Visiting the Benitatxell, Alicante Cave: La Cova dels Arcs

we decided to head up to Javea to see the famous caves for ourselves. It is known as one of the most photographed spots around that area and a massive pull for snorkellers. 

costa blanca caves

La Cova dels Arcs, one of the most magical corners to watch the sunrise, take photos of the caves and, the most popular of all, snorkel, is one of the longest underground watercourses in Spain to the sea. For those who love snorkelling, or love doing something different, a trip to La Cova dels Arcs is essential.

To the right of Cala del Moraig, in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Alicante, you’ll find La Cova dels Arcs, a cool cave that is considered to be one of the best examples of history and drainage. For thousands of years, La Cova dels Arcs has taken batterings from weather, water and who knows what else, giving it its unique appearance today.

la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

It is said that La Cova dels Arcs served as a refuge for sailors and an important water supply for the population of the surrounding areas.

After searching Benitatxell and things to do around Javea, Spain, and Alex being advised to visit by a colleague, we decided to head up to Javea to see the famous caves for ourselves. It is known as one of the most photographed spots around that area and a massive pull for snorkellers.


Arriving at the caves, I probably wasn’t wearing the most appropriate of clothes. Especially shoes-wise. Extreme caution is to be taken when heading into the caves as the rocks get extremely slippery from the seawater crashing against them. It’s also recommended not to go in when the sea is even a little rough, one slight wave can cause you to slip and fall into the sea and potentially get hurt by all the rocks below.

DIARY OF A SPANGLISH GIRL la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

Anyway, the cave itself is protected by a small entrance with a series of artificial stairs. It’s also considered the exit to sea from the underground watercourse. Of course, to snorkel and take part in the longest underground watercourse in Spain, you should be an advanced caver, strong swimmer and snorkeller and be with a group.

BOY AT la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

Once you’re off the stairs, it’s a case of trudging along the rocks. Through wearing sandals and not wanting to venture too far in, we stood by the arcs, the famous photography spot of the caves. It’s here where, daily, people gather to watch the supposedly stunning sunset, renowned to be one of the best places to watch the sunset across the Costa Blanca.

How do I get to La Cova dels Arcs?

From Poble Nou of Benitaxell, take the road that leads to the urbanization of Cumbre del Sol, “Carretera del Puig”. After around 2000 metres you’ll see the entrance to the community, where you’ll be able to continue on.

Around 500 metres later, there is a triple crossing in the form of a trident, take the wider, central road, following the last stretch of nearing 3000 metres. The route takes you to the beautiful Cala del Moraig, after a very steep downhill slope. At the end of this road, you’ll find the cave and the beach parking. You’ll see the entrance to the coves to the right of the beach, which is signposted.

Hasta luego,

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WHERE TO SEE la cova dels arcs

The Top 10 Marina Ports on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca has some of the most idyllic coastlines, spectacular scenery and pretty impressive ports.

 Descubrir los puertos en Costa Blanca

top 10 ports on the costa blanca at santa pola luxury travel

The Costa Blanca has some of the most idyllic coastlines, spectacular scenery and some pretty impressive ports.

Much more than just the home to some jaw-dropping boats and ships, a trip to the port is unmissable.

As you know, Alex and I have been driving up and down the Costa Blanca coastline for quite a while now, traipsing through coves, ports and villages to find the best that this beautiful region has to offer. Every turn is something different, each place bringing something unique, wonderful and rich in cultural history.

We have come across so many stunning ports and I just love sitting by the port with a glass of wine or a cocktail overlooking the boats.

So, these are our Top 10 Ports, that we came across, on the Costa Blanca:


Javea Port

javea xabia port fisherman costa blanca

Javea port is essential to visit if you’re heading to Xabia or Denia. Being just a short drive it’s a great trip out. It has many shops, restaurants, bars and La Grava beach is just a short walk away. It’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere and well worth a visit when the Farmer’s market is on!

We love sitting in The Beach House in Javea overlooking the bay with a drink, if you’re lucky you can spot Ibiza and dolphins. (though not necessarily at the same time!)



Calpe is a wonderfully relaxing place to spend some time and the Calpe rock, Pennon de Ifach, is one that is iconic to the Costa Blanca. Calpe boasts a first-class marina which sits at the foot of the rock. It’s a hub for activities and sports. The sailing club and nautical club is very active in the high season and a flock of charter cruises are regularly in and out.

Calpe has plenty to do from water sports, like surfing on the blue flag beaches or hiking up the Pennon de Ifach which has spectacular views of the countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

dancing on spanish steps calpe

We have loved heading to Calpe recently. It has this captivating charm and whilst you’re there, you for sure need to head to the spanish steps that the town hall implemented to make the town more instagrammable.



denia port costa blanca

The spectacular marina of Denia is a recreational and tourist marina located in Denia. It offers a wide range of opportunities for tourists and visitors. The main link between the Spanish penisular and the Balearic Islands, being just 60NM from Ibiza, it’s a busy and active port.

The port offers shops and bars that line the street behind the marina and you’re sure to see a huge boat worth marvelling at whilst you’re there! Denia also hosts the Denia Boat Show, a show that features exhibitors from leading boat companies around the world.

The first time we went to Denia, we didn’t like it at all. The tram journey is treacherous, followed by a bus from calpe which seems to take forever and the weather was atrocious. Recently, we headed back in the nicer weather and it’s a lovely place to spend some time. I haven’t yet found a bar that has enamoured me there yet though!



The small but welcoming port of Altea attracts visitors from Spain and further afield due to its attractive location and calm atmosphere. In the shelter of the north breakwater of port, there are excellent installations of equipment funded by the Valenciana government. This fairly new port has nearly 500 ports and welcomes sporting activities in the high season.


Mar y Montaña

mar y montaña dog beach and port on costa blanca spain

People and dogs alike will love this beach. Split into two sections, you head left for the human beach and right for the dog beach. This quiet, secluded spot is a great place to go for a dip with your pooch. With wood chippings on the dog beach and a rocky beach for the people, it’s essential to take your own chairs, towels and swim shoes are recommended.

Probably my favourite part about Mar y Montaña is the gorgeous, Greek style bar that hangs over the port. We headed back in off season whilst the bar was closed and the security kindly opened it so we could take some photos inside. It’s a beautiful bar with lots of white and blue theme and a gorgeous view. It also has a fantastic alcove that looks absolutely beautiful. The drinks are reasonably priced there too!



No matter which water sports you’re into, Villajoyosa is sure to offer it at the Nautical Club. Just a short bus ride or tram journey will bring you to the quiet and welcoming town of Villajoyosa. Villajoyosa old town is the historic capital of La Marina Baixa.

The Villajoyosa port allows you to enjoy seafood caught on the seas by the working fisherman, or a relaxing walk along Doctor Esquerdo.


Santa Pola

santa pola sailing club port beach costa blanca ports spain

If quiet, typically Spanish, relaxing ports are what you like then Santa Pola is a fantastic choice. The port of Santa Pola is very much still a working port. Head there early in the morning and the fisherman will be heading out or arriving back from their catch. You can head to Tabarca Island from Santa Pola, an island that was once inhabited by pirates!

Santa Pola, a former fishing village, is known as being a popular tourist beach resort on southern Costa Blanca. It’s very close to Alicante Airport and boasts golden sandy beaches.



The Benidorm marina is a small but relaxing marina located in the Old Town of Benidorm. Overlooked by the blue dome church and what feels like endless steps to the mirador above, it’s a great place to pass some time.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops that line the marina. If you fancy it, take a trip to the Island from the marina or head further afield on one of the trips they offer!



The seaport of Alicante is used for both commercial and tourist purposes.  Offering much more than just the airport, Alicante is a great place to visit for the day. Accessible via bus, car or the direct tram at less than 6€ return, it’s a fabulous place to see the big city.

Visitors will marvel at the funky flooring and the huge pirate ship docked at the port. Today, over 80,000 visitors disembark to Alicante from cruise ships, ferries and boats each year. The area surrounding the port is bustling and active with bars, shops and restaurants. There are plenty of day trips from Alicante port, such as an hour ferry to Tabarca Island, or a day on the catamaran exploring the Costa Blanca coastline.




I truly have saved the best until last. The port that inspired the blog post. I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a port as clean and inviting as this one. This contemporary port contrasts strong character, dynamism and pure class.

Located on the meridian 000º 00 ’00’, the only port in the world to be situated on the Marina Greenwich, it really is something not to be missed.

Surrounded by magnificent coves, soft mountain views and plenty of bars and restaurants overlooking the harbour, this really is the place to relax with a wine and soak up the sun.

Which is your favourite?



Day Trips from Benidorm for Christmas

Day Trips from Benidorm for Christmas – Christmas markets, Snow, Santa’s Grotto and more!

Day trips.png

Over the Christmas period, it’s the best time of year to do a quick day trip and experience some of the beautiful villages and bustling cities that surround Benidorm. Whether you’re thinking about taking a trip for Christmas shopping, for Christmas markets or for a change of scenery, there are plenty of ideas for Day Trips from Benidorm for Christmas.

During Christmas, most of us are fortunate enough to get some holiday time and be able to relax a little. If you’re over on holiday, you might be thinking about a change of scenery too. After all, it’s nice to take the opportunity to get out and explore the surroundings. There’s more to the Costa Blanca than meets the eye.



alcoy at christmas
Alcoi Turismo


I couldn’t write about places to go during Christmas without mentioning Christmas village itself. Situated up in the mountains, Alcoy is a town that is an hour drive from Benidorm. Don’t be surprised to see a beautiful Christmas market, a stunning nativity and if you’re lucky, even a blanket of snow! Home to the first King’s Day Parade, it’s worth stopping by, if you can!


beautiful photo of the mountains and blue water at guadalest village near benidorm

Guadalest is one of the most idyllic villages on the Costa Blanca and arguably in Spain. It’s a truly lovely little village that will delight you from the moment you step foot in it. With day trips offered by various companies across Benidorm and the local bus travelling, it’s super easy to get up into the mountains and experience Guadalest first hand.

Guadalest is one of those villages that each time you visit it mesmerises you a little more, with quaint streets and towering mountains, each visit is the same as the one before yet it still feels just as enchanting.


Blue domed church in Altea, Spain

Altea is such a change of pace from Benidorm and I’d recommend visiting it if you’re over in Benidorm. With stooping white buildings and a splash of blue, it’s a completely different alternate holiday destination to the booming and happening Benidorm. Altea also has its own Christmas parade and plenty of fireworks.

There are lots of cosy bars scattered across the beachfront and a bustling square located at the top of the hill, it’s an unmissable location.

Whenever we want a change of pace, Altea is the place to go. For such a short journey, it feels a million miles away. A calm and serene atmosphere, Altea is truly la bella.


villajoyosa in winter

Home of the chocolate factory, you’re guaranteed to have the smells of chocolate fill the air and Christmas will really feel like it’s coming to life. With parades, regular live brass bands at the park and a genuine friendly community feel, it’s one of the best places to visit on the Costa Blanca.

Don’t forget to stop by Valor chocolate factory cafe and enjoy one of their hot chocolate varieties. If you’re feeling like a big treat, you can get your own chocolate fountain complete with fruit skewers!

I never tire of the coloured houses, walking along the promenade makes me feel like I’ve been teleported to the land of Beauty and the Beast. I may have listened to “Belle”, whilst walking around a few times… It’s one of those cities that has such a comfortable feel about it, everyone is smiling, everyone says hello. Villajoyosa is a delight.


valencia at christmas

What is Christmas without a stooping Christmas tree, a bustling plaza complete with Christmas markets and all of the favourite shops? Valencia has the answer. With some of the best Christmas lights on the Costa Blanca, a day trip to Valencia for shopping is possible, though I would recommend staying over the night! There are plenty of hotels that offer one-night stays for around 30€!

Valencia is a gorgeous city that offers it all. Long stretches of beaches, the Oceonagraphic, shopping for all and bars and cafe’s to watch the hours pass by. It won’t just look and feel like Christmas but smell like Christmas too, thanks to the street stalls roasting chestnuts, almonds and much more.

You’ll also find an intricate Nativity scene which will be placed at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for the duration of December and early January.

Though, the biggest draw to Valencia during Christmas is Expojove, which is held from 26th December until 4th January at Feria València which involves lots of different fun activities for children. There will also be a Christmas Fair with tombolas, sweets and children’s toys.



Another day, another city. Easily accessible by tram or bus, with the tram only taking an hour and being such low-priced, it’s a great place for a change of scenery in December. In Alicante, there are a range of different shops to do some Christmas Shopping, though if you’re planning to go to Primark, you’ll need to take another bus out of the centre to Gran Via, which takes an additional 20 minutes.

In Alicante, they also have Santa’s Grotto in the  Parque de la Ereta which is below Santa Barbara castle. There are lots of games and activities for children, Christmas music and the opportunity to meet Father Christmas, for free! Father Christmas can be visited from the 6th to the 23rd December from 12:00 to 20:00 and on the 24th & 25th December from 10:00 to 14:00.

There is also a temporary ice skating rink at the Town Hall, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, from 1st December until 7th January. This is open every day from 10:00 to 14:00 and then again from 16:00 to 23:00.

Feliz Navidad,




Alcoy – The Christmas Town in Alicante

Alcoy is a wonderful place to spend time during Christmas.

xmas town alicante.png

You’re probably thinking that a White Christmas in Alicante is absolutely impossible. If we’re talking about the beach, you’re more than likely correct. You might find a scattering of snow on the beach or catch a glimpse of it far off in the mountains if you’re lucky, but none of that crunchy, building snowmen snow. Unless you know where to find it.

It goes by the name Alcoy, or Alcoi.  What if I told you that just an hour drive from Benidorm, there is a beautiful inland town where the snow blankets and the Spanish tradition was born. Are you ready to discover Christmas Town?

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 18.38.41.png
Copyright of Alcoy Turismo

Alcoy is an inland town in the province of Alicante. Filled with more than 20 bridges, it is also known as “The Town of the Bridges”. Due to its wonderful Christmas celebrations and blankets of crispy snow in the winter, it has also adopted the name: “The Christmas Town”.

It is one of the most important towns in the Comunidad Valenciana and it is where the Moors and Christians festivities were first celebrated too. It also is home to a well-loved university.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 18.39.49.png
Copyright of Alcoy Turismo 

Alcoy boomed in the Industrial Revolution, specialising in the textile, metal and paper industry. It grew and developed into a wealthy area which is evident from its modern, architectural buildings.

What makes Alcoy so unique and special for Christmas is that it was the first place in the world to celebrate Cavalcade of Magi, a traditional parade of king coaches for King’s Day. Nowadays, practically every city in Spain and most in Mexico hold their own Cavalcade of Magi. The Cavalcade of Magi is a parade where the three kings, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar ride through the streets throwing sweets to the children. You may have celebrated this before in Benidorm, but what about celebrating it in the place it was first ever born?

Alcoy has a huge pull for international tourism for Spain, due to being the oldest Cavalcade of Magi in the world. 

Throughout December and early January, Alcoy has a large Christmas market and in Plaza de España, there is a large nativity scene that is erected in front of Santa Maria Church. There you’ll find a statue of one of the three kings, in giant form, sitting on his throne with the sounds of children laughing as they jump on his knee for a photo.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 18.39.30.png
Copyright of Alcoy Turismo

Alcoy is a wonderful place to spend time during Christmas. It is around 90km away from Benidorm taking the AP-7 roads, or 60km along the CV-70. Although the CV-70 is a shorter route, it does take longer, though the drive is much easier than the country roads that may come with some steep drops that might make your stomach flip!

In Alcoy, there is also “The Casal de Nadal”, meaning the House of Christmas, which is dedicated to the Christmas celebrations of Alcoy. If you’re unable to attend the actual festivities, it’s great to look around to get an idea about what’s to offer!

I know where I will be heading this winter. What about you?

Feliz Navidad,


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