Luxury Toiletry Gifts from Virginia Coram Review

We all need a little bit of extra pampering in our lives, especially during the Christmas and New Year period.


We all need a little bit of extra pampering in our lives, especially during the Christmas and New Year period. The stress of the Christmas dinner. The manic of Christmas gift packaging, I did buy for everybody, right?! The general chaos that surrounds Christmas, we need time to switch off.

Toiletry gifts will never, not be, a Christmas favourite. Going through all of your smellies on Christmas Day is a tradition that must not be reckoned with. Once November comes and you start to see all of your empties, you know that it won’t be long until the toiletry drawer is replenished kickstarting you into the New Year with fresh smelling products.

Now, when Virginia Coram got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to receive some of their samples, you can imagine that I jumped at the chance. Knowing very little about this brand previously, I headed to their website: to do some research.

Who are Virginia Coram?

That was what I wanted to know. What do they do? What do they specialise in? What should I expect from them?

Virginia Coram is a skincare collection that is new on the market and they’re going to make a big impact. The luxury products bursting with pure and natural ingredients take you to a whole new level of relaxation from the first inhale. It took me less than a minute to fall in love with their products.

Specialising in natural bath, body and skin care they have designed a range of luxury liquid soaps, hand and body lotions, bar soaps and bath oils that are catered for all skin types, that includes me with sensitive skin!

They promised the finest luxury products scented with essential oils at an exceptional quality that would make you feel empowered and glamorous. As a trained masseuse and user of essential oils, knowing my way around the different oils, I was excited to see what was coming!

My Products from Virginia Coram


They say three is the magic number so I was spoilt for choice when Virginia Coram posted me six of their luxurious products all packaged in the most beautiful gift box. Best gifts come with a ribbon tied on the top, and that’s exactly how they wrapped.

All 50ml bottles, I was sent the following:

I’ve linked the full-size products of my own above. However, if you’d prefer, you can get a very similar set to mine from the Virginia Cream Gift Set collection: LADIES LUXURY TRAVEL TOILETRY They do a luxury travel set perfect for if you’re not checking your case or 10kg case in the hold.

Virginia’s Bathtub Lotion – Rose Geranium and Sage

I’m going to start with my absolute favourite. The Virginia Coram’s Bathtub lotion with Rose geranium and Sage. This is the most luxurious of ingredient combinations and it just bursts with delectable smells that delight the senses. The smell, when you walk into a five-star spa, has been captured and placed inside this bottle ready for it to work its magic when you open it. If you’re looking for a luxurious bath product for someone special this Christmas, this is it.

It’s invigorating and uplifting whilst being refreshing and comforting. It’s the perfect combination and the sense of relaxation we all want to reach. The product felt soft and velvety on the skin and was a true pampering. It’s an essential addition to the bathtime regime.

Virginia’s Butler Soap – Frankincense and Black Pepper


My favourite of the soaps, the Frankincense and Black Pepper. The wise men thought Frankincense was good enough for Jesus as a gift and I can absolutely see why. If it’s good enough for the nativity, it’s good enough now! I instantly felt more Christmassy using the Frankincense and Black Pepper, it was that combination of sweet and spice that just felt so fitting and festive.

Although more pinned towards being a masculine scent, I actually found it delightful and to my suiting. It wasn’t flowery or too sweet. It was a wonderful mix. The Frankincense gave a wonderful base scent whilst the Black Pepper bursts through as a secondary scent. It’s a lovely fragrance that lathered well developing into a luxurious cleansing experience. I didn’t want to stop washing my hands!

Virginia’s Artisan Lotion – Neroli, Sandalwood and Lemon

I’d hoped for more of a lemon burst with the lotion, however, it’s more of the focus on the Sandalwood. I didn’t get much of the citrus, though the aromatic blend of Neroli and Sandalwood oozed their way through. The lotion itself, however, was gorgeous, it was a rich shea and cocoa butter that soaked into the skin and made my skin feel soft and hydrated.

Sandalwood essential oil has so many benefits to it, like memory booster, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and a sedative so it would be a perfect addition to your bathtime regime to reap these benefits!

Virginia’s Governess’s Lotion – Orange, Lavender and Vanilla


A delicate yet invigorating lotion, this one is another one of my favourites of the selection. It’s a beautiful base of orange with lifts of lavender and subtle tones of vanilla. It really does live up to its name. It’s luxurious enough for a Governess!

Lavender oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can aid to heal minor burns and insect bites, which will be perfect for here in high season when I’m usually head-to-toe in bites and itching like mad! Interestingly, lavender also is useful for dealing with anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. It’s a soothing essential oil that can aid in feeling calm and getting a better night sleep. It’s worth giving it a try – it might just surprise you!

Virginia’s Bootroom Soap – Vetivert, Marjoram and Bay


I was sceptical about this one as I know I’m not vetivert’s biggest fan. If you’re unsure what vetivert smells like, it’s a very earthy smell, it’s not a freshly mowed lawn smell, neither is it wet grass smell. It’s more like being out in the open field on a very mediocre day. But, vetiver itself is an outstanding oil for relieving stress, emotional trauma and shock. It’s also sometimes applied to treat lice and repel insects. It has been known to show considerable benefits against joint and muscle pain.

Combined with the diuretic Marjoram which increases the need to urinate! It helps to remove excess water and toxins from the body and has been linked to lowering blood pressure and cleansing the kidneys. Marjoram also has a very woody and earthy smell to it.

The Bootroom soap is wonderful for the benefits it holds in that bottle. Though, the smell isn’t for me. Although Virginia Coram have added the aromatic bay and the smell itself is far more pleasant than I anticipated, it’s still too earthy for me! It is, however, a great get-up-and-go fragrance. It’s a zingy smell that would be great to wake you up and give you some oomph in the morning!

Virginia’s Potting Shed Soap – Rosemary, Pine and Tea Tree

I do love rosemary, the smell of a rosemary essential oil is enough to make me want to book a massage and a spa experience. It’s the ultimate essential oil, in my eyes. This soap from Virginia’s Coram was delectable. The refreshing scent of Rosemary was so prominent, just how I like it. There were rich woody undertones of cedar and pine too which just felt so fitting for the time of year. It makes you crave time in the garden. The richness and luxurious elements haven’t been missed, at all. It really does boost your mood and bring the senses to life.

Overall Review of Virginia Coram

virginia coram

I am very impressed with the brand and the products on the whole. I’d have loved to have smelt more citrus from the Artisan Lotion. The essential oils burst through and give an enriching and invigorating aromatherapy experience. It’s a simple, yet effective way to incorporate spa quality products into your bath regime without breaking the bank.

The products are made to a high standard and the quality of the ingredients and oils used is evident. I will definitely be purchasing some Virginia Coram products, more specifically, the Bathtub Lotion, Governess’s Lotion and the Potting Shed Soap Lotion. I’m not ready to give up luxury status just yet!

P.S: As it’s called Governess’s lotion… can I start asking people to call me Governess now?

Merry Christmas,


products gifted

Autumn Beauty Essentials 2018

Early October has always been my time to stock up on products for the forthcoming winter. (because I’m totally unorganised and wait until my skin is actually dry instead of planning a little earlier and preventing dry skin.) 

Autumn Beauty Essentials.png

Thursday 4th October: Day 4 of Blogtober

Even here in Benidorm, I find that during Autumn, your skin takes the battering of the weather. The sea air really does get into your skin and leave it dry and sore.

Early October has always been my time to stock up on products for the forthcoming winter. (because I’m totally unorganised and wait until my skin is actually dry instead of planning a little earlier and preventing dry skin.) 

Temperatures start to dip during the Autumn months, even here and the humidity levels tend to plummet too. The drier the air, the more moisture is remove from your skin. That’s why, in summer, especially by the sea, your skin looks glowing and radiant. From late October, you’re more likely to experience some dry and flakiness,  so make sure you stock up on some good moisturiser – especially if you’re prone to dry skin. You’ll need it, even in Spain.

simple skincare si perfume hawaiian tropic palmers coco butter

1. Palmers Cocoa Butter

The first of my Palmer’s product to be featured. This truly is ​essential for me. Every year, I get through one bottle. Not bad for £2.65! I’ve worked out it costs me 0.007 pence every day to keep my skin hydrated. It usually runs out early October, which is why I tend to stock up now.

The cream isn’t too thick and isn’t gloopy or thick. It has an amazing fragrance, that people are always asking me what I’m wearing because it smells so nice. It cleans up dry skin, really quickly. I tend to moisturise and use it more vigorously on my elbows and knees where the dry, irritated skin seems to be more common.

2. Carmex Cherry Lipbalm

It was actually Alex who introduced me to this Autumn/Winter essential. I am the world’s worst for leaving things too late when it comes to beauty. So Carmex is a dream.

Dry, chapped lips are so painful and it makes me regret not taking more care before. But, Carmex clears up the chapped lips really quickly, you really do feel it working on your lips. I’m sure it has some kind of numbing ingredient in it! We always go for the cherry fragrance, it seems to work more intensely than the other fragrances.


Now, I don’t know about you guys, but does anybody else have like three different showers? The standard in and out, the mid-range shower where you take a little more care and then the full of spa treatment the entire works shower? Bath comes into a whole new category.

Well, the Autumn/Winter months are usually when the “spa treatment the entire works” shower becomes much more frequent. I mean, it’s so cold that I may as well spend some time in the shower where it’s warm. My hair and skincare are thankful for it, anyway!

For the shampoo and conditioner on my a little more luxurious shower, I always use BED HEAD. It really does add the shine. It’s also topped with UV protection and heat protection which is perfect for in Spain.

4. Aussie Volume Gift Set

For my less luxurious, everyday shower because not trying to replace BED HEAD every month, shower I always use the Aussie Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

It is a good everyday shampoo and conditioner that is topped with Australian Sea Kelp so I can feel like I’m doing a bit of travelling, even though I’m literally stood in the shower.

It adds a bit of fullness and bounce, but nothing majorly noticeable. The Gift Set comes with a toiletries bag which is great for storing them in.

5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Formula

I told you there was more Palmer’s to come! I have to stock up on Palmer’s Cocao Butter purely because I can’t be without it. I get a pack of 4, one for my bedside drawer, one for my bag, one for next to the computer and one for my backpack. I think I’d go in to meltdown if one wasn’t at my reach.

It’s a good quality daily lip balm, though not always powerful enough to weather the Autumn/Winter. It provides a good level of protection against the heat and cold, but against the wind, not so much. Which is perfect for here. It’s also SPF 15 so it’s definitely a Spain Autumn essential.

Rio absolutely loves the smell and tries to jump up and get it every time I use it, so if you’re after dog kisses, Palmer’s is the way forward.

6. Armani Si Passione

Ahh, fragrance time! I have three fragrances that I mix between. I hate smelling the same all the time so I like to mix it up.

Armani was one that I only came across this year, after being recommended at East Midlands Airport. It’s such a gorgeous smell that I save it for best. This is the time when I wish you could rub the screen and smell it like a magazine.

It’s an amazing fragrance and the best part is it’s Eur de Parfum as opposed to Eau de Toilette. Basically, it contains a lot more perfume oil, meaning it lasts longer and smells more intense. Let me tell you, it definitely does.

I tried on a lot of perfumes at East Midlands, but this was the one that I knew as soon as she sprayed it that I loved it. It was just put on the shelves, brand new product, as I was passing through so it was perfect timing.

7. Narciso Rodriguez

Another Eau de Parfum in my Autumn Essentials. I like my Eau de Parfum’s, you see! 

Narciso Rodriguez is another perfume that I only use for best. I don’t feel dressed up unless I smell dressed up. I just finished the last of the bottle and it was a minor heartbreak to have to take the bottle to the recycling. The pink bottle looks so cute on the dressing table. So, I’ll also be stocking up again!

It’s a floral and warmly spiced aroma with hints of musk and rose which is perfect for the autumn/winter months.

As it’s another Eau de Parfum, it lasts a lot longer. The 100ml bottle lasted me two years.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

We all love a nice price daily perfume, don’t we? Tommy Hilfiger has been my go-to daily fragrance for ages.

A 100ml bottle tends to last me around 8 months, using it every day, except on ‘going out‘ days which I can’t complain at for £19.50!

It has light tones of magnolia and jasmine, with undertones of cedar and leather. I like my subtle smells. I’m not a huge fan of overpowering fragrances so these three are absolutely perfect to rotate with.

It’s also a good perfume just to throw in your handbag, which is a definite essential when I’m heading out in Spain and the sweat just starts dripping.

9. Hawaiian Tropic

Now, if you’re reading this with no plans to come to Spain, or head overseas, this Autumn/Winter then scroll right on to number 10, you won’t be needing this!

If you are heading on holiday for some winter sun, then don’t forget your suncream. Even though it’s cooler, the sun still has its strength.

We use the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Spray and it’s absolutely perfect. It doesn’t feel slimy or oily on your skin but protects really well. It’s a hydrating and moisturising spray too, so it leaves your skin feeling soft.

Alex usually gets burnt, but with Hawaiian Tropic, he didn’t.

I’ve linked the SPF 30, as the sun isn’t at maximum strength so just a daily suncream is okay for us at the moment. If your skin is more prone to sunburn, then I’d suggest opting for a higher SPF. It’s better to go too high than too low!

10. Simple Skincare

simple skincare cleanser toner moisturiser and day cream autumn beauty essentials

I can’t be without Simple skincare. Some people say it doesn’t work for their skin, but it really does do wonders for mine.

Simple is perfect for sensitive skin, the products give a gentle yet thorough treatment. It’s not uncommon that we look at the cotton wool pads after and see black grime on the pad!

The products are filled wit Pro-vitamins which softens and smoothes skin.

Alex is a gem and will often cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, especially during the winter months. It’s not relaxing when you do it yourself! So, I’ve linked all the products that I use in my skincare regime.

Start with the cleanser, remember to always start from the chin and spread upwards. Spreading downwards encourages wrinkles! Once you’ve swept the cleanser on, use the eye make up remover, if you have any eye make up on. Next, use the toner, again starting from the chin and sweeping upwards. Then add the light moisturiser, with your fingers. I don’t like the rich moisturiser, it feels too thick. But, if you do have exceptionally dry skin, it might be worth using the rich as opposed to the light!

I then finish off with the night cream or day cream.

A cherry-sized blob on a cotton wool pad should be enough to use across the face. If you’re feeling in the mood, you can always spread to the neck and around the back of the ears for a true spa treatment feeling. 

Eye Make Up Remover:


Day Cream:

Night Cream: (they only have a pack of 6 on Amazon, so I’d suggest getting it from elsewhere!)



What’s your Autumn Beauty Essentials?

Hasta luego,



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Rejuvenate at The Spa at the Hotel Dynastic in Benidorm

Looking for a unique spa experience close to the Benidorm action? Let me introduce you to The Hotel Dynastic


Looking for a unique spa experience close to the Benidorm action? Let me introduce you to The Hotel Dynastic and its splendid spa.

There are not many places in Benidorm that can proudly say their hotel has spa facilities on site. There aren’t many that can say they have an indoor pool either. But, the Hotel Dynastic can say both of these, with pride.

This week, I have collaborated with The Hotel Dynastic to try out their spa to bring you an honest review and let you know exactly what it’s like. I took my mum with me and we had a ‘mother-daughter’ style day.


excuse my “full of cold” face

The Hotel Dynastic is situated in an ideal location, part of the laid-back Rincon de Loix of Benidorm means it’s close enough to be in the heart of the action but far enough away that you can escape it if you wish.

Right from the moment that we stepped foot in the Hotel Dynastic, we knew it would be clean and welcoming. The staff are friendly and approachable, I could see them greeting guests with a smile and providing entertainment around the hotel. There was a very relaxed atmosphere.

96a35e09-4770-4f3e-9a30-f11ce24b2ec8 2

The Spa itself is located downstairs. Walking into the Spa reception, you’ll find everything you need and more. It really does set the precedent for the exceptional cleanliness and professionalism.

If you’re anything like us, you definitely won’t have a swimming cap at hand, though if you do, be sure to take it! Swimming caps are essential in the spa area, which helps to maintain its standards of cleanliness. As somebody who studied an NVQ in Spa Therapy, I know how high the standards are set for spas, but not everywhere adhere to this as strictly as they should. The Hotel Dynastic do. 


If you don’t have a swim cap, you are able to pick up yours at the reception of the spa for 3€, [correct at time of publish] you can also purchase Speedo goggles and swim accessories.

There are separate changing rooms for men and women. Large lockers are available, operating with a 1€ coin which is returned to you. The changing rooms are both large and again incredibly clean. Even though the spa, gym and swimming pool had guests in, it was still spotless. This included the toilets, which can be a real rarity!



The Spa area is located in the same area as the indoor pool and the multi-level gym. I had been full of cold for the past few days, so I wasn’t in a gym mood. Though, it was filled with state of the art equipment, treadmills, weights and everything else you’d need to keep your gym routine in place during your holidays. I also read that they even offer pilates, spinning and circuit sessions, which would have been amazing to take part in.

You can find a hydro-massage pool, which was my favourite, a Finnish sauna, a steam room and a Turkish bath. Unfortunately, the steam room isn’t switched on every day and the Turkish bath wasn’t filled at the time, so we were unable to use them.


Let me talk about the hydro-massage pool, just for a moment!

Visualise yourself taking a revitalising soak whilst absorbing all of the benefits of a brisk water massage. Well, at the Hotel Dynastic Spa, you can do exactly that! The hydro-massage pool is made up of with venturi jets, which thrust water and air from the sides of the bath to create a water massage, best known as a hydro-massage. It enables a range of massages, from gentle to vigorous, depending on where you lay!


The hydro-massage pool was both enjoyable and invigorating. Whirlpool baths are known to help ease away aches and pains. It would be perfect for soothing those sore feet after a long night dancing in Benidorm, or those muscle pains from just daily life! Put your feet up, you’re on holiday!


Relaxation, comfort and energising hydrotherapy combine to create a great experience. In the hydro-massage pool. You can lay out on the water beds, lean back into the swan neck water jets or dance around as your feet are tickled by the foot jets. It really is a full body massage in one pool! You might even have a bit of fun wading your way through the pool to get to the other side, the jets are powerful! I may or may not have gone underwater trying to get to the other side of the pool, haha! 

IMG_4634 3.JPG

The Finnish Sauna is located at the top left of the spa area, tucked away in a quiet little corner. The water in the whirlpool bath is a little chilly. It’s not a hot bath, so it’s welcomed considering how hot it is outside! However, the Finnish sauna is a whole different story. A safe sauna should be operating between 60-90 degrees. The sauna at The Hotel Dynastic was safely operating at 73 degrees, which is pinpointed as one of the optimal temperatures.

That sauna glow!

The sauna was quite small, perfect for the number of guests that are expected to use it. We did have to wait for a few people to leave before we went in, but strictly speaking, you shouldn’t use saunas for any longer than 10 minutes, so it’s just a case of being a little patient. The sauna also has the egg-timer inside so you can monitor your time spent. Sauna’s, like the one at the Hotel Dynastic, are suitable for everybody except those with heart conditions, open wounds and babies. Expectant mothers are also exempt from using the sauna and the spa area.

I didn’t experience one, however, The Hotel Dynastic Spa offers a range of massage treatments. There are so many treatments available, even ones with luxurious ingredients like pearls, gold and chocolate. I think I need one of those massages in my life, what do you think?

The Hotel Dynastic Spa was an oasis of calm away mixed with an essence of fun and play. People were having a good time. Although children under the age of 16 cannot use the spa, they are able to use the indoor pool, which you overlook from the spa area. People are happily on their phones snapping photos, you can see the pool and gym from the hydro-massage pool, so it’s a great place to people watch!


As with any spa experience, it’s vital to replenish your body of liquids lost through sweating, especially from the sauna. At the end of our spa circuit, we headed to the pool bar, next to the swimming pool to grab a drink. The entertainment was on, people were splashing around and enjoying their holiday. Up to date, new music was also played which fitted perfect for its surroundings and the modern vibe that the Hotel Dynastic emits.

I didn’t try anywhere else in the hotel, but from the standards of the cleanliness, the amenities and facilities offered and the efficiency of the staff, then I’m certain it would be a great choice of hotel in Benidorm.

You can find out more about the costs to use the Spa at the Hotel Dynastic, other facilities that they have to offer and book your next stay with them by following this link to their official website:

Have you stayed at The Hotel Dynastic before?

Hasta luego,


This post was made in collaboration with the Hotel Dynastic who kindly invited me to try their spa circuit. All views remain my own. All photos were taken by myself or my mum.

Top 5 Best Luxury Spa Hotels in Benidorm

These Spa Hotels in Benidorm are the ultimate Benidorm holiday goals and they are massively instagrammable.

Top five spa hotelsin benidorm.png

You don’t have to travel miles and miles to find the luxury accommodation with the picturesque views. In fact, Benidorm is home to the hotel that is number one on my bucket list, so Asia Gardens Hotel and Thai Spa, if you’re reading this – invite me, please?

I haven’t been to any of these stunning hotels yet (cries) but, I have done some research and if the Instagram endless scrolling and TripAdvisor good reviews are anything to go by then, they definitely look worth a visit!

These Spa Hotels in Benidorm are the ultimate Benidorm holiday goals. Talk about instagrammable locations. Let me introduce you to some of the best Spa Hotels in Benidorm in the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

I think it would be unfair of me to list this in any other place than the top spot. For a taste of Thailand and Bali without the lengthy flight, Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa is a fantastic choice.

Hidden away in the hills of Sierra Cortina mountain, Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa 5 star resort is a million miles away from the Benidorm that you envisage. The lush tropical gardens, the inviting waters and beautiful surroundings. I definitely need a night or two away here. Any offers?

There are seven outdoor pools to choose from, breathtaking views of the Costa Blanca coastline and free WiFi so you can upload all those stunning photos to Instagram without using your data!

There are Thai massages available in the stilt houses and the spa is equipped with a heated indoor pool and a hot tub. Don’t worry about the kids either, they can enjoy the pirate kids’ club whilst you make use of the fitness facilities!

If you’re wondering where to eat tucked away in the mountains, then worry no more. The hotel is home to four restaurants,  the Udaipur buffet restaurant, an à la carte Asian restaurant, a Meditteranean restaurant and international restaurant. Plus, there are three bars on site, too.

The hotel gets sold out very quickly and prices start at around 300€ per night. Unless of course, you’re looking to upgrade up the presidential suite, where prices start at 2,000€ per night. One day?

Villa del Mar

You’re not getting much closer to the Poniente beach than Villa del Mar. It’s the perfect location for being right on the quiet side of Benidorm, but still having all of the amenities close by. Located closer to the old town than La Cala, making it only a short ten minutes walk to the Old Town church, bars, shops and restaurants.

I can just imagine myself laying in the bath, overlooking the Poniente beach with a glass of white wine. Ultimate relaxation vibes.

Hotel Villa del Mar is a stylish, new hotel that offers a taste of luxury. It’s one of our favourite places to go and have a drink on the roof terrace.

when I had a fringe?!


At a surcharge, you are able to make use of the spa at Hotel Villa del Mar which includes a pool, sauna and Turkish bath. There is also a fully equipped fitness centre.


A double room with a sea view starts at 370€ per night.

Grand Luxor Hotel

Hey, if you’re anything like me, then just because I love a good spa day, that doesn’t mean I don’t love a day at the theme park, just as much! Well, at Grand Luxor Hotel, you can combine the two. Perfect holiday?

Built in 2016, this all-suites hotel is a majestic, white, huge building located on the slopes of Puig Campana.

Set within a stone’s throw of Terra Mítica Theme Park, the hotel has a seasonal outdoor pool, fitness centre and free WiFi. Alongside the relaxation of the spa, guests have free access to Terra Mítica, Mundomar, Iberia Park and Aqualandia Theme Parks.

Each room has a balcony or terrace, which I can only imagine provide excellent views of the Benidorm beach. I want to see a sunrise and a sunset from there! All rooms are air-conditioned. Some views feature sea view, others feature views of Terra Mítica, so ask politely to see if you can request sea view!

The wellness spa centre is not included in your reservation and under 16’s cannot enter. Entrance is 20€ per person. The spa is built up of an ice waterfall, a hammam, a Thai sauna, a footbath, phototherapy rooms, a jacuzzi, a pool, swan neck fountains, and a Scottish shower.

The restaurant on site has its own live show cooking, plus there’s also a bar on site.

Prices start at 110€ per night for a double room.

Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique

The hotel of dreams. The one that sits perched on the old town hanging over the cliff offering spectacular views of both Levante and Poniente. You don’t have to choose between sunrise and sunset because you’ll have views of them both!

The Villa Venecia Hotel has a stunning terrace with a hot tub and panoramic sea views. Rooms also have a hydromassage bath, flat-screen TVs and free WiFi.

There is also a restaurant on site which serves Mediterranean cuisine and there is also a stylish bar.

The hotel has a small but adequate spa, containing a sauna, a gym, a Hammam and massages are available upon request.

Prices start at 270€ a night with breakfast included.

Melia Villaitana

I have purposely not numbered these hotels. There is no way to decide which is better than the other unless I make it my mission to stay at them all, they’re all so stunning and instagrammable spots of Benidorm.

The Melia Villaitana is 3km outside of Benidorm, but close enough that I’m going to include it. The hotel features a luxurious spa area, outdoor swimming pools and its own artificial beach. It’s also set on two golf courses.

Guests can enjoy fantastic views of the Gran Bahía Bay.

Purpose built to form a traditional Mediterranean village, all of the air-conditioned rooms have a private balcony or terrace.

Guests have private access to The Level Lounge that is an open bar, with buffet food and daily cocktails.

The Wellness Centre onsite is free of charge to guests. Inside, you’ll find a gym, a sauna and a water circuit with thermal baths. There are also beauty and relaxation treatments available. Onsite, there are also tennis and paddle courts and children’s playground.

I know want to book every spa hotel in Benidorm and try them out!

Have you stayed in any of these spa hotels in Benidorm? If not, which one would you like to stay at?

Hasta luego,



Photos found on Instagram and have been credited accordingly. I do not own any of the photos that have been shared from Instagram. All photos remain copyright of the original photographer.

Header photo contains photo by J_Andrewofficial on Instagram.







A Twilight Taster – Ragdale Hall

There is no relaxation that can compare to the relaxation at Ragdale Hall.

Visit Leicester-18.png

Tomarse un tiempo cada día para relajarse y renovarse es esencial para vivir bien.

There is no relaxation that can compare to the relaxation at Ragdale Hall. I have been to Spa Days before, I’m trained as a masseuse, I’ve had my fair share of relaxation and massages. I’ve even had a massage at the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest.

But, none of them size up to Ragdale Hall.

The Grounds

Ragdale Hall is located in the Leicestershire countryside. Surrounded by fields, tranquillity and away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day to day life. We arrived for the Twilight Taster session at 18:00, ready for check-in. (After browsing the Internet, it seems the Twilight Taster session has been extended from 16:30!)


The Portal to Heaven



The staff at Ragdale Hall truly are wonderful. They are attentive and friendly, making you feel welcome the minute you walk in. The building itself is impressive, just pulling up makes you feel relaxed. The Victorian decor really is stunning and you feel like you’ve been thrust back in time. On arrival, you’re provided with a complimentary drink, whilst waiting for those famous robes and the locker key that unlocks the access to the haven that awaits. You also complete a brief health questionnaire.


Complimentary Drink upon Arrival



After a speedy check-in, you’re able to freely spend the time as you wish. Whether that be to quietly read a book in the Retreat, a few brain training exercises in the Mind Gym, a relaxing dip in the Spa area or enjoy a warm cup of tea overlooking the grounds in the Greenhouse.

Thermal Spa

The Thermal Spa area is filled with plenty of natural features, such as rocks, stones and plenty of greenery! The thermal spa is located just through the main indoor swimming pool. Incredibly, it has 12 different spa rooms, filled with hot and cold experiences. There truly is something for everybody. If your idea of relaxation is a humid steam room filled with soothing aromas or a dry sauna with the scent of roses. Ragdale has it all. 

Once you enter The Thermal Spa, don’t forget to make a wish and toss a pebble into the wishing stream. Let’s clear all of that negative energy. No Bad Vibes.

Even though we only had a couple of hours in the thermal spa, we still managed to try out all of the rooms. Our personal favourites were the Volcanic Salt Bath, The Colourflow Cave, The Scented Room and of course, The Outdoor Pool.



The Outdoor Pool

Starting from indoors, take a journey to the outdoors and relax to the sound of the waterfalls. The pool is filled with relaxation bays that provide you with privacy whilst enjoying the powerful massage jets and the lit up waterfall. As it was October, the colourful mist and heat bouncing off of the pool were stunning.



Before dinner, we headed to the indoor pool to make the most of our final few minutes. I knew exactly what I was ordering, the food is incredible, I was excited.

A lot of people ask if you should wear your dressing gown for dinner. My answer: YES. There is nothing more comfy and cosy than sitting having an amazing candlelit dinner in a cosy dressing gown and slippers. After all the relaxation, it seems counteractive to go and get ready. Plus, with all the essential oils being soaked into your now sparkling and radiant skin, the last thing you want to do is shower and wash them off and stop them from working their magic!

I ordered the organic fusilli pasta, which was just as amazing as the first time I ordered it. Followed by the gorgeous mousse.


After dinner, it was nearly time to check-out (please don’t make me leave!). Before getting ready and checking out, we had a lovely mocha.



Should You Go?

Yes. 100% YES. If you are in Leicestershire, do not forget to visit Ragdale Hall. We went twice in one week, and I could’ve easily gone again! It’s my third time visiting Ragdale and there is still so much I haven’t seen. The Twilight Taster experience that we did now includes a spa treatment in the price and the new rooftop pool has recently opened (December 2017) so it really is well worth the money! To find out further details about the Twilight Taster, you can click here.

Where To Book?

There are plenty of ways to book an experience, spa day or even a spa break. All of which can be arranged through the Ragdale Hall website.

If you’re thinking about booking a spa day or break at Ragdale Hall, go do it. You will not regret it.

Hasta luego,





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