List of hotels that are open and closed in Benidorm during September 2020

Published September 3rd 2020

Walking around Benidorm  hotels

If there has ever been a time when news changed quickly, now is that time. Evergreen articles are a thing of the past at the moment and trying to keep on top of constant changes, both in terms of local and national rules is a seemingly never ending task.

Nevertheless, we’ve been walking around Benidorm recently, which you might have seen and Alex has been doing a wonderful job doing his towel test knowing a hotel is open if towels are draped over the balcony and we think we’re more or less on track with which hotels are open and which hotels are currently closed in Benidorm during September 2020.

Rio in an empty Benidorm

The pandemic has hit Benidorm hard and it’s a well known fact that Benidorm relies on British tourists so heavily to keep its economy booming. It’s predicted that only 10-15 hotels will remain open and a hotel occupancy of around 30%. There’s no denying that this is sad news for Benidorm.

We remain hopeful that all of these hotels that have chosen to re-close, or remain closed, means that Benidorm can come back stronger and booming in 2021, hopefully when the season is able to pick up again and hopefully when the world situation is a little brighter.

List of hotels/apartments closed or soon closing

  • MedPlaya Riudor
  • MedPlaya Agir
  • MedPlaya Rio Park
  • MedPlaya Flamingo Oasis
  • Hotel Mediterraneo
  • Hotel Regente
  • Levante Beach Apartments
  • Hotel Calypso
  • Hotel Orange
  • Hotel Castilla
  • Hotel Rialto
  • Benidorm Celebrations
  • Benidorm Centre
  • Hotel Marina
  • Ambassador 1
  • Ambassador 2
  • Hotel Nadal
  • Hotel Caballo del Oro
  • Hotel Mont Park
  • Hotel Palm Beach
  • Alpha Apartments
  • Hotel Agua Azul
  • Hotel Perla
  • Prima Loix
  • Hotel Rocamar
  • Villa Venecia
  • Hotel Alone
  • Hotel Lido
  • Gran Hotel Delfin
  • Sandos Monaco
  • Don Pancho
  • Hotel Pueblo
  • Riviera Beach
  • Sol Pelicanos (13th September)
  • VillaItana
  • Torre Dorada
  • Centro Mar
  • Hotel Diplomatic
  • Flamingo Beach Resort
  • Hotel Melia Benidorm
  • Gran Hotel Bali

List of hotels in Benidorm that are currently open

  • Thai Asia Gardens
  • Hotel Venus (October 1st)
  • Hotel Joya
  • Hotel Helios
  • Hotel Brasil
  • El Trebol
  • Hotel H10
  • Hotel Benikactus
  • Les Dunes
  • Hotel Belroy
  • Hotel Cabana
  • Sandos Benidorm Suites
  • Hotel Terralta
  • Hotel Magic Natura
  • Hotel Presidente
  • Hotel Dynastic
  • Hotel Deloix
  • Hotel Port Benidorm
  • Hotel Corona del Mar
  • Villa del Mar
  • Poseidón Playa
  • Hotel Bristol
  • Sol Costa Blanca

These are the ones that we have walked past and know about. If there’s any that you think we’ve missed off, or your hotel that you’re concerned about, please drop me a message via the contact form and we’ll take a walk by and update this post. Thanks!

Day Trip from Benidorm to Valencia

Arts and science museum in Valencia

If the question you’re asking yourself is “is a day trip to Valencia worth it?” Then, I’ll cut the long story short with a very simple, very certain yes. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it may well be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If the opportunity presents itself to go for the day, or overnight, then take it.

There are many different ways to get to Valencia from various places around the Costa Blanca. You can get the tram to Alicante and then the train from Alicante, you can get the ALSA bus which picks up from various destinations, or the quickest and most convenient is driving. If you haven’t got access to a car in Spain, then I’d definitely recommend renting one for a few days. You’ll have plenty of places to go and Valencia will end up being just a 90 minute drive from some of the furthest places away along the Costa.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take Rio to Valencia for the first time. Although he’s a fully fledged travel dog now having visited beautiful places like San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona and Granada, he’d never been to Valencia, his nearest city. We had to change that one, didn’t we!

Strangely enough, every time Alex and I have been to Valencia, it’s been the winter. I’ve only been once in the summer time. But, I can in all confidence say that winter is my favourite time to be in Valencia. I find the skies are much bluer in the winter, and the visibility is much further. It’s also much nicer weather to wander around and visit all of the tourist sites. Plus, stopping at various bars for a tapas or quick glass of wine isn’t a desperation for a drink like you get in the summer.

Valencia is much more relaxed, in general. Another positive is that there are far fewer crowds about. Photos are easier to get, the only downsides you might consider is that there are less hours of daylight and nightlife isn’t as vibrant. Though, I see it that you get less hours of sun, but more usable hours of sun.

Two people and cavalier at arts and science museum Valencia
Taken at the Valencia sign at arts and science museum
Carrying my cavalier at the arts and science museum

The first place we headed for was the Arts and Science Museum. It’s always been the most impressive and favourite parts about our trips to Valencia. The architecture of it allow is incredible, paired with the glorious blue water that surrounds it makes for fantastic photos. We seriously love the rooftop garden above it too, that I hear doubles as a pretty happening nightclub on a weekend.

Happy at the arts and science museum
Walking with my dog through the park at Valencia
Rio happy with the letter r in Valencia cavalier King Charles

We then made a beeline for the town hall. It’s one of those plaza’s that seems to be buzzing no matter what time of year you go. There’s always people sitting outside enjoying a cafe and basking in the sun. There’s always a fancy dress character or two wandering around (which you’re best to avoid!)

Fashion shoot outside building in Valencia

We didn’t get too long in Valencia this time we went, but we took Rio to everywhere we wanted to take him. If we were heading back for longer, we’d definitely stop for another paella on the beach front of Malvarosa. There are loads of beautiful restaurants along there that serve delicious Spanish dishes. The only thing I would say is always make sure you park in a proper car park with CCTV. It’s down by the Malvarosa where our car had a window smashed and lots of things stolen from it, so take extra care.

It’s also worth taking a wander along the huge park in Valencia, on a glorious summers day a few summers back, I walked the entire length of the park with a friend and it’s a lovely walk. It’s the Cabacera Park and has a pretty lake in it.

I’d also say to check out Gulliver’s Park, especially if you have kids with you. It’s a unique free play park where children and adults alike can clamber and slide on the body parts of the character, Gulliver. It’s absolutely massive and you’ll have a great time sliding about!

Sunset at albufera Valencia park

The last thing we did in Valencia was heading to the Albufera park in Valencia, following the recommendation of a child in my class. I’m so glad we did. We got there at around 18:30 and accidentally made it five minutes before sunset. The place was filled with couples and families waiting to see the sunset. It’s such a beautiful place where the sun slowly falls behind the mountain. The lake is so large that it looks as though you’re looking out at sea. It’s without a doubt one of the most impressive sunsets I’ve seen along the Valenciana region.

Cavalier rolling around outside bullring Valencia

You could also check out the bullring, the Roman ruins, the bioparc, or spend an entire day in the oceanografíc. Not to mention, there are gorgeous hiking trails you can do or spend some time at the stunning beaches or around the pool, if your hotel has one.

You can certainly see most of Valencia in a day, but if you’re wanting to see much more and go at a slower pace then you won’t be bored or short for ideas if you stop over. We have stayed near to the Plaza de Ayuntamiento and it was ideal for location. It also meant bars were aplenty for breakfast before heading out in the city.

The Disadvantages of Living in Spain (Benidorm)

If you are thinking of making a life out here in Spain then you might be intrigued to know what the cons are about living here. You might want to know exactly what you’re signing up for and hear about the disadvantages there are to not only daily life but also long term.

Sure, you might have been on holiday for long periods of time and sure you might love being out here, but do you know exactly what you’re getting in to? You might enjoy living the Spanish holiday life, heading to the beach and lounging by the pool but making a life out here is much different, whether you intend to work or not.

Living in Spain

It’s not the solution to all of your problems at home. Waking up to the sun and blue sky sure is glorious, but it’s not a fix. Many people arrive to Spain and take months to snap themselves out of holiday mode, and even find the motivation to get out of holiday mode to find a job.

Cost of Living

Some people see this as a disadvantage so I thought I would touch on it, but from a personal opinion, I don’t find this the case. Wages and salaries in Spain can be lower than they are in other countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the USA. But, on the other hand, I find our outlay much less. Our rent is much lower and we get much more for our money. The only thing we do find expensive is WiFi and TV.


Looking at our memories in our photo book

There’s two parts to this one. Your relationships at home, and your relationship with the person you’re moving with (if you are). You might find moving to Spain takes a toll on your relationship as you’re pretty much guaranteed to spend a lot more time with solely that person than if you were at home. This might be because you intend to open a bar together, or because it takes a while to build a friendship group. (We still don’t have hardly any friends albeit a couple!).

Plus, there’s your relationships at home. Not seeing friends or family for long periods of time can also be a strain. Of course, if they’re able to come out and see you on a cheap flight then it’s definitely not the worst place to host! We gave up a pretty solid friendship group where we’d regularly go out or round theirs for dinner, game nights, cinema, you name it. I’d be naive to say it hasn’t affected our friendship and it hurts to know we’ve potentially damaged a friendship and miss out on seeing their children grow up.

It’s definitely hard to not just pop around friends or families houses. Plus knowing you’ve left a lot of people behind and general homesickness can be hard.


Oh please don’t remind me of the paperwork! There’s a video knocking about on YouTube where a girl goes into a government office for a piece of paper. The standing joke is, you have thousands of pieces of paper but they’ll still ask for one more. They’ll even ask for paperwork that doesn’t even exist (I wish I was kidding). Basically, if they can make an excuse, they will.

For what one person needs for a simple documentation, somebody else will need something else. If you’re not armed with an entire tree in paperwork, plus photocopies of everything you own then chances are you’re getting declined. Top this with every time you go you need a previous appointment and involves many trips back to the government building then it gets very tedious and very frustrating very quickly.


From a personal note, I love the healthcare here, well love is a strong word but it’s very good. I say that because I’m young and luckily haven’t had to use it often and hopefully shan’t need to in the future (runs to touch some wood). I’ve visited the walk in centre on a Saturday afternoon in summer and have been seen within five minutes. Walked out with a prescription and off I went. I’ve also been to the doctors and the hospital and have been seen very quickly and received very good care.

However, one common complaint I hear is that for the elderly or others it’s not quite so good. Not every job comes with an official contract meaning they’re not entitled to free healthcare like we are. This puts workers in extremely vulnerable positions as they have to pay premium private healthcare.

Following on from that, there aren’t many elderly homes around. It is assumed that family members will take care of the elderly when the time comes which can be a definite disadvantage.


Alex kayaking on the water

There’s only so much beach and pool you can put up with. Many people underestimate the power of boredom and how quickly it comes. In most places, there aren’t many facilities for sports, or activities so the boredom starts to set in. Add this with that if you don’t speak Spanish you might not be able to take part properly or have the confidence to take part.

Luckily, in Benidorm, we do have a lot more facilities than most places and the town hall do work to put on different events. There are always lots of festivities or fiestas going on, but in terms of sports and social I still feel it’s lacking. If you have a car, I do find that this gets diminished though as you can travel to other towns like Javea and Alicante for social clubs like yoga and dance or even English cinemas.

To combat boredom, Alex recently joined a Spanish kayaking club which he’s been loving and I have joined a pottery club. The blog has definitely helped with boredom and is, like I’ve always said, the main reason why I opened it.


I often wonder about the pros and cons for children. While becoming bilingual will be fantastic for them and that they’d have a wonderful life and private schooling, I wonder what life after school will be like. Will they have the opportunities they want? Will Spanish nationals be more likely to be offered a job? I know that both Alex and I have jobs in the sector we want, but I’m not sure what they might want. Hypothetically speaking they might want to work in tourism, or in education or they might have so many languages that it’d actually advantageous, let’s see! From a personal opinion, I think it might be different moving out with a child already having known growing up in their home country as opposed to a child only knowing here.

They also say that childbirth can be difficult in Spain as there aren’t the options to have certain birthing options or pain relief. One thing that does worry many people is the fact they have to face the Spanish healthcare system for all of their appointments, talk to doctors in Spanish and actually give birth in a Spanish hospital. Of course, a translator is definitely recommended (or even required in some places!).

Slanted Buildings

Javea blue door portixol

I said this to Alex and wanted to check his opinion on it. The reason the buildings are on a slant is because, especially around here, the land is so mountainous and hilly. But, from an aesthetic point of view, it’s so frustrating to take a photo and it looks like I haven’t taken it straight because the building is on a slant. When you straighten it, the sea looks like it’s drooping down and it’s just weird. From an architectural point of view, I don’t know if this affects the building at all?

Lack of Flights

budapest travel guide buda castle view of the danube and chain bridge girl looking at castle

Again, this definitely is just for our area. But, we find it much harder to nip away for a weekend or go on holiday because there just aren’t the flights to different places or airport access like we had in the U.K. We had 4 major airports within reach and it was amazing to just click lowest flight to anywhere and see where we could go. Now, it takes much more planning and much more limited options. Even down to the fact sometimes we have to fly to the U.K. for our holidays.

Finding work

In a lot of cases, finding work can be difficult. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Generally, bar work can be pretty easy to pick up should the English clients be there, which they certainly are around the Costa Blanca. Also, if you have the skills and experience, teaching in an academy in a possibility. In terms of actual teaching, this is certainly possible with the same qualifications you’d need in the U.K. Not all teachers are keen to teach in Spain as it might include a pay dip and not all schools offer a relocation fee like they do in other countries.

I have to say, it took me a while to think of downsides. It wasn’t easy, and when I asked Alex he could only come up with one. Once I told him the ones I had, he said he agreed to an extent but some were only relevant to other people, which I touched on, or to the Benidorm area. Like he said, clubs and things definitely happen in other places, especially Javea. The pros in our case much further outweigh the cons.

What do you think? Any more to add?

L x

Things to do in Benidorm for less than a tenner

Feeling the crunch this year whilst you’re in Benidorm? Well, don’t worry because with this list there are many awesome things you can do in Benidorm for less than £10 – many of which are absolutely free!

After all, many of spend out so much on flights and accommodation that the last thing we want is more and more expensive day trips and excursions to keep the whole party entertained. With this list that you can print or save, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your next holiday in Benidorm.

1. A Picnic

Beautiful beach picnic at night with a couple drinking wine

One of my absolute favourite cheap activities to do in Benidorm is grab my picnic blanket and basket and have a picnic. Head to your nearest mercadona or carrefour and stock up on some local produce, sandwiches, queso and jamón and have a picnic down the beach.

To make a full day of it, head to Algar Falls, the natural springs near to Benidorm and enjoy the picnic overlooking the beautiful mountains.

2. Take a Blanket Tour

Girl looking at guadalest castle

Okay so you might have to listen to a sales pitch about some feet pads or a new toaster, but at least you can visit a brand new location which is usually a gorgeous trip to Guadalest. Free transportation and a couple of drinks included means that you’ll have a full day out in the mountains for absolutely nothing!

3. A Day Out at the Old Town

instagrammable locations in benidorm old town

Granted you might want to splurge when you’re there but ultimately heading to the old town and wandering around the old cobbled streets is definitely worthy of making the list. Grab a bit of tapas and a caña and you’ll be splashing out less than 10€ each!

4. Take a Day Trip to Altea

walking along main street altea spain

Jumping on the number 10 Llórente bus to Altea at 1,50€ each means that you can have a full day out at Altea visiting the beautiful cobbled streets and the white washed buildings without breaking the bank. Stop at one of the local bars for a café con leche or a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

5. Head to the Beach

cove in benidorm

Okay I know this one is a given but there’s definitely more to Benidorm Beaches than just Levante. Why not have a day at the beach down in Poniente, or La Cala de Finestrat or Cala Mal Pas or Cala Tio Ximo? Although they are still beach days, they’re a complete change of scenery.

6. Take a Walk

villajoyosa travel guide

There are lots of walking routes around Benidorm that are absolutely beautiful and well worth doing. Why not walk from Benidorm to Villajoyosa, along the Albir lighthouse or walk up the rock in Calpe? There are lots of routes to do which all bring different views.

7. Visit the Chocolate Factory

instagrammable locations in benidorm villajoyosa

The chocolate factory in Villajoyosa has a completely free tour in English. Take the Alsa bus or Tram direct to creueta for less than 2€ each and whilst you’re there you can take in the sights of Villajoyosa.

8. Watch the Sunrise from The Cross

Either take a walk up to The Cross or take a taxi or Segway and watch the sunrise from The Cross. The views are absolutely spectacular and you’ll have a great view of the sunrise from there!

9. Watch the Sunset from The Tossal

beautiful pink sky from the tossal at benidorm at sunset

On the other end of the spectrum watch the sunset from the tossal in La Cala and see one of the best sunsets from Benidorm.

10. Go to One of the Many Parks

This one is especially good if you’ve got small children with you as they’ll love playing on the rides. Parc de Foietes or the park at the Dove Park all have little play things for children.

11. Go to the Bali Mirador

instagrammable locations in benidorm gran hotel bali suite

For just a couple of euros you’ll be able to see amazing views across all of Benidorm and beyond. Take the lift up and pay your low entrance fee to benefit from the views.

12. Visit the Market

la cala finestrat and benidorm market days

With a market on pretty much everyday somewhere in Benidorm there are lots of different markets you can take advantage of. Take a walk around the market and pick up some local produce whilst you’re there.

13. Have a Set Menu

the best places for sunday lunch benidorm showboat

Many of the bars and restaurants around Benidorm offer set menus for less than 10€. For a full Sunday lunch there are many restaurants that offer top quality food for less than 10€. The Showboat and The Corner Bar are both great ones.

14. Visit Algar Falls

waterfall at algar falls benidorm

The waterfalls at Algar Falls, once made famous by the Benidorm series, is a stunning location, where the surroundings are truly lush. Bursting with plant life, the Algar falls is simply a gorgeous site that you’ll love. Whether it’s the kids jumping off the jumping points into the cold, refreshing waters or having a picnic at the picnic zone. It’s bound to be a great day out.

15. Do a Benidorm TV Series Tour

Here’s one for the Benidorm tv show lovers, a Benidorm TV series tour. Okay, so it’s not actually an official tour, but it is free and it’s certain to be a hit for the Benidorm fanatics. Follow my Benidorm TV series route tour and find all the spots made famous by the TV show including Benidorm Palace, Sol Pelicanos, The Pink House, The Island and other spots!

Enjoy your holiday in Benidorm!

L x

What is a gota fría?

What is a gota fría?

Lightning bolt hitting mountain Benidorm gota fría

So you’ve probably heard the term “gota fría” thrown about in the news, but if you’re on holiday on the Costa Blanca and you’ve been told a gota fría is on its way, you might want to know what it is.

A Gota Fría is Spanish for “cold drop”, however, it’s more than just a plummet in temperature. A gota fría is much more than that. It’s a meteorological happening which combined with the terrain of Spain and the amount of water that is dropped, can cause devastating flooding.

As I type this, we’re currently on the first stages of another gota fría. The first one of the year. It’s January, and we’ll experience many more over the year than just this one.

First stage of gota fría

You might think the Spanish authorities are exaggerating when they announce that all outdoor sports are to be cancelled, schools face closures and they advise to limit journeys unless they’re absolutely essential. However, it’s all for a reason. There’s a major difference between a few rainy days in Benidorm, and a gota fría.

Here in Benidorm, we’re pretty lucky. We don’t experience the worst of the gota fría. We get some flooding, especially around rincón de loix, but ultimately it’s never too bad. Usually, you’ll still be able to get out and about, albeit you’ll get very wet. For areas like Xabia, the arenal can face flooding. They will usually build a sand wall as an added protection during these forecasts.

Dark sky gota fría over intempo building Benidorm

Other areas of the Costa Blanca though find much more devastating effects from a gota fría, especially the south-east and further north.

Most people are pretty accustomed to the heavy storms that come, which usually occur late summer or early autumn. But, they can be frightening for those who aren’t used to them, and they can also be extremely dangerous for those who are unaware of the potential dangers.

During a gota fría, there will be high winds, heavy rainfall, storms and very high waves. It’s absolutely essential that you don’t go into the sea at this time. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people walk to the beach or start jumping in the waves. Also take note of the roads that the police start to close.

Lightning hitting el tempo building in Benidorm gota fría storm

Usually, a day before the gota fría is scheduled, the police will start to prepare for it. Warnings will be broadcasted on social media and road closure gates will be balanced ready to be put out. If you do have a car, it’s vital that you don’t park your car on the roads that are destined to flood. As the warnings have been announced, it does void your insurance if you park your car on a flooding potential road.

A gota fría happens when the chilly front hits the warm Mediterranean air. They are much worse when the Mediterranean is warmer. It’s very hard to determine where a gota fría will hit until it’s actually happening due to their unpredictability.

You can find out lots of information about a gota fría and how exactly they’re formed by reading government websites.

To keep up to date with when gota frías are forecast, you can follow me on Facebook where I regularly post updates: Diary of a Spanglish Girl and reading updates from Spain’s met office (AEMET).

The good news is, gota frías don’t tend to last long. Usually only lasting a couple of days and after that the sun shines once more and just like the song, dries up all the rain. For most, it’s an inconvenience with a lot of water dampening the holiday. But for those in rural areas it can be much more of an issue. Use common sense and the storm will pass, just like storms back home. Take extra care near the sea and keep away from the mountain drops.

There used to be a massive problem in La Cala de finestrat, but since the renovations there have been major improvements. You should still take precaution around the market road though that still sometimes floods.


Don’t underestimate the power of the Spanish rain. The terrain means that flooding, flash floods and landslides are all feasible.

To see a glimpse of the gota fría here in Benidorm, I’ll leave you with this video:

Gota Fría Benidorm

L x

What to do in Benidorm and Finestrat over Christmas 2019

Now we’re on our 7th bit of advent, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do when you spend your Christmas holidays on the Costa Blanca.

christmas benidorm 2019.png

Now we’re on our 7th bit of advent, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do when you spend your Christmas holidays on the Costa Blanca. It’s true that a white Christmas will be not only a miracle but also probably not what you’re actually after, but you will get a Christmas with blue skies and white stretches of sandy beaches – as long as this rain clears up!

This is why I’ve been searching every inch of the internet and reading every little advertisement on a lamppost for the past couple of weeks to try and find the best activities and things to do over the Christmas period in Benidorm, Alicante, and Finestrat.

Christmas is a super magical time on the Costa Blanca and although it’s not as cold as Britain, it’s still rather cold at night.  So without further ado, let’s get planning your Christmas 2019!

What to do in Benidorm at Christmas


I thought I’d start with the most popular and the most likely to be of interest, and that, of course, is the sunny beach resort of Benidorm. If you’re a Christmas veteran to Benidorm, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Town Hall will be celebrating, as they do every year. There are also an abundance of music festivals, theatre and other bits and pieces going on.


  • Concert in Honour of Saint Cecilia. S.M. La Nova. Saturday 14/12/19 18:30 Hotel Bali
  • Concert Juvenil Band and Orchestra de Cuerda. Unión Musical. Saturday 14/12/19 20:30 Room of actos. Town Hall
  • Concert in Honour of Saint Cecilia. L´Illa Musical Society. Sunday 15/12/19 12:00 Room de actos. Town Hall
  • Beneficiary charity supporting AFEM. Camerata Ars Cántica. Sunday 15/12/19 18:00 Chapel de Sanz
  • Concert in Honour of Santa Cecilia. Symphony Band. Sunday 21/12/19 19:30 Glass Palace Hotel Bali.
  • VII International Organ Festival. Josep Vicent Giner and Coral Group. Saturday 21/12/19 20:30 Church of San Jaime
  • Musical Society Christmas Concert Saturday 21/12/19 20:30 La Nova Church de Ntra. Sra. de la Almudena
  • Christmas Concert. Camerata Ars Cántica Sunday 22/12/19 11:45 Iglesia del Buen Pastor.

Christmas Theatre:

  • Tachán. Magia Kekoperfil. Saga Productions Saturday 14/12/19 18:30 Plaza SS. Los Reyes de España. (Town Hall)
  • Geronimo Stilton. Enigma in the Prado. Saga Producciones. Saturday 21/12/19 18:30 Plaza SS. Los Reyes de España. (Town Hall)
  • Chef Natura. Markeliñe. Saturday 28/12/19 18:30 Plaza SS. Los Reyes de España. (Town Hall)
  • Puppets, storytelling, and workshops. Cooler than an Eight. 21,22,26,27,28 y 29/12/19 17:30 Hort de Colón (History museum on Calle de Tomás Ortuño)


  • 11th Annual Contest of Christmas Postcards Students of Benidorm Schools. 13/12/19–07/01/19 Espai d´art. Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)

Gala Dinners:

Showboat Benidorm: Whether you go for the Christmas Gala menu, the New Year’s Eve Menu or just a regular meal, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it! Great value, wonderful service, and tasty food, every time! (And we go nearly every Sunday!).

Hotels: Many hotels will be offering Gala menus on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It’s worth checking with your hotel before trying to find one as the best ones are usually held by the hotels! Please note, they are usually an extra, even if you booked half/full-board and all-inclusive due to the nature of the food.

Benidorm Palace: For a night filled with glitz and glam, a night at the cabaret is one that you won’t forget! Definitely upgrade to the dinner and show to really feel like you’re living the cabaret scene. They do amazing, extravagant gala menus which is sure to be unforgettable for all the family. This year, the boxing day performance is ABBA direct from London’s West End.


diary of a spanglish girl partner and brother at ice skating benidorm

Ice Skating: The Ice Rink is inaugurated at the Town Hall every year and it’s one activity that I really look forward to. The Ice Rink is open from 30th November until 6th January 2020. The rink is open in the mornings until 2pm and then again from 5pm until late. It’s quiet in the mornings, however, the nighttime is my favourite time of day there. You’ll see the glistening lights of the Christmas trees and the lights over Benidorm. Skate Hire is included in the price, but you’ll be required to wear long trousers, leggings or tights AND gloves, otherwise, you’ll be denied access.

Nativity Scene: A favourite amongst many is the Nativity Scene that you can visit at Casa- Museo Hort de Colón (the museum), from December 6th 2019 until January 6th 2020.

Hogueras: Just like the Summer Solstice in June, many will light bonfires again on Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. On December 21st, many will be jumping over fires that are said to protect themselves from illness in 2020.

Benidorm Christmas Run: December 29th, 2019. The 10th San Silvestre Christmas Run will take place from 10:00am.

Bars and Restaurants: Bars and Restaurants will have their own small get-togethers and many will remain open for the entire Christmas period before closing late January. Usually, there will be little celebrations like live music, Karaoke, fancy dress and more.

Day Trips

IMG_0854 2.JPG

Guadalest: Guadalest looks absolutely beautiful over Christmas. The streets will be adorned with wreaths and Christmas Trees and all of the quaint shops will have little fairy lights twinkling. It is a beautiful place any time of the year.

alcoy gift delivery

lights over alcoy centre

Alcoy: Known as Christmas Town, if there’s anywhere that you ought to head to over Christmas, it’s here. They’ll have a huge Christmas Tree in the centre and it’s the first place in Spain to ever have the King’s Day Parade. It was absolutely spectacular last year and the firework show was unbelievable. It’s also really cool to see the people dressed up climbing the ladders to give the children their presents. (They climb up ladders into apartment blocks!).

What to do in Finestrat at Christmas

Finestrat and La Cala de Finestrat are much quieter than Benidorm so if you’re staying in either of these, you’ll be better off travelling either into Alicante or into Benidorm (direct bus takes around 25 minutes). Though, if you are in Finestrat on 14th or 15th of December 2019 then you should head up to the VERY FIRST Christmas Market in Finestrat. There will be Food and Craft stalls, entertainment for all ages, visits to Santa’s Grotto and many more surprises.

The Christmas Market will be in Carrer Nou of the Historic Center of Finestrat on December 14 and 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Merry Christmas,

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Benidorm November Fiesta Programme of Events 2019

As Visit Benidorm has just released the official programme of events for the Fiestas Mayores Patronales 2019, I thought it would be helpful to translate it all into English

Benidorm Fiestas Programme of Events

As Visit Benidorm has just released the official programme of events for the Fiestas Mayores Patronales 2019, I thought it would be helpful to translate it all into English so that those who don’t speak Spanish have access to the official programme of where to go, what time to be there and what to expect.

If you want to see the official programme of events in Spanish, you can go to where you will be able to download the programme in Spanish. If however, you’re looking for the Benidorm November Fiestas Programme for 2019 in England, you’ve come to the right place.

Please do not copy the blog post on to your own site as it has been translated by myself, if you do want to share it with your group or on to your site, please copy the original link or share a link to this article on your site.

Here is the Benidorm November Fiesta Programme of Events 2019:

Friday 8th November 2019

benidorm fair november fiesta

18:00 – Inauguration of the lighting in Calle Martínez Alejos. Inauguration of the Porrat in Avenida Emilio Ortuño.

19:00 – Opening of the Fair which is located next to the bullring. The first night is known as children’s night and the prices are cheaper.

21:00 – Entrance of the Peñas with a big concentration being on Calle Ruzafa. There will also be a parade through Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.

Saturday 9th November 2019

10:00 – Mass in the San Jaime Church in honour of the Virgin of the Suffrage, sung by the A.R. C “La Barqueta” and the Parochial Choir.

11:45 – Opening of the doors to the San Jaime and Santa Ana church to sing Joys to the Virgin.

12:00 – Pyrotechnics from the Plaza de la Señoría, to announce that the largest patronal festival of 2019 has begun.

12:15 – Band Entry from the Plaza de San Jaime to the Plaza de SS. MM. The Kings of Spain.

13:00 – Bands under the Town Hall and pyrotechnics

17:00 – Finding of the Virgin Suffrage by the A.R.C “La Barqueta”. Followed by pyrotechnics, announcing the Finding of the image of our patron, the Virgin of Suffrage on Poniente Beach.

18:30 – Solemne Romería from Elche Park (dove park), with the following itinerary: Paseo de la Carretera, Alameda del Mayor Street D. Pedro Zaragoza, Calle Mayor, and Plaza San Jaime.

Upon arrival, the San Jaime church will do the offering of the flowers. Followed by a spectacular firework show from the Plaza de la Señoría.

22:00 – Entertainment and dance by “LOCOS POR DILAR”, in the Huerto de Colón (Calle Tomás Ortuño).

23:00 Performance of the magnificent “SHAKARA ORCHESTRA” in the Huerto de Colón.

23:00 Performance of the magnificent “ORQUESTA LOS HAPPYS”, in C / Gambo.

23:00 GREAT PERFORMANCE, in the Plaza de SS. MM. The Kings of Spain, of the local bands: “LOCOS DE ATAR”, “DIRTY BONES,” ZAREY (Reggaeton) & VARIANCE DANCE STUDIO “and” ROAD VOLTA “.

23:30 From the SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Ateneu de la Vila” and “La Pericana” trays will appear in the street parade to explore the streets of Benidorm.

Sunday 10th November 2019

benidorm fiestas november

11:00 – 14:00 – Children’s park in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

11:30 – Solemn Mass in honour of the patron virgin of the suffrage in the San Jaime and Santa Ana church, sung by the “Polipónica de Polop Antonio Berenguer”. Then, BOMBARDEO AÉREO and PASACALLES, pass through the center of Benidorm.

14:00 – GRANDIOSA MASCLETÀ PIRO-DIGITAL, on Jaime I Avenue (between Nicaragua and Ricardo Bayona streets), in charge of the RICASA fireworks. The Tennis Distillery will offer a tasting of Tennis Anise, while stocks last.

17:00 – Travelling children’s theatre, “PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE”, depart from Huerto de Colón. Chocolates will be given to children, offered by Marcos Tonda Chocolates.

19:30 – Solemn Procession in honour of the Virgin of the Suffrage. Itinerary: Calle Mayor, Alameda de D. Pedro Zaragoza, Los Angeles, Metge D.J Pérez Martorell, Martínez Alejos, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz, Mal Pas and Plaza de San Jaime. To finish, lighting the traditional ESTAMPETA in honor of the Virgin, in the Plaza of San Jaime.

22:30 –  Performance by the ORQUESTA SECRETS, in the Huerto de Colón (Crossing calle Tomás Ortuño).

23:00 – “ORQUESTA TREGUA”, orchestra performance on Gambo Street.

23:00 – In the Plaza de San Jaime, the “COPLETES” will be sung in honor of the Virgin of Suffrage.

23:30 – From the plaza SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Bataclán” and“La Pericana”, will perform and explore the streets of Benidorm.

00:00 – Concert of  “LA UNIÓN”, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

Monday 11th November 2019 – Saint Jaime’s Apostle Day

benidorm fiesta plaza de toros november

7:30 – Chocolate parade, courtesy of CHOCOLATES MARCOS TONDA (Villajoyosa), at the Casa del Fester (C / la Biga).

8:00 – Sonora DESPERTÀ from the Casa del Fester (C / la Biga), through the streets of downtown.

11:00 – 14:00 – Children’s Park, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

11:30 – Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime, in the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, sung by the “Polifónica de Polop Antonio Berenguer”. Next, BOMBARDEO AÉREO and PASACALLES through the streets of the centre of Benidorm.

14:00 – ATRONADORA MASCLETÀ PIRO-DIGITAL in Avenida Jaime I, in charge of the RICASA pyrotechnics.

17:00 Traveling Children’s Theater “PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE”, leaving from the Casa del Fester (C / La Biga). chocolates offered by Marcos Tonda Chocolates, in the Huerto de Colón.

19:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION IN HONOR TO SAN JAIME, with the following itinerary: Calle Mayor, Alameda de D. Pedro Zaragoza, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz, Mal Pas and Plaza de San Jaime. The traditional ESTAMPETA will be lit, in honor of Saint James the Apostle. Inside the temple, the Mayorales of the Patron Festivities 2020 will be read.

23:15 From the SS.MM. The Kings of Spain, the “Bataclán” and “La Pericana” trays will go on the street parade to explore the streets of Benidorm.

23:30 SOLIDARY CONCERT OF THE 40 BENIDORM POP, presented by Tony Aguilar, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain, with the performances by: Dani Fernández, Alba Reche, Ana Mena, Pol Granch, Xuso Jones, Unique, Lemot, Maybe, Safree, Bad Boy, Samuel, Miki and Nil Moliner.

At the end of the concert, spectacular “CORREFOCS”, by the “COLLA DE DIMONIS POLOPINS”, leaving from the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain and walking the streets: Hondo, Schools, Tomás Ortuño, La Biga, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, to finish in Gambo street.

Tuesday 12th November 2019

10:30 SOLEMNE MASS OF RÉQUIEM, in the Church of San Jaime, sung by the Parochial Choir. Then, in the Plaza de la Señoría, LAUREL CROWN OFFER to the Fallen at Sea, followed by a visit to the cemeteries of our city.

11:00 to 14:00 – Children’s Park, in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

14:00 – SPECTACULAR MASCLETÀ, on Avenida Jaime I, pyrotechnics.

17:00 Travelling children’s show “Pasacalles and bull confinement and inflatable ambulance”, starting at the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain, to finish in Triangular Square.

18:00 Children’s Theater “PIRATA”, on Calle Gambo.

19:00 GREAT PARADE OF HUMOUR. Itinerary: Venus, Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.


00:30 TRIBUTE CONCERT (MECANO, QUEEN and BRUNO MARS), in the Plaza de SS.MM Reyes de España.

Wednesday 13th November 2019

11:30 “FESTA DE LES FESTS”. Parade of the different festive entities of Benidorm. Departure from Tomás Ortuño and Pino streets. Itinerary: Tomás Ortuño, La Biga, Ruzafa, Herrerías and arrival at the Plaza de SS.MM Los Reyes de España.

13:00 MASCLETÀ INFANTIL and TRACA DE CARAMELOS in the Plaza de SS. MM. Kings of Spain.

18:00 MULTICOLOR DE CARROZAS PARADE, from Elche Park through the following streets: Almendros, Mars, Venus, Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos.

At the end of the parade starts the firework show on Poniente Beach at the Port. This year, the firework show is called “GRANDIOSO CASTILLO DE FUEGO ARTIFICIALES” produced by Ricasa Pyrotechnics.

Happy Fiestas!

Please note that the tourist office may change the events at any time due to weather or any other incident. I am not responsible for any changes to the programme.


Things to do in Benidorm for Solo Travellers

Stretches of white sand and the sound of the sea crashing against the shoreline can be all you need sometimes to switch off and enjoy some peace and quiet.

beautiful pink sky from the tossal at benidorm at sunset

The first place I travelled to alone was in fact the “crazy city” of Benidorm. The beach resort best known in the darkest light of boozy brits and manic nightlife has a completely different style of holiday and spending a holiday alone which doesn’t have to be one to be worried about.

If you’re travelling to Benidorm alone, it’s a good idea to follow typical safety trips for travelling alone. Here are some general safety trips for travelling alone:

  • Trust your gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right or you feel insecure, there’s a reason. Get the bus, or a registered taxi and head away from the situation.
  • Know the con games of where you’re going, for Benidorm, this will be the pea game. Find out more about them by clicking here.
  • Get to know a bit of the local lingo. You can access my free Learn Spanish guide by clicking here.
  • Find out about the local healthcare system and where you might need to go if you need emergency treatment. Find out about the Benidorm emergency healthcare by clicking here.
  • Stay in public. The heavily populated areas by the two beaches and 2-3 streets back are where you ought to stay. Avoid the yellow brick road and around Calle Gerona at night alone.
  • Keep where you’re staying as personal information. If you’re wearing an all-inclusive band make sure it’s kept out of wandering eyes view.
  • Stay alert and sharp. Try not to be complacent and walk looking down at your phone.
  • Sleep well.
  • Walk with confidence, if you’re not sure where you’re going – fake it!
  • Stay sober. It’s a good idea not to be seen looking vulnerable.

Now, let’s go on to the fun part. Lots of people travel to Benidorm each year, whether that’s families, couples or solo travellers and few come across problems. On the whole, Benidorm is an accepting city with plenty of tourists, expats and locals who will look out for one another.

Whenever I travelled to Benidorm, I would always choose Poniente. The much quieter side of Benidorm, it’s a lot quieter atmosphere and more of a getaway than a party spot.

Balcon del Mediterraneo in Benidorm Old Town

instagrammable locations in benidorm old town

One of the most photographed locations in Benidorm and a bustling atmosphere, the beautiful balcon, which is currently under construction [july 2019], is a great location for a hot dog or an ice cream overlooking the two bays. You’ll find stalls at night selling handmade jewellery, knick-knacks and hand drawn caricature artwork. It’s a lovely spot for spending a couple of hours.

Have tapas on Tapas Alley

Locally known as Tapas Alley, Calle Santa Domingo near the Queens Hotel is a locals favourite for eating your way along the street. Bustling around 18:00 most days, you’ll find locals starting at one bar with a caña (small beer) and tapa before heading along to the next one. You’ll have a blast heading between the bars trying all of the little delicacies.

Visit Benidorm Island

girl laying on sun bed at the island of benidorm relaxing in the mediterranean sea

A visible island from all of Benidorm is the Benidorm Island. Although there isn’t much to do on the island itself, it’s great fun to take the boat across with the glass bottom and see Benidorm from the island itself. You’ll also have a fabulous time relaxing in the shallow waters surrounded by fish, and dolphins if you’re very lucky. There is a small restaurant on site, though we’ve always found taking a picnic is the best plan!

Chill out in a bar

You’ll probably find that heading to a bar, you won’t be on your own for very long. People are generally quite open whilst they’re here and will strike up a conversation if they have seen you around. You’ll find that heading into bars regularly the bar owners will strike up conversation and other holiday makers will be keen to have a chat. If you’re looking for company whilst you’re away, a bar is one of the best places to be!

Relax on the beaches

spending time on the beach alone

Avoiding the awful drinks that are for sale by the illegal venders, the beaches of Benidorm are clean, welcoming and well-maintained. Stretches of white sand and the sound of the sea crashing against the shoreline can be all you need sometimes to switch off and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Head on a shopping spree

If you’re feeling comfortable, or you’ve been coming to Benidorm for a while, you could head up to C.C La Marina by taking the bus to Carrefour. You’ll have access to plenty of shops, restaurants, a cinema and bowling. If you don’t fancy venturing out, you can always head into the old town and browse the selection of shops there.

Benidorm Flea Market – El Cisne Rastro

The Benidorm Market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with the number 10 bus stopping just outside. There will be plenty of bargains, a couple of bars and usually free entertainment on Sundays. The market opens at 7:30.

Vsiit Benidorm Palace

For something a little more extravagant, a night at the cabaret can be a fantastic place to get dressed up, have a fine dinner and watch the entertainment unfold. Filled with entertaining acts, typical flamenco and ballet dances, it’s a great place for something different whilst you’re here.

Take the Tourist Train

Although more of a hindrance to the locals, the Benidorm Train can be a great way to see the city without having to venture out of your seat. Running every day, the train starts its route early in the morning and continues until late at night, every 45 minutes. There are two different routes, the Levante Route and the Poniente Route, both costing 5,50€ or 4€ for seniors in the winter.* Correct at time of publication. Each route lasts around an hour and you’ll find the stops scattered across the site, with the first stop at Ave Mediterraneo.

Take a Day Trip

guadalest mountain and lake beautiful location near to benidorm mountains and lakes

If you’re feeling comfortable, why not take one of the day trips to one of the surrounding villages or cities? Offering a completely different landscape and the impression of being a million miles away, Guadalest, Altea, Villajoyosa and Alicante are all beautiful places to visit whilst you’re in the area. Guadalest can be reached by car or by heading on one of the organised tours that you’ll see advertised either in your hotel or walking along the main strip. Altea, Villajoyosa and Alicante can all be accessed by local bus, tram or car.
There is plenty to do in the beautiful resort of Benidorm, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure!
Hasta luego,
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Visiting the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante

Towering over the city centre, you can’t miss the impressive castle perched on the top of Mount Benacantil.

Towering over the city centre, you can’t miss the impressive castle perched on the top of Mount Benacantil. The golden fortress situated an impressive 166 metres above sea level is one of the main attractions in Alicante city centre. Even better still, it’s a very budget friendly day out.

Laying out near Alicante castle fashion model blogger

Practical Information:

Location: Santa Barbara Castle, 03002 Alicante. To travel by tram you take the L1 to Castillo. By car, it’s a 30 minute drive from Benidorm.

Price: If you’re taking the elevator, it’s 2,70€ each to go up or free for children in pushchairs. If you’re driving or going by foot, access is completely free.

Getting there: The elevator access is located near the port, if you follow the signs you’ll have no problems. You can also access Santa Barbara castle on foot, or by car which are both free access. If you’re walking it’s better to head from the side of the Castillo tram stop.

Opening hours: The castle is open from 10:00-22:00 everyday.

A Day Out in Alicante

We visited the castle a few years ago, back on a blustery December morning, though by the time the sun rose, we were sitting in t-shirts sheltered away from the wind in the café on site. I remember all too well wearing Uggs, thermals and a beige dress with tights and regretting the decision completely as we were sitting basking in the sun. But, we had used the castle as a stop off. We were meeting some friends and didn’t want to venture too far away from our meeting point at the port.

It wasn’t until I was scrolling on Instagram last week that I realised we had seemingly missed all the best spots of the castle altogether. Well, unless we exempt the fact we were at the café because the views there truly were impressive. But, in terms of real history and not just a good cup of cappuccino which are both rather good pulling points for me. I had noticed that there was a fortress jutting out of the castle that looked almost like a tower you see in princess castles in story books you read when you were young. If there’s anything remotely Disney like, I’m there.

It also meant that we could make a small detour and head to Starbucks, which although I love Spanish coffee, there’s something about Starbucks that is just so comforting. Maybe it’s the mass over inflation, maybe it’s the touch of home or maybe it’s the cream that the Spanish just can’t get right. Either way, if there’s a Starbucks, I’m there. I can have independent Spanish coffee shop coffee everyday. No shame in admitting that I do. A 3€ for a cappuccino and a tostada con tomate I’m fuelled for the day for less than a Costa that I used to grab at work everyday. Win.

Rio sat this one out, as a 9th century Muslim castle with a pit stop at Starbucks isn’t really his thing. Or more accurately, the 9th century Muslim castles aren’t really about dogs. Even Spain where dogs are accepted, I can’t see them being too keen on my little big perro running around. Looking back, Rio loved Monument park at Park Guell, so maybe castles and architecture are his thing. [edit: after googling, dogs are not allowed at Santa Barbara Castle. Good job we didn’t take him!]

The route from Benidorm is around 25 minutes, traffic depending, and it’s so easy to find the castle. In fact, once you reach Alicante, it’s unmissable. Perched over the port and towering over the city below, you can’t help but look up and admire it. You imagine that this is how artists must have felt when they wrote songs about castles perched upon hills.

Every time we visit Alicante, we park in the same car park, near to El Corte Inglés. It’s good access to the shops and city centre, with it being only a few minutes walk into the action, it’s ideal.

Down rolls the window and Alex’s head is leaning out of it as we pull into the car park. “What’s up?” I ask. My face clearly looking puzzled and probably sounding more stern than I intend to be. “The tyres flat”. Driving around in hot temperatures, flat tyres and tyre burn outs are not uncommon. But, the only thing I was thinking was, do we even have a spare tyre and how exactly are we going to change it? I don’t give Alex enough credit when it comes to general maintenance things, I’m never actually sure if he can do them. He usually can.

There we are in the middle of a city centre car park. Alex jumping on a crow bar of some sort to smash the plastic off and to be able to undo the nuts or bolts or whatever they are. Then there’s me, standing awkwardly, providing nothing much more than taking photos and reporting to everyone we know that Alex is lying on the floor in his fairly new Levi’s jeans changing a tyre.

Starbucks Alicante guide travel blogger

Nevertheless, he got it changed. Knees covered in oil, we headed off to Starbucks. I opted for my usual café mocha and Alex had his signature cool lime refresher with a croissant with ham and cheese to share. They still had a few Christmas ornaments left over, in March?! which I was pleased about. We picked up a “You are Here” Starbucks cup with a Spain design on it to hang on the Christmas tree. That’s when I started looking at Disney Starbucks Christmas ornaments. It’s going to be dangerous in Disney.

Spain Starbucks you are here mug Alicante

We walked quite briskly to the elevator from Starbucks so it took us about 10 minutes. Once you enter the tunnel, you reach the ticket dispenser. It’s a touch screen machine which swaps between lots of languages, English and Spanish being the first two options. A ticket costs 2,70€ per person.

Couple at Alicante castle

You follow the tunnel along where you reach the elevator and the person who is manning the elevator checks your admission. There’s no view from the elevator, it’s just a seemingly slow moving vessel where there is a rather awkward silence as you’re ascending. But, once it opens, you’re there. You’re at the castle.

At the fortress of Alicante castle blogger

We took a walk around but I was most interested in finding our way to the fortress. There are two and we discovered that the one at the bottom has the best views.

With the port to your left and the rest of the castle to your right with the minuscule veins of the Alicante streets below it’s an impressive 360 view. The city looks like it could be a car play mat from up here. You feel like you’re in the clouds.

Walking Santa Barbara castle Alicante blogger

Making use of the fact I had a bag to carry, I stuffed it full with crisps and sweets. We sat on a bench overlooking the castle munching on salt and vinegar chipsticks with the seagulls flying over head and in the weirdest way it felt like we were eating fish and chips on a beach front of Skegness or something, perhaps it was the murmur of English voices in the background and the English crisps designed to taste like chips. A strange correlation.

Before heading back, we took a stroll around the rest of the castle. At the top, they have the Spanish flag waving proudly yet gently in the March breeze. The breeze was soft yet all so chilling. In a few weeks, this breeze will feel like a hot fan blowing on us, wouldn’t it be nice if it was in reverse? Cool, gentle wind in the summer and a warm breeze in spring? I suppose we can’t have it all.

Playa del torres Villajoyosa Benidorm camping

On the way back, we stopped off at Playa del Torres, which is a small cove situated between La Cala and Villajoyosa. The shimmering Mediterranean had almost never been so turquoise as how it is here. The waves soft and small, it’s a isolated cove with a happening campsite on site. With static cabins on site, they look beautiful for a night’s stay surrounded by the woods and the quiet beach.

We make plans to head back tomorrow, by walking from Benidorm to Villajoyosa. All in all, it was a lovely day and a different pace and scenery. It’s always great to be able to head to different places and revisit places now we have a car, making it much easier and less of a drag relying on public transport.

Every weekend is a mini holiday.

Hasta luego,

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Shopping on the Costa Blanca


Some people absolutely love shopping on their holidays and a nice bit of retail therapy. Others can’t think of anything worse. You might not think of the Costa Blanca as being the absolute shopping dream and you wouldn’t be far off, I tend to head back to the UK to do my shopping, favouring the shops there. Though, there are some good shops and malls scattered along the Costa Blanca which are worth checking out.

Setting aside a shopping day is something a lot of people like to schedule into their trips, I mean, some people specifically book a holiday to go shopping. Did anybody else automatically think of New York?

So, if you are somebody who loves to splash the cash at the shops rather than splash around the pool, here’s where you should head to go shopping on the Costa Blanca:

Zenia Boulevard

Zenia boulevard torrevieja Orihuela coast girl spanish blogger

Winning by an absolute mile, Zenia Boulevard is for sure the best shopping mall on the Costa Blanca. Everything you can get at other shopping centres and more can be found here. It’s the shopping haven on the white coast.

Zenia Boulevard is filled with 150 shops, including Primark, and more than 90 species of plants and trees. It’s like a tropical paradise. Think swanky American malls and that’s the inspiration for Zenia Boulevard. There is also an exercise park, rest zones, restaurants and large screens displaying events, tourist information and advertisements. They also have live shows and concerts every week.


foto: zenia boulevard


They are located in Zenia in Orihuela Coast. From the main plaza of the shopping centre, you can catch glimpses of the Meditteranean Sea so it’s a perfect place to have a wine at night on the terrace after some serious shopping.

Zenia Boulevard is located 10 minutes drive from Torrevieja, 30 minutes from Cartagena, 40 minutes from Elche and 50 minutes from Alicante.

La Marina, Finestrat


The most local shopping centre to Benidorm is that of La Marina in Finestrat. Filled with enough shops to keep you occupied for a couple of hours with easy accessibility from Benidorm and plenty of café’s and restaurants, it’s well worth taking a trip if you like shopping.

Accessible by Tram, Line 1 heading to Alicante and the Llorente Bus, La Marina is easy to get to. You can also walk it in 20 minutes if you’re staying in La Cala de Finestrat.

La Marina first opened back in September 2000 and is spread across four floors, the underground floor being dedicated to free parking. There is also a cinema, a bowling alley on the top floor and a 4000m2 children’s attraction park which includes bouncy castles, mini golf and go-karts.

Centro Comercial Plaza Mar 2

One of the newer shopping centres along the Costa Blanca, the Plaza Mar shopping centre is located in Alicante. You can find a multitude of shops and opportunities all under one roof. Also located in Plaza Mar 2 is the fantastic Kinepolis cinema which has 16 movie rooms with comfortable seats and all the newest releases in both Spanish and English.

Accessible via tram line 1 to Alicante or 30 minutes by car from Benidorm.

Centro Comercial Gran Via

Another Alicante based shopping centre, the Gran Via has more than 100 shops and is ideally located in the centre of Alicante. There are numerous shops and plenty of bars and cafés.

Accessible by Tram L1 to Alicante, bus and car.

El Corte Inglés

shopping at el corte ingles alicante

There a few El Corte Inglés scattered across the Costa Blanca including Murcia, Alicante and Cartagena. El Corte Inglés is the number one department store in Spain. In Alicante, there are a few El Corte Inglés all located within a short walk of one another, one focuses on clothing and fashion accessories, whilst the other is household appliances, electricals and food.

Hasta luego,

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