device. Can you beat us?

To top off your Wicked Wednesday – why not head to the bar area and enjoy their Halloween themed cocktail? There was entertainment going on and football was being shown on the big screen – which Alex appreciated.

diary of a spanglish girl drinking kill on the beach at sol pelicanosgirl drinking kill on the beach cocktail halloween

Want to find out more about the different rooms at the Escape Benidorm? You can read my posts here: The OrphanageZombies, and Cold War or head to the Escape Benidorm website to find out more.

Hasta luego,


I was invited to try out the Escape Room at Sol Pelicanos

Rejuvenate at The Spa at the Hotel Dynastic in Benidorm

Looking for a unique spa experience close to the Benidorm action? Let me introduce you to The Hotel Dynastic


Looking for a unique spa experience close to the Benidorm action? Let me introduce you to The Hotel Dynastic and its splendid spa.

There are not many places in Benidorm that can proudly say their hotel has spa facilities on site. There aren’t many that can say they have an indoor pool either. But, the Hotel Dynastic can say both of these, with pride.

This week, I have collaborated with The Hotel Dynastic to try out their spa to bring you an honest review and let you know exactly what it’s like. I took my mum with me and we had a ‘mother-daughter’ style day.


excuse my “full of cold” face

The Hotel Dynastic is situated in an ideal location, part of the laid-back Rincon de Loix of Benidorm means it’s close enough to be in the heart of the action but far enough away that you can escape it if you wish.

Right from the moment that we stepped foot in the Hotel Dynastic, we knew it would be clean and welcoming. The staff are friendly and approachable, I could see them greeting guests with a smile and providing entertainment around the hotel. There was a very relaxed atmosphere.

96a35e09-4770-4f3e-9a30-f11ce24b2ec8 2

The Spa itself is located downstairs. Walking into the Spa reception, you’ll find everything you need and more. It really does set the precedent for the exceptional cleanliness and professionalism.

If you’re anything like us, you definitely won’t have a swimming cap at hand, though if you do, be sure to take it! Swimming caps are essential in the spa area, which helps to maintain its standards of cleanliness. As somebody who studied an NVQ in Spa Therapy, I know how high the standards are set for spas, but not everywhere adhere to this as strictly as they should. The Hotel Dynastic do. 


If you don’t have a swim cap, you are able to pick up yours at the reception of the spa for 3€, [correct at time of publish] you can also purchase Speedo goggles and swim accessories.

There are separate changing rooms for men and women. Large lockers are available, operating with a 1€ coin which is returned to you. The changing rooms are both large and again incredibly clean. Even though the spa, gym and swimming pool had guests in, it was still spotless. This included the toilets, which can be a real rarity!



The Spa area is located in the same area as the indoor pool and the multi-level gym. I had been full of cold for the past few days, so I wasn’t in a gym mood. Though, it was filled with state of the art equipment, treadmills, weights and everything else you’d need to keep your gym routine in place during your holidays. I also read that they even offer pilates, spinning and circuit sessions, which would have been amazing to take part in.

You can find a hydro-massage pool, which was my favourite, a Finnish sauna, a steam room and a Turkish bath. Unfortunately, the steam room isn’t switched on every day and the Turkish bath wasn’t filled at the time, so we were unable to use them.


Let me talk about the hydro-massage pool, just for a moment!

Visualise yourself taking a revitalising soak whilst absorbing all of the benefits of a brisk water massage. Well, at the Hotel Dynastic Spa, you can do exactly that! The hydro-massage pool is made up of with venturi jets, which thrust water and air from the sides of the bath to create a water massage, best known as a hydro-massage. It enables a range of massages, from gentle to vigorous, depending on where you lay!


The hydro-massage pool was both enjoyable and invigorating. Whirlpool baths are known to help ease away aches and pains. It would be perfect for soothing those sore feet after a long night dancing in Benidorm, or those muscle pains from just daily life! Put your feet up, you’re on holiday!


Relaxation, comfort and energising hydrotherapy combine to create a great experience. In the hydro-massage pool. You can lay out on the water beds, lean back into the swan neck water jets or dance around as your feet are tickled by the foot jets. It really is a full body massage in one pool! You might even have a bit of fun wading your way through the pool to get to the other side, the jets are powerful! I may or may not have gone underwater trying to get to the other side of the pool, haha! 

IMG_4634 3.JPG

The Finnish Sauna is located at the top left of the spa area, tucked away in a quiet little corner. The water in the whirlpool bath is a little chilly. It’s not a hot bath, so it’s welcomed considering how hot it is outside! However, the Finnish sauna is a whole different story. A safe sauna should be operating between 60-90 degrees. The sauna at The Hotel Dynastic was safely operating at 73 degrees, which is pinpointed as one of the optimal temperatures.

That sauna glow!

The sauna was quite small, perfect for the number of guests that are expected to use it. We did have to wait for a few people to leave before we went in, but strictly speaking, you shouldn’t use saunas for any longer than 10 minutes, so it’s just a case of being a little patient. The sauna also has the egg-timer inside so you can monitor your time spent. Sauna’s, like the one at the Hotel Dynastic, are suitable for everybody except those with heart conditions, open wounds and babies. Expectant mothers are also exempt from using the sauna and the spa area.

I didn’t experience one, however, The Hotel Dynastic Spa offers a range of massage treatments. There are so many treatments available, even ones with luxurious ingredients like pearls, gold and chocolate. I think I need one of those massages in my life, what do you think?

The Hotel Dynastic Spa was an oasis of calm away mixed with an essence of fun and play. People were having a good time. Although children under the age of 16 cannot use the spa, they are able to use the indoor pool, which you overlook from the spa area. People are happily on their phones snapping photos, you can see the pool and gym from the hydro-massage pool, so it’s a great place to people watch!


As with any spa experience, it’s vital to replenish your body of liquids lost through sweating, especially from the sauna. At the end of our spa circuit, we headed to the pool bar, next to the swimming pool to grab a drink. The entertainment was on, people were splashing around and enjoying their holiday. Up to date, new music was also played which fitted perfect for its surroundings and the modern vibe that the Hotel Dynastic emits.

I didn’t try anywhere else in the hotel, but from the standards of the cleanliness, the amenities and facilities offered and the efficiency of the staff, then I’m certain it would be a great choice of hotel in Benidorm.

You can find out more about the costs to use the Spa at the Hotel Dynastic, other facilities that they have to offer and book your next stay with them by following this link to their official website:

Have you stayed at The Hotel Dynastic before?

Hasta luego,


This post was made in collaboration with the Hotel Dynastic who kindly invited me to try their spa circuit. All views remain my own. All photos were taken by myself or my mum.

Discover Orxeta, Costa Blanca

Orxeta, or Orcheta, is a small municipality in the mountains of the Marina Baixa.


“Hay mucha diferencia entre viajar
para ver países y para ver pueblos.”

There is a big difference between travelling to see countries and travelling to see villages.

There is more to the Costa Blanca than the big cities. I often find that the best times I have are actually outside of the city. The places where the architecture is untouched and the sense of community still exists.

Orxeta, or Orcheta, is a small municipality in the mountains of the Marina Baixa. Only 20 minutes drive from the centre of Benidorm, yet in comparison, a million miles apart.


I first heard about Orxeta when children in my class told me they lived there. After googling it, I found out that less than 800 people live there. I’m pretty sure more than 800 people live there. So, that should give you some sense of an idea of just how small and ‘together’ this village really is.

To me, Orxeta was like a mini Villajoyosa collided with Finestrat and Guadalest. Now, in no way is this village a big day out, neither is it somewhere that on a week holiday you might rush to, but, if you’re here for a while, or you’ve been coming so regularly and you’re bored of the ‘same ole scenery’ then, a trip to Orxeta might just be something you’d like.


How to Get to Orxeta

This is not easy. Unless you have access to a car, it might not be entirely possible for you.

We travelled by car, heading towards Villajoyosa along the CV 770.

Orxeta is not accessible by public transport from Benidorm or Villajoyosa.

If you enjoy a pretty steep bike ride, then it’s a 9.1km ride, uphill, according to google for 30 minutes. (I think it’d be more like an hour but there we go!)

If you enjoy hiking, there were plenty of brave? people taking the journey, apparently, it’s a two-hour walk from Villajoyosa. If you do plan on hiking up, make sure you have supplies such as water. There’s a lot of nothing in between!

What’s it Like?

Orxeta is like the paramount of a Spanish village. Local tapas bars, one on every corner. A beautiful church perched high above the village, peeking over the top, keeping watch and chiming on the hour and booming for the church service. There are open doors with friendly locals, those who are all too happy for you to take photos of their houses and stroke their dogs.


It’s like a true sense of community. 

Stepping into Orxeta is like taking a step back in time. There were some definite looks when people realised we weren’t a part of the 800 population, but they were friendly and welcoming.

Tapas Bars, Lemon Groves and Slow Walks

We went to a gorgeous bar, Bar Gregori, where we happened to see one of the children I teach. She was enjoying tapas with her family and was so happy to see us. She was waving and smiling and introducing me to every member.

Bar Gregori is located on Calle Mayor in Orxeta, but believe me, once you get to Orxeta, you’ll definitely find it without directions. I would like to go back to Orxeta and just tapas hop between them all.

Surrounding Orxeta, there are rows and rows of miles of lemon and orange groves. I have never had a Fanta Limon with a lemon in it that was so full of flavour. They really had picked some and chopped them straight the way.

We also had a selection of tapas. Patatas bravas, patatas fritas, dedos de queso and nuggets de pollo.

  • Patatas Bravas, cubes of white potato, usually served with a hot, tomato sauce.
  • Patatas Fritas, fries
  • Dados de Queso, these are cheese cubes. The ones we had were Cabra which is goats cheese.
  • Nuggets de Pollo, chicken nuggets. These were the best chicken nuggets I’ve ever had.

The chicken nuggets were made of real, fresh chicken. They had been completely homemade, even down to the breadcrumbs. At 0.60c a piece, I wished we had much more! We’ll be heading back to have some more of them, at some point!


After that, we took a quick stroll around the village once more. Trust me, it takes around 5 minutes to get from one side to the other. But, it’s so beautiful to just walk around and take a look. The mountains tower over one side of Orxeta, and the views are just stunning.

El Embalse del Amadorio

“The Amateurs Reservoir” let’s hope I’ve translated that correctly…

Constructed in 1957, built along the route of the Rio Amadorio (Amadorio river). Its maximum capacity is 15.8hm³. This reservoir is used for the supply of water to the Marina Baixa, to the cities of Villajoyosa and Benidorm.


This beautiful reservoir reminds me of Guadalest. The crystal clear water really is a marvel to look at.

Down below, we could see people taking part in water sports on the reservoir. I don’t know if it’s allowed or they just did it!? I’m no sports expert, but it looked to me like they were windsurfing. Perhaps I should ask Alex…


El Embalse del Amadorio is a 13-minute drive out of Orxeta, heading towards Villajoyosa. There is a viewpoint with benches and a pull off point, so make sure you stop for a photo!

Orxeta is a beautiful spot located up in the mountains. If you’re looking for a typically Spanish town with a laid-back lifestyle then this is for you. Relax with some tapas and a  caña or a copa de vino and really soak up the atmosphere!


If you enjoy my posts, please give me a like on Facebook and follow my blog by adding your email in the black box!

Have you ever been to Orxeta?

Hasta luego,


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