What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a Christmas gift from me to you.


I just wanted to check in and say – Hola! It’s Monday and I’m posting, what is this all about?! Well, let me explain to you that this year, I’m participating in blogmas. I posted Saturday and Sunday as usual so I had to save the announcement for today!

What Is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a Christmas gift from me to you, haha! I know you all love a good read so I thought whilst the dark nights are here, it would give you something to do as opposed to scrolling through Facebook – we’re all guilty of it.

I thought it would be nice to brighten your timeline with a little bit of Benidorm blueness. It’s going to be a blue Christmas.

Blogmas is something I’d never heard of until recently. Similarly to Blogtober, you post a new post every day from the beginning of December right up until Christmas Day. As this is my first year of blogging, I thought it would be great to get involved.

I decided that as I’d taken part in Blogtober and really enjoyed it, I thought it would be a good idea to get involved with Blogmas. I can give myself a kick to post some extra Christmas pieces alongside ones that were already planned anyway!

Will this affect the other posts?

Just the same as Blogtober, the post schedule will stay exactly the same. I’ll still post my Saturday post at 19:00. I have one more Learn Spanish post to go up and the Day in the Life in… will also be posted on the designated Sundays at 19:00GMT.

The only difference is, every day I’ll post a publication at 18:00GMT so you’ll know which ones are regular schedule and which ones are part of Blogmas. I decided to push it to an hour later than blogtober as 17:00 was a little early and some of you missed them!

Let’s get the fire on, turn on some Christmas music and get into the festive spirit as you countdown to Christmas with me. Think of me as your little Benidorm advent Calendar.

I’m a Blogger – What can I write about in Blogmas?

Well, I’ll be writing about different travel locations during Blogmas, what it’s like in my local city, Benidorm, during December, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Gift ideas, the weather here in December and much, much more.

If you’re stuck for ideas for Blogmas, follow along with my blog and you might get some ideas of what you can do for your own blog.

I think a lot of us forget to explore our own cities, so I love that I’m able to inspire some of you to open your eyes to what’s around you and that you can blog without being in a huge, “blogging” city. You don’t need to go far to write a blog post. Sometimes, the information people are searching for, you have the answers on your doorstep. Get it out there. Get it published.

Blogmas is a perfect time to get some blog posts up and step out of your comfort zone.

I’m excited to bring Blogmas to you!

Hasta luego,

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Stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts with Find Me a Gift*

Stocking fillers can be some of the most unique and fun presents to buy.

Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers can be some of the most unique and fun presents to buy. They’re those little bits and pieces that the receiver has no idea what they’re going to be. They can be fun and quirky or thoughtful and sentimental. There really isn’t a limit to what you can find for Christmas gifts and findmeagift.com is a great place to start.

Who are Find me a Gift?

Back at the beginning of the Millennium, three friends founded Find me a Gift in a bedroom with a dream and the idea of being the one-stop place for gifts.

Ten years on, Find me a Gift has thrived to be a place people can come and find the perfect gift, for all occasions. Stocked with thousands of products and an impressionable number of satisfied customers, Find me a Gift have been delivering perfect gifts for some years now!

What do they stock?

Find me a Gift is stocked full of toys, games, gadgets, personalised gifts, sweets and more. There are so many pages of ideas that allow you to shop in the comfort of your own home, allowing them to do the hard work for you. The best part is they have organised the gifts into suitability, looking for secret Santa ideas? They have a tab for that!

Gifts from Find me a Gift

Eric the Elephant

eric the elephant find me a gift

When Find me a Gift got in touch with me to find out if I’d be interested in collaborating with them, I jumped at that chance! I was given the chance to have a nosy around their website and pick out some gifts that I’d like to sample.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Eric the Elephant memo. I absolutely love elephants and my home is already filled with elephant ornaments, so I knew this combination of elephant decor and organisation would be a perfect addition to my steadily expanding collection.


Eric the Elephant is a beautiful ceramic elephant ornament that comes equipped with a whiteboard pen and cloth. Eric is the handy little friend you never knew you needed. In a world where we need to recycle more, Eric is a wonderful replacement for notepads that you scribble on. Somebody called? Jot it down on Eric and when you’ve finished, just wipe it off and use that space again later!

find me a gift stocking fillers

Elephants are known for their memories, and Eric never forgets! Eric is a great alternative to wasting paper and is an adorable addition to home decor. It’s a win all around.

Instead of wads of paper, replace it with Eric. You won’t regret it. I have loved using Eric and will continue to use him for many more years. He looks beautiful in the living room. He would look perfect in an office too!

Eric retails at £12.99, so he’d be a perfect Secret Santa gift or Stocking Filler!

The Scratch Map

scratch map find me a gift

Anybody can have a go with a scratch map and if you’re considering it, you should go for it. From inquisitive children to adventurous adults, the scratch map is a beautiful gift for travel lovers.

The scratch map highlights your travels in the most beautiful of ways. For every area that you scratch, you will reveal a wonderful world of bursting colour. A world you have created. A world you have stepped foot on. It’s a great gift for your own personal record of your travels to create everlasting memories.

scratch map with find me a gift stocking fillerand secret san

The scratch map is an amazing conversation starter. I can’t wait to hang our scratch map on the wall and see it become a talking point. We all love sharing where we’ve been and what we want to see. We love talking about past travels and future plans. We love to see where our friends have been and what they’ve seen. Visiting our home will start the conversation of “how did you find Budapest?” or “Did you like Lisbon, we loved it, we did..”. We can spend hours sharing travel stories and anecdotes. Hey, we might even pull up some photos whilst we’re at it!


The land masses on the scratch map start off as a neutral sandy colour and when scratched away becomes a vibrant colour for each land mass. There is also a list of regions on the map ready to be revealed which reveals interesting facts about the culture and local traditions!

The scratch map is 81.9cm by 58.2cm and retails at £9.99 being a perfect Secret Santa gift when looking for something under £10, or a stocking filler!

Travel Trivia

travel trivia game find me a gift

Think you know all there is to know about geography and the world? I bet you can’t get all of the questions right in the Travel Trivia game!

This set of 100 travel trivia cards is a fantastic way to pass some time on a long journey or sitting in the hotel room late at night. It’s also a great Christmas game idea! If you’re a travel lover with bags of experience then this is a brilliant way to see how much you know about the world around us.

find me a gift stocking fillers

It’s a super game for learning more about the world around us and finding out about culture and the geographical information about the world. It’s an awesome way to test everybody’s knowledge. They’re not just about capital cities either, there are questions that test national history, local wildlife and cuisine!

No board, no dice and no game money to complicate things or take up vital packing space. Just a small pack of cards that fit perfectly in hand-luggage that test your world knowledge.

IMG_7583 2.JPG

We love the travel trivia game. I am winning against Alex so far with an embarrassing 12-8. We definitely will be playing again soon in hopes to get a better score! I did get the Disney question right though!

The trivia game retails at £3.99 so it’s a perfect stocking filler!

Merry Christmas,


*Gifted by Find me a Gift

Full Of Your Favourites at Fosse *

Fosse is Full of your Favourites

Christmas Shopping – I love it.

A huge part of that is because I’m lucky to have such a fantastic stress-free shopping mall to do it at that has all of my favourite shops and more. Trust me, Fosse is Full of Your Favourites.

I love Christmas shopping at Fosse.

There’s something so heartwarming and lovely about heading out and buying gifts for the people you love. Anybody close to me will know much I love giving gifts. I love perfectly choosing a gift that I know will make their eyes twinkle and bring a smile to their face.

I know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. It’s about family. Friends. Good times. Laughter and lots of treats and wine. But, that’s what I love. It’s not just about giving a present. It’s about being present too. That’s why I spend so long picking out the perfect gift. One that I know they’ll love. One that represents them. One that will bring a smile to their faces.

After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Christmas is a big thing to me. I’ve always planned well in advance what I’m going to get people. I’m one of those weird people who absolutely loves wrapping gifts. I’ll spend ages on Pinterest sorting out what my Christmas wrapping will look like and pinning different ideas, trust me, it’s a full event. I spend hours curating the perfect Pinterest board of wrapping paper, sorry guys, this one stays in secret!, and I truly do put so much time and effort into wrapping and Christmas gift shopping.

I get more excited about people opening their presents from me than opening my own. 

One time, I woke Alex up at 6:00 because I couldn’t hold the suspense any longer that I’d gotten him a camera. I spend hours creating photobooks. Home movies merged together. Favourite perfumes. Consoles. I just love the feeling of giving.

Christmas shopping has always been at Fosse. 

Christmas shopping at Fosse has always been a tradition. It’s the place to go for relaxed shopping that always has exactly what you wanted, or didn’t know you wanted.

The Christmas lights, the music, the cold wintry air. There’s something magical about the lead up to Christmas. The excitement in children’s eyes. The busying of parents and partners searching for the perfect gift.

I thought I’d throw in a few of my Christmas Shopping Tips for good measure, after all, it is the Christmas period. It’s all about giving, right?

#1 Have a Shopping Plan

I always do my Christmas shopping either mid or the end of November. It just makes so much more sense to me. The sparkle and glimpses of Christmas have arrived, the shops are bustling with stock and people are less frantic. 

Early Christmas Shopping will pay dividends to your stress levels over the Christmas period and your pockets. Shopping early means you’re well prepared in advance, plus, you’ll have time to make alterations if anything is out of stock. You can also start to invest more time in other Christmas preparations, like the dinner! Now, I really want Christmas dinner. 

I made sure to plan well in advance where I’ll be shopping and what the budget was for each shop, thanks to Fosse.

Full Of Your Favourites, and full of mine too. Shopping at Christmas takes a slightly different approach. Outfit and New Look are two of my three favourite clothes shops at Fosse, but for everybody else, I had something else in mind.

I made a note to head to Primark, Boots, Argos, JD Sports and Curry’s. JD Sports has recently opened at Fosse and I wanted to go there to see if there was anything for my little brother will love. He’s recently gotten into sports, especially basketball.

Boots and Argos are always good go-to Christmas shops. There’s always something to pick up from the Christmas Gift Selection, plus the 3 for 2 at Boots makes shopping for toiletries stress-free.

I also chose Primark. Since Primark opened at Fosse, it’s been fabulous. Who can go into Primark and not spend something? It’s impossible, right? What I really love is that I can pick something up from Primark and it remains guilt-free, thanks to the free parking at Fosse. I’ve been to some shopping centres and paid around £8 for parking, now would we rather buy a new top from Primark or pay to park the car? I know which one I prefer!

I’ve always planned ahead where I’m going to shop. It saves time in the long run. There isn’t any back and forth between shops, or missing somewhere you needed to go. I also made sure to plan to go to Thornton’s and Pandora… maybe Office too… I need some new UGG’s…

I told you, Fosse is Full Of Your Favourites. There are so many shops that you’re spoiled for choice.

#2 Have a Christmas Budget

I’m usually the worst at sticking to a Christmas Budget. I usually get all of the gifts and then see something else and think, well, I’ve bought everything so an extra £10 here won’t hurt! 

This year, I have been lucky enough to work alongside Fosse to build my budget. £70 at Primark and Boots and £30 at Argos. I also used my £20 extra towards my camera and in Thornton’s. I’ve also set a little aside for anything extra that we may need to put towards the Christmas shop.

Every year, we create a shoe box selection box for my little brother. My nan used to create one for my mum and I liked it so much that I decided to start one for Oliver. We used to sign it from Santa or his favourite characters when he was younger.

We fill the box with different sweets, treats and chocolates and then I decorate a shoe box or gift box if Alex hasn’t had any new shoes.  

I thought it would be nice to pick up a few treats from Thornton’s as I love their personalised range and Alex adores Thornton’s smiles.

#3 Plan with the Internet but Shop in Store

I must say, online shopping just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. There are so many reasons why you should go to the stores as opposed to piling through online stores, but I’ll share just a few of mine.

Help the environment: Shopping with your own bags in a store can reduce the carbon footprint. If deliveries are coming from worldwide, the carbon footprint can be phenomenal. Plus, you’ve got the addition of all of the excess packaging. Buying in the store means you can take your own bags and save on that footprint. Don’t forget, Fosse also has good bus connections!

Get into the Christmas Spirit: With the Christmas hits playing and children’s faces lit up, it’s hard to not feel festive. You’ll see all of the decorations and be able to soak up the festive atmosphere. You don’t get that sitting in your dimmed bedroom with the laptop screen blaring!

Delivery nightmares: When shopping in store you don’t have to worry about gifts not arriving in time. You’ll be able to see the product before you buy it. None of that frantically trying to exchange for something different in the midst of the manic Christmas deliveries.

Get sociable: Shopping together is so much more fun. You can stop for a pit stop at the food court, I’d recommend heading to Druckers or Costa Coffee in Fosse and having a warming Christmas drink and a light cake.

The internet can be perfect for saving you time though. Take a look at the online websites of the shops you plan to go to and get some ideas of what you’ll buy. You’ll be able to see them in store and pick up exactly what you want and need there and then. Saving you time, stress and potentially money.

Shopping at Full Of Your Favourites
Christmas with Fosse

Who’d have thought that I got up at 3:00am? Went to bed in Alicante and here I am, 8 hours later standing in the Food Hall getting into the Christmas spirit, I’m here to shop Christmas and I mean business.

It’s November 24th and Christmas is readily approaching. It’s getting closer and closer and all I can think of is, I need to get my shopping done. I have so many ideas in mind and each year it feels like a mission to see how many I manage to get my hands on, and how many extra random pieces I end up picking up. I have no self-control when it comes to Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year.

We arrive at Office and were welcomed by some of the team at Fosse and treated to a lovely Advent Calendar that represents the different shops at Fosse, the proof that Fosse really is Full of Your Favourites. We also met the talented and friendly photographer, Will.

I’m really excited to crack it open on December 1st and carry on through until Christmas. I’ll be posting on my Instagram stories every morning of December, sharing which store each window will represent. I’m so glad I can take a little slice of Fosse home with me.

I brought my mum along with me to help, social shopping is the best shopping and I usually need a second opinion. The Christmas music is playing gently whilst the lights on the Christmas tree glisten delicately, it’s such a welcoming ambience.

After my shopping, I know I’ll be heading back to Druckers to enjoy a coffee and a treat, you have to celebrate a job well done!

Wandering out of the Food Court and the cold air made itself known. I wrap my coat a little tighter and head out to do my Christmas shopping. It’s cold. It feels like Christmas. This is Christmas.

JD Sports

The first place I went was JD Sports, I knew that my younger brother would be the most difficult to buy now he’s a teenager. JD Sports has recently opened at Fosse and it’s filled with all of the best sports gear.

In the end, I didn’t pick up anything from JD. They had a sale on, but nothing would’ve fit my brother.


Primark was next on my list. I always know I can count on Primark to pick up something for everyone. My mum, dad, nan and grandad like the clothes that are stocked there. There are always homeware bits and pieces that make lovely gifts. Plus, Alex really likes the accessories and gift pieces that they stock.

I knew I could do a large portion of my Christmas shop in Primark and get an idea of what I’d need to pick up from other shops.

I also wanted to pick up a few of the Christmas decorations that they have in stock. I dream of one day having an All-Disney Christmas tree, so the Disney x Primark Christmas baubles and bits and pieces are perfect. Plus, they’re so affordable which is what we all love about Primark, right?


We then headed to Argos. I knew there was a range of electricals and gift ideas in store, after looking online.

I managed to pick up a gift for my Nan and a few other bits and pieces.

Considering it is getting closer to Christmas, we didn’t have long to wait at all. The longest part is definitely going through the catalogue. But, if you search online the product you’re looking for, it will give you the catalogue number and then you can type it on their stock checker. It saves a lot of time!


Boots is such a go-to Christmas shop. Their 3 for 2 Christmas Gift offer is like the paramount of Christmas. You can pick up such affordable gift sets that make excellent additions or main gifts.

Stocking all of the top fragrances, there’s such a wide array to choose from. They are my first choice for skincare and cosmetics.

I also had my eyebrows waxed in benefit whilst I was shopping. It’s been so long that I kept apologising to the beautician who had the hack job to do! Don’t you just feel like a whole new person when you’ve had your eyebrows done?

I managed to get my brothers present from here and my dad’s. I also picked up a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar and a Yankee Candle Elevation Collection Candle for me as a little treat!


Thornton’s stock so many great chocolate gifts that are sure to be a big hit with any chocolate lover in the family. Adding a touch of personalisation makes the gift feel so much more personal. It’s not just a chocolate football boot anymore. It’s your chocolate football boot.

To me, it feels so lovely that the person hasn’t just picked up a stash of chocolates and gave them as a last minute gift. They’re a gift that has been specifically chosen for you.

I also rate the chocolate gift tags. I’ve used them for a few years now, I like that the recipient gets to eat and enjoy their gift tag. It becomes part of the present. After all, who doesn’t love an edible gift tag?! Just be careful not to leave them near a fire or radiator!

It was so lovely to get into the Christmas spirit at Fosse. I wasn’t feeling very christmassy beforehand, but once I got there and saw all their beautiful decorations, glistening Christmas tree and the soft sounds of Christmas music – I really did get into the Christmas spirit! I’m now excited for Christmas knowing my Christmas shopping is done!

I managed to get a great deal from Curry’s too during the Black Friday sales. I have been looking for a high-quality camera that can take decent shots and also high-standard videos. I was recommended the Panasonic Lumix and I managed to get hold of one down from £179 to £129! I have been testing it out and it’s a nifty piece of kit. The focus on it is incredible!

Treats for me and treats for them. Fosse is full of all of our favourites.

Hasta luego,

A huge thank you to Fosse for inviting me to shop with them once more. Although sponsored, all photos, words and views are my own.

Photos with Full of your Favourites advent calendars taken by Will Johnston

Yankee Candle Elevation Collection* – Christmas in a Glass

What do you think of when you think of Christmas time? Cosy jumpers, lots of good food, family time and a Christmas movie night on the sofa with candles burning softly.

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor

What do you think of when you think of Christmas time? Cosy jumpers, lots of good food, family time and a Christmas movie night on the sofa with candles burning softly.

What do you think of when you think of candles? Yankee Candle.

I’m already thinking about my Yankee Candle Christmas scent. A few years ago, Alex picked me up Christmas Eve to burn on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without a candle shimmering which simply adds a touch of luxury to the home.

As you can imagine, the thought of being able to test out one of the new Yankee Candle® Elevation Collection was such an honour. With the new versatile design and a gorgeous glass silhouette, I was so excited to find out more. 

I was given the opportunity to pick one of the fragrances, let me tell you, that wasn’t easy.  But, I was automatically drawn to one, no, not because it’s an aesthetic cream colour, I do love the scent of Vanilla! There are so many available, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Most of my favourite candle scents, I like to switch it up, are ones that have a soft and delicate fragrance. Whilst popping on a movie, yes you caught me, it was “The Grinch”, I can’t embrace the Christmas Candle without getting totally into character, we lit our candle whilst munching our way through some baked goods. Yes, also Christmas treats!  


The Sweet Frosting* is the pinnacle of Christmas. A house isn’t a home without a fragrance filling the air and what better way to embrace the magical time of Christmas than a candle that emits the scents of Christmas baked goods. It’s not only warming and soothing, but it perfectly combines that sprinkle of sweet and spice that we all know and love about Christmas.

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor

Imagine the most gorgeous Christmas village taking a batch of freshly baked cinnamon Christmas cookies out of the oven whilst the snow gently falls. That’s what Sweet Frosting is. With initial impressions of cinnamon and mid bases of Vanilla cream, freshly baked cookie and allspice with a base of brown sugar, it really is like Yankee Candle have taken a slice of Christmas and packed it into an aesthetically pleasing vase.

Your own piece of Christmas.

Quality, thick glass is such a showpiece in any room, it sits perfectly in our living room. It really does look impressive. The metal lid has been carefully designed to fit nicely underneath the candle to give a whole new perspective. The label has a beautiful watercolour design that is just too stunning to even contemplate removing.

Maybe it’s because of the stunning cream colour being the reason I’m so drawn to it. But, it really does look beautiful no matter what room you place it in. It becomes a fitting part of the decor. It warms. It adds an essence of cosiness. It fits.

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor

The double wick really turns up the level of fragrance and boosts the ambience of the room. The double wicks were lined perfectly and if you’re one that notices little things like that, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail.

The scent was a good strength, one double wick was enough to fill the entire downstairs, which was really good. Even though we had been burning it in the living room, we were able to go to smell the pleasant aroma of cinnamon and cookies around the hallway and the kitchen too.

I’ll be saving the candle for the run-up to Christmas, so I’ve got to resist the temptation to burn it every night until it ends!  I really do love it, so the temptation is there!

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor


I mean, who doesn’t love Yankee Candle? I like that they’re a well-trusted brand who continue to churn out beautiful fragranced candles that not only smell good but it looks a staple piece in the home decor.

My experience with Yankee Candle again was exceptional. From the ease of access, shipping speed and well packaged, it just solidifies why so many of us trust Yankee Candle to make our house a home.

The Sweet Frosting burned well and smelled like the paramount of the excitement leading up to Christmas day. I love it.

Now… it’s time to get more, right? I love it so much that I went out and got a smaller one as a gift for my Mum from Fosse Park. It’s such a sweet smelling aromatic candle that she loves just as much as I do.


What’s your favourite Yankee Candle?

Hasta luego,



Thank you to Yankee Candle for sending me Sweet Frosting to test out. All views remain my own.

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 / Gifts for Her

With a gift guide filled with travel luxuries, relaxed styles, the perfect candle and crowd-pleasing cosmetics, she’s sure to be enamoured by your gifts this Christmas.

christmas gift guide for her 2018

contains sponsored products or affiliate links

I know what you’re thinking, not another Christmas Gift Guide. But, I know a lot of the men will have left a lot of Christmas Shopping a little…well, late. So, don’t worry because I’m here to rescue you.

If you’re looking for ideas of what to buy your mum, sister, grandma, girlfriend or wife this year – then I bet I’ve found you something perfect for them, whether that’s a stocking filler or the main event!

A lot of the time, gifts for her are generally harder to buy for than gifts for males. Once you’ve got an idea for men, you’re on to a winner. They’re generally easily pleased. Whereas women can be a little more difficult. That bubble bath you so lovingly picked out just might not be the right scent. That dress you were so keen on? Wrong size, wrong shape, wrong style. That jewellery you knew would be perfect? Never even left the box. Sometimes, well-meaning gifts end up being put to the side, not out of lack of effort, but because she might not have picked it out herself.

Don’t worry though, because this year, I’ve tried to compile a list of ideas that are sure to be loved. With a gift guide filled with travel luxuries, relaxed styles, the perfect candle and crowd-pleasing cosmetics, she’s sure to be enamoured by your gifts this Christmas.

Escape Lounge Visit

Click HERE to buy!

Give the gift of luxurious travel this Christmas and kickstart the next holiday in style. Book them into an Escape Lounge and let them relax before their next flight.

Travel is always one of my favourite presents. You’re giving memories. You’re giving knowledge. You’re giving life experience. It’s a truly unforgettable gift. Book a weekend away and compliment it with a visit to an Escape Lounge for a truly memorable present.

aspire lounge east midlands

The Escape Lounges are fantastic spots to relax prior to a flight, you’ll forget you’re even in an airport! Guests enjoy complimentary food, drinks and snacks, whilst being able to surf the free WiFi, essential for checking-in on Facebook and sharing your pre-holiday snaps!

You can book them into the East Midlands Escape Lounge by following this link: East Midlands Escape Lounge

Daniel Wellington Watch

Click HERE to buy!

Daniel Wellington has launched a beautiful collection of specially designed gift boxes for the Christmas period. The woman in your life will love the classic and sophisticated watches, the Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch is a big favourite! The watches come with interchangeable straps so you can mix up the style.

The Daniel Wellington Gift is a solid choice and is sure to take centre stage with the rose gold watch and cuff. They compliment one another beautifully. The best part is that they match and compliment each other so well that Daniel Wellington has done the hard work for us, there’s no shopping around to finding matching jewellery pieces.

Rose gold watches are a staple and piece and will last and last. It’s sure to be a perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

DANIEL WELLINGTON DISCOUNT CODE: You can get 15% off at the checkout at Daniel Wellington by adding “laurenbate” at the checkout.

Truprint Photo Book

Click HERE to buy!

Gifts should be thoughtful and sentimental. Something you want to cherish. Something that shows you have spent time, effort and thought into getting the perfect gift. A personalised Truprint photo book ticks all of those boxes.

What says “I think a lot of you” more than a book filled with memories and photos from throughout the year?

The photobooks from Truprint are professional finished and a wonderful touch to give a special gift this Christmas. The clean finish, the high-quality glossy paper brings the photos to life adding the easy to use clip-art they showcase your photos in the best possible way.

It’s an easy to use process, with the option to use their themes, it makes the perfect hardcover photo book whether you’re graphic design savvy or not!

The Fudge Kitchen’s Christmas Caramels

Click HERE to buy!

Fudge Kitchen is a part of Produced in Kent, which is the heart of Kent food and drinks. A trade organisation dedicated to supporting the best products. This is how I found Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen has been perfecting the art of hand-crafting fudge favourites for over 35 years using traditional methods and their original special fudge recipe that will satisfy your loved ones this Christmas.

Made with fresh whipping cream for the smooth and soft, it’s sure to be different to any fudge they’ve tasted before!

If they’ve got a sweet tooth then this will be an ideal stocking filler. Twelve mouthwatering luxurious caramels are presented in a solid presentation gift box, perfect for a Christmas stocking filler.

The deluxe caramels smothered in milk chocolate. The Fudge’s Kitchen Christmas Caramels stock you up with two each of their six flavours. Perfect for sharing… or treating yourself!

Options available: • Sea Salted Caramel • Chocolate Rose Caramel • Chocolate & Orange Caramel • Cherry Bakewell Caramel • Speculoos Caramel • Chocolate Caramel 

They’ll be craving more and more. Another box won’t hurt, right? It is Christmas, after all…

Microwaveable Soft Toys


Click HERE to buy!

These cute and cuddly soft toys are the perfect gift to keep your loved one warm and snug during the winter months. These cute and cuddly toys can be heated in the microwave which provides warmth and a soothing cuddle for the winter months.

They’re perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather and need that extra boost of warmth. The best part is they can be adapted for when you need a cold compress too. Pop your cuddly friend in the freezer in a bag and you have a cold compress at your disposal.

They are a versatile and useful cuddly toy that also look adorable on the bed. They’re a great gift for adults and children alike.

I have the cuddly elephant, we all know how much I love elephants! and he’s been the best friend for these wintry nights where I need that extra boost of warmth. He also releases a soothing, light fragrance of French Lavender.

French Lavender is a sought-after essential oil that is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, putting you into a calmer state. If you have trouble sleeping, French Lavender can bring some peace and serenity into your life. The Elephant cuddly toy would be great for somebody who has difficulty sleeping or anxiety. 

Yankee Candles

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor

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The Yankee Candle website will find you a gift that you’re bound to love to add a touch of warmth and cosiness, whilst releasing the most gorgeous scents. Whatever their favourite essence, you’ll find it and more all with Yankee Candle.

If their dream Christmas is a tropical one at the beach, then Christmas at the Beach is a perfect choice. For the impression of being whisked away to a tropical Christmas that delights the senses with food, fun and music then this is a perfect choice. They’ll be escaping to a warm, tropical paradise whilst sitting in the living room, bliss! After all, they did ask for a holiday for Christmas, right?

For something a little more traditional, with a modern feel, then Sweet Frosting from the Yankee Candle Elevation Collection is an ideal choice. The new Yankee Candle Elevation Collection comes with a Platform Lid that creates a Candle that fits as part of the decor. Looking modern and clean, the candle will look so good, you almost don’t want to light it!

With thick, high-quality glass adds to the appeal, with an illustrated label and sleek design, the new squared off glass candles are a beautiful addition to the Yankee Candle family.

Sweet Frosting is a delectable fragrance that will fill the room with the light aroma of sweet, creamy vanilla with undertones of freshly-baked cookies. Christmas never smelt so good!

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Colours

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two colours blush and red giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review

If you’ve booked a Christmas getaway, then the gifts can keep on coming. With the Reserve and Collect service at World Duty Free, you could surprise your loved one with a Lip Maestro Duo Set straight from the airport after customs.

Lip Maestro is a beautiful matte lacquer that gives an intense velvet colour that is amplified by natural light. Their lips will look irresistible and illuminated with either the Red or the Blush.

With a long-lasting vibrant colour, they’re a beautiful choice for a wonderful cosmetic gift.

Virginia Coram

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virginia coram

If your loved one loves treating herself to a relaxing bath or a soothing hand treatment, then Virginia Coram have the perfect answer.

Luxurious organic and natural products from the United Kingdom, they are some of the best aromatic, soothing lotions and bath products I’ve tried.

Pure luxury products that treat their skin with a combination of essential oils and aromatic scents. The scent just oozes out of the bottle as soon as they open it.

After all, who doesn’t want a bit of luxurious pampering to escape the craziness of Christmas?

El Camino Bracelets

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el camino bracelet

Intricate gifts that remember travel are some of the best gifts you can give. Help them to retrace their steps this Christmas and bring their love of travel to life with El Camino Bracelets.

There are always new journeys to make, so there will always be new steps to add to the adventure. Their travel is a piece of them. They should stay with them. Help them to wear their travel with pride and see how much of a conversation starter their El Camino will be. Their travel makes them, them.

You can pick out their travels, whether that’s oceans, cities or countries, you can build the mark they have made on the world and share that with them. You can also get a Merry Christmas step as Christmas novelty.

The El Camino is a beautiful bracelet that they’re sure to love.

Jo Totes Bag

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jo totes camera bag allison butterscotch villajoyosa

If they’ve got some hefty camera equipment and love to travel then a Jo Totes bag is essential, that they probably never even knew they needed!

Stylish and comfortable camera bags are something that is not easy to come across, yet here are Jo Totes to change that! They help the camera lover in your life stay organised and look professional, whilst not having to carry heaps of bags whilst on a photography adventure.

They offer high-quality bags that are created using top-quality materials and leather. They come with a one-year quality warranty and ship quickly worldwide from their various distribution centres.

Kanken Bag


A Kanken backpack is on every travel lovers list, so you certainly won’t go wrong with a Kanken backpack.

The Kanken backpack is a hard-wearing beautiful backpack created in Sweden that has actually shaped the travellers’ perception. No more are people wearing bags that are straining their backs and sitting uncomfortably, after all, our health is the most important thing. Straight backs are happy backs. With Kanken, their backs will be straightened providing a more comfortable and safer bag to travel with.

The classic Kanken backpack is ideal for travelling and daily commuting. The aesthetic backpack will be a big favourite for any traveller this Christmas.

The Little Swedish Kitchen Cookbook

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Staying on the Sweden theme, because after all, who does Christmas better than Sweden?  The Little Swedish Kitchen Cookbook by Rachel Khoo is the perfect choice for those who love to get creative in the kitchen.

With over 100 recipes, Rachel shares the best of the Swedish cooking in a simple and easy to follow approach. Filled with the most-loved ingredients and the must-try cuisine, there is much more than cinnamon buns!

The magic of Swedish cooking comes to life celebrating the seasons, giving a mix of traditional and Rachel’s trademark cooking. Filled with recipes that will delight you and yours from Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Filled with beautiful photos of both the food and Swedish locations, this cookbook from Rachel shares how to cook tasty food, just like the Swedish.

The Nomad Factory

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What better way to document travels and life than starting a bullet journal? The Nomad Factory have a creative bujo starters pack filled with essentials that will let your love one spill their creativity across pages and pages of thick, high-quality paper, that will bring their travels and thoughts to life.

The Nomad Factory also stock a basic yet innovative stocking filler that women everywhere are going to want, yet had no idea they even existed. Trust me, when it arrived, none of us got it right. It’s now a new game to see who knows what a Taco is!

By keeping headphones untwined, the taco solves one of the most annoying first-world problems. They’ll keep the headphones safe and untangled in a bag, where they would usually form together into a massive annoying knot. The soft yet durable leather makes this a stylish headphone which will match perfectly with the travel journal.

Find Me A Gift

Eric the Elephant memo is a unique way to keep track of your notes, which would be ideal for sitting next to the computer or in the hallway. Instead of being wasteful and using notepads, Eric the Elephant never forgets what you need to remember! Using a whiteboard pen, it’s a beautiful piece of home decor that has a perfect use too!

eric the elephant find your gift

The Scratch Map is something that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise why. Keeping track of travel has never been easier, looking gorgeous on a wall in the living room or bedroom, it is a great conversation starter, whilst looking beautiful and rustic. Changing colour when scratched off with a coin, it’s a fun activity to do to share your travels and add a touch of travel to your home decor. It’s a perfect gift for the travel lover in your family.

scratch map find your gift

The Travel Trivia Game is a great Christmas Day activity and fun for all year around. Bored on the plane? This small trivia game tests your knowledge of travel trivia from around the world. The travel lover and trivia lovers in the family will love this game!

travel trivia game find your gift

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Homeware from Sue Ryder

Add warmth to your home and heart this year and support this fantastic charity, if you can.

Christmas Homeware.png

Before I begin, I just want to highlight something very important: I was not paid to post this. I was not offered any gifts. I have not been gifted any items. This is purely me using my platform to highlight the good that can be done over the Christmas period. 

I know it’s early, but a lot of us have already started thinking about how we’re going to trim up and decorate over Christmas. Why not help somebody else whilst treating your home this festive season? After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Giving back.

You can brighten up your home and somebody else’s life by shopping at Sue Ryder.

What is Sue Ryder Online Shop?

Sue Ryder is an online charity shop that was set up in 2013. It’s a warehouse based shop in Northampton  – which is where the products are dispatched and stored. Sue Ryder sells high-quality items and 100% of the profits are to help provide person-centred hospice and neurological care.

All of the products are brand new. 

Where does the money go?

The money is used to offer a range of personalised care, advice, education and support services in local communities to help improve the lives of individuals – including their carers and families – with conditions such as cancer; heart failure; respiratory failure; dementia; acquired brain injury; multiple sclerosis; Huntington’s disease; Parkinson’s disease and Motor Neurone disease.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Christmas Homeware Accessories from Sue Ryder Shop. 

Light Up Wooden Advent Calendar – £19.99


Don’t we all love the idea of counting down until Christmas? Opening another door and getting one step closer to Christmas Day. Since we changed over to “DIY” advent calendars, my Christmas countdown has been changed – for the better.

Gone of the days of naff advent calendar chocolate, instead, you can add your own miniature favourites. They’re great for kids to open the doors and find their favourite treats whilst mixing it up. Yesterday Galaxy, today Kinder Bueno tomorrow Malteaser. Every day is a brand new surprise.

I love the Light up Wooden Grey Advent Calendar from Sue Ryder, it really does look magical and festive with an elegant and intricate detailed wooden house. The battery-operated LED lights illuminate the festive scene, it looks beautiful and will really add that touch of festivity to the home. So much better than a Poundland disposable one, right?

This one will last you years and years. 

Festive Centre Table Piece – £12.99


Tables are made for dressing up during the Christmas period. Create a stunning centrepiece for the dining table with a beautiful traditional piece from Sue Ryder.

The Festive Centre Table Piece comes decorated with red berries, pine cones, and frosted leaves. The beauty of Christmas has been tied together to create a showstopping centrepiece. Perfect for any Christmas get together.

If that wasn’t enough, this centrepiece comes equipped with 10 LED warm lights that add that extra special Christmas glow.

Christmas Wishing Tree – £19.99


I’m following a trend here, you guessed it, it lights up!

30cm x 30cm x 53cm of pure modern Christmas galore. This beautifully modern Christmas Wishing Tree would look gorgeous on a festive show table. I think it would look lovely in a hallway opening up the magic of Christmas.

The Christmas Wishing Tree twigs can be molded and changed to create the perfect elegant shape of your choice.

Christmas Wreath – £12.99


If you haven’t bought your Christmas Wreath yet, then you’re in luck. This traditional Christmas wreath from Sue Ryder will be an absolutely perfect addition to any home.

This 40cm x 40cm Christmas Wreath is one that will have your neighbours wanting to steal your festive style when it illuminates gently with its 10 warm LED lights. Complete with a selection of holly leaves, red berries, and frosted leaves – it has captured the essence of the festive season perfectly.

White LED Star Light – £8.49


The star guided the wise men to the stables during the Christmas Story so why not guide your loved ones home with a white LED Star Light from Sue Ryder?

Home lighting has become hugely popular in recent years, adding that touch of warm glow so not only is it perfect for the Christmas period, but it’s perfect for all year round. It would make a great addition as a night light in a nursery or children’s room too.

Furthermore, this stunning star can be hung on the wall or placed on windowsills with no fiddly, ugly wires! Adding a touch of warmth and cosiness has never been easier.

As well as express delivery with safe and secure payments online, Sue Ryder’s Online Shop offers free delivery on orders over £50. If you don’t spend more than £50, don’t worry as the postage is only £2.95! *unless you order next day delivery which is £4.95*

For peace of mind, you can buy with confidence at Sue Ryder as all products are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Add warmth to your home and heart this year and support this fantastic charity, if you can.

Hasta luego,



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