How to Register for a Public School in Benidorm

The process can be complicated, however, hopefully with this guide, it should give you a step-by-step guide on how to register for a state school in Benidorm.

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Home, at last

“I can’t talk about my favourite bits without mentioning the mirror that is inside the wardrobe. I just know every morning I’ll hold the outfit in front of the mirror to see what it looks like. I’m about to live out my 90’s teen movie fantasy.“

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Make a Life or Make a Living?

We wanted to make a life. Make time to do what we wanted to do. Have the money to do what we want to do. Who wants to work ten hour days, leave out in the dark and come home in the dark? Nobody. I didn’t want to work all year round to afford my week holiday. I didn’t want to work all week to wait for the weekend. I didn’t want to dread Mondays. Now, I don’t.

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